Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Safe and Sound in a Storm by the Sea

Yesterday we packed our clothes and collected up everything we thought we might need for a week by the sea in our trailer/caravan.  We pulled out in the early afternoon and headed south and west to the Pacific Ocean.  Almost 3 hours on the road and we pulled in to Sea and Sand RV Park.  I helped Dayle back in giving hand signals and the poor guy had to do all the hookups when a big squall hit with a lot of wind and rain.  The dog and I were safely inside and I was running out the slide-outs and tidying up and getting things organized.  Yes, it's stormy here, but we don't mind.  We can hear the roar of the ocean and the rain on the windows and roof and we're cozy and warm inside.  The waves are bigger than we've ever seen in our years of coming here.  Those rocks you see there are 30 feet from our door and the ocean is crashing at the rock wall below.  This is seaside living, folks. :-)  

We braved the weather to find a hot bowl of chowder at the Dory Cove restaurant north of here - then we went to the grocery store to get some things.  I have been craving homemade potato salad just like my mom made - so we got potatoes, and the rest of the ingredients.  This is after we returned - I lit candles and we enjoyed watching TV and listening to the storm wail outside.

We recently got Buddy a new bed.  The old one was too big and he only used 1/3 of it.  This one has a cozy little nest in the bottom all lined with fake fur.  He loves it and he just fits!

We've just been relaxing today - recovering from all the hoo-ha of packing and getting here!  I have my books in a basket on the table ready for me to read.

Our two easy chairs.  Mine is on the right and you can see some baskets of crocheting by the side of it.  :-)  Of course my MacBook and iPad are handy.

Here is Dayle in his "nest".. the sofa with the TV right there and his MacBook on his lap.

And so this afternoon I made Mom's potato salad!  Now - I think everyone has a totally different idea of how you should make potato salad.  I think it's fascinating!  I believe it's a very American dish, but then I don't know if it's made in other countries or not.  Can you tell me?  I made this with Yukon gold potatoes, boiled skin on.. when I cooled them and cut them I tried to pull most of the skin off but wasn't too worried if some stayed on.  I chopped 1/3 of an onion in small bits, the center of a stalk of celery, including the leaves on top which I find very tasty, 6 small sweet pickles minced, chopped 8 Easter eggs.. (lol).. and then put a big spoon or two of mayonnaise, a good squirt of yellow mustard and some of the pickle juice, salt and pepper and stirred it up.  Dayle grilled some of our Easter ham to go with it for lunch.  It was deLISHus!  

Okey dokey - we're off to get a weeks worth of medications that I forgot at home.  Thank heavens, after 4 phone calls to my doctor's office, they finally called it in for me.  Then to do a bit more shopping of things we need and possibly some later dinner out.  Remember to tell me if you make potato salad and how you do it.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hello Teresa, I wish I was camping to at this park. I love listening to the crashing of the Sea wave hitting the shores. And the sound of rain hitting on the roof, so very relaxing it put me sleep quickly. LOL. It has been way to many years since I made Potato Salad so I have no recipe. Hopeless I am. LOL have a lovely week by the Sea. Hugs Judy

  2. My daughter-in-law is from the Czech Republic, and potato salad is traditionally served at Christmas. The potatoes are combined with peas, carrots, celery, and chopped gherkins. Mayonnaise is added, with some of the brine from the gherkins.

  3. I grew up eating potato salad the same as you described yours except no pickles and we always had Miracle Whip instead of mayo), and maybe a little more mustard. Everyone liked it a little sour. But my husband grew up in Wisconsin and always had it with potatoes, boiled eggs, green onion, chunks of ham, and real mayonnaise only, and then a hefty coating of paprika on top. That's the way I make it all the time now. Looks so cozy there in your camper with a storm outside. That's my kind of day, even camping! Y'all enjoy!

  4. Such a dramatic picture of the sea -- love it! And little Buddy, he looks like he's a bit afraid of the storm.

  5. Those waves look fabulous, but I hope you'll get a bit of a break in the stormy weather later this week. Your caravan is beautiful and those easy chairs look very cozy! We love the clam chowder at Dory Cove and go there often when we are on that part of the coast.
    Mmm! Potato salad--nom, nom.
    Have a GREAT time on the beautiful coast:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  6. Everythig looks so cozy in your caravan-even Buddy in his new bed. :-) I would love to pull our trailer over sometime and join you at the Sea and Sand. I'm hoping to get to D'Sands sometime this year. It's been awhile since we've made it to the coast. A draw named Piper keeps us in Portland when we get that far.
    Potato salad. Mines a lot like yours minus the pickles and celery. Dennis loves potato salad and macaroni salad so we eat a lot of it, especially in the summer.
    Have fun and watch out for those sneaker waves.

  7. Hi Teresa, Yes, I make potato salad the same way, sweet pickles and all. My mom made it like that, too. Always a favorite. One of her best meals was corned beef AND potato salad. Have a wonderful time at the coast...sounds very cozy! Thanks so much for keeping your blog, I really enjoy it. best, Suzanne

  8. Hi Teresa, Glad you two (3) made it to the beach. The ocean is at its best when it's roaring! We love it too. Have a great week and happy birthday a couple of days early!! Joanne

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  10. Hi Teresa. Your potato salad sounds delicious. I have made it but a very very simple version. I love a stormy sea. I envy you being able to go off like that taking your accommodation with you :-) Have fun. Anne x

  11. Despite the weather , or maybe because of it you look totlally at home in your home from home. What a lovely week to look forward to. I am going to try your potato salad. We make it here too in the Uk but my version is simpler but yet still tasty.
    Potatoes onion and mayo. Sounds really boring written like that :) glad you found me on fiends!!!!!

  12. That first picture of a blustery sea is gorgeous! But I also imagien dhow cozy it is in your caravan :) I wish we had one to travel in India too.
    Well, Russians love potato and different potato salads. One is called "Olivje", which includes chopped onion, marinated cucumber, boiled carrots and eggs, and some green peas plus mayo, and salt and pepper to taste - we usually make it for New Year feast :) Yumm!
    Enjoy your week out!

  13. Wow, the ocean looks majestic! Your trailer is fantastic, a real home-from-home, you must be lovely and snug!

    The potato salad looks so yummy, we make it with Jersey Royal potatoes when they are in season (which is now!!), mayo, greek yoghurt, dill, salt and pepper. I feel hungry now!

    Have a lovely holiday, Helenxx

  14. the Coast! My mom made it the same way, as do I, except I use both mayo and Miracle Whip and I add sliced black olives (as well as celery, hard-boiled eggs, celery and pickles). I'd probably add green olives as well, but my husband doesn't like them. Mom did use russets, but I like the Yukon gold better so that's what I use now, too. Have a great week!

  15. Gosh the sea and the storm looks so dramatic. At least you're lovely and cosy in your van. Love Buddy's new bed - he looks so content. Potato salad is an Aussie favourite, especially with barbecues. I make mine with half cooked potato. A little onion and shallots (for colour) maybe a little grated carrot and lashings of Mayo. Served cold. Your recipe looks interesting. Must try it sometime. xox

  16. Growing up in the South potato salad was as common as sweet fact, I think there might be a place somewhere written that you have to have at least one each day! I love potato salad and your Mom's is the exact same recipe that my Mama always've gotta have the mustard or else it just doesn't taste right! :)

    Love your cozy camper...I could get a lot of stitching done there I just know I could!
    Oh the sounds of the ocean.....even in a's just so relaxing. What fun!

    Enjoy your time away sweet friend! ((hugs)).

  17. Hi Teresa, my mom made her potato salad exactly the same way, but she would thin the dressing with half-n-half. She would put the pickle juice in a mayonnaise jar, add the half-n-half, salt and lots of pepper. Then pour over the potatoes and stir gently. Oh my gosh it was so darn good. By the way she also made homemade thousand island dressing that was absolutely amazing!

    Happy camping. I love the view of the water!!

  18. I hope the weather improves, but if it doesn't it looks like you have a nice, comfortable trailer to stay in. Even Buddy has a special place! As for potato salad, I think several European countries have their own versions of it.

  19. I always love your trailer posts. It looks so cozy and comfortable in there. I really hope to have the same sort of thing someday. I would make potato salad the same way. I love celery leaves too, and always include them. I particular like them in a homemade soup. Hope you're having a good day!

    Potato Salad: potatoes , mayo, dill pickle chopped or relish, celery, salt and pepper
    Love and blessings to you and yours Teresa 🐾🐚🐳🚎☔️☀️❤️

  21. I so love these posts. Your camper is amazingly darling. I love your lounge chairs. I love your table.
    I love the dogs nest. More more more. I don't do potato salad

  22. oh wow what a camper
    i would love to have one for our family
    i thought germany is the land of potato salad :)))
    my mother made a warm version with a cooked milk flour dressing with bacon
    but i prefer vegetable stock and skip the mayo
    lg birgit

  23. So happy you are safe in your caravan and have lots to do inside. Hope the weather improves and you have a nice week. xoRobin

  24. So cosy in your seaside caravan, Teresa! I hope the storm soon passed and you are having a fun time by the sea! Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  25. You look so cozy in your caravan Teresa and listening to the roar of the ocean must be wonderful. Enjoy your time away. Here in the UK potato salad is just potatoes diced with some mayo and used as a salad side dish ;0) x


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