Saturday, May 31, 2014

Benson Bridge and New Room

Yesterday I was up early and soon headed off to Multnomah Falls for a special event.  The Benson Bridge was to turn 100 years old this year and then in January a rock fell off the cliff, bounced off the rock outcroppings, and was launched onto the Bridge, knocking a big hole in the bridge and knocking out 3 posts in the railing.  The USFS (US Forest Service) rose to the task and funding was found, professionals tested the bridge for soundness and work began to fix this iconic bridge in one of the most visited natural sites in Oregon.  The work was done early and a Centennial Celebration was organized by the USFS and Multnomah Falls Lodge Co. who run the restaurant, gift shop and snack bar.  I arrived at 9:40 am and greeted a few people, then made the short hike to where the ceremony would be held.  I loved seeing the sun rays sparkling through the trees as it arced over the falls and the bridge.

Soon the guests were seated and we heard many speeches - this one is from the USFS historian - telling us the history of the bridge and how many repairs were made over the years to keep it safe and beautiful.  The sun illuminated the new green leaves and the waterfall vied with the speakers for attention as it roared as the water fell and created a nice backdrop for the ceremony.

There were newsmen filming the proceedings.  Stan Hinatsu, USFS, was the Master of Ceremonies.

I walked over for a different perspective of the event with the waterfall showing.  :-)

Here is my longtime friend, Rick Buck, President of the Multnomah Falls Lodge Company.  I just love Rick, he's dedicated to the Lodge and Falls and thanked many, many people, along with myself and all the volunteers of the Friends of Multnomah Falls, we staff the Visitors Center all year.  Rick's father was the manager before him and he grew up in the lodge with his dad.  When his dad retired, he handed the reins to Rick.  He's done an excellent job and I'm glad he'll be with us for many more years.  His dad passed away last year.

Our last speaker of the day was Lynn Burditt, Area Manager for the USFS National Scenic Area (the big boss).  She's been in this position for 3 years and has done a magnificent job - and she's so accessible and nice - when I greeted her before the ceremony she gave me a big hug.  In her speech she also thanked me for my work as president of the Friends of MF and also for all the wonderful volunteers of our organization.  She recognized that it was our group who were the front line people who staffed the Visitors Center who had to deal with thousands of disappointed people when they found that the bridge was damaged and they would not be able to hike the loop or even up to the top of the falls, let alone even hiking to the bridge to see the falls coming down on one side and passing under the bridge and then falling again on the other side.

A nice event full of interesting history and kudos to the people who fixed the bridge and thanks for all the people who helped throughout the bridge closure of 4 months.

There was cake afterwards.. but by the time I got to it, there wasn't much left to photograph!  LOL!

The USFS official photographer got a photo of Lynn and I in front of the lower falls, but I will have to wait for it to be sent to me.  And then the Channel 6 videographer and reporter interviewed me and it was shown on the 6 pm news!  Click HERE to see.  The video is also available at the bottom of this post.

I finally found out the name of this flower.. "Stinky Bob"!!

As I walked back down from the viewing plaza I snapped this shot ad I love how everything is backlit by the sun.

And yes, Smokey Bear was there so here we are.  :-)

They were also giving out pieces of the bridge that were removed during the restoration.  :-)

OK, then I headed home - Welcome to the Bunny Farm!  

We don't frighten them much.. :-)

Dayle and I went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond and found some properly YELLOW sheets, comforter and pillows for the "new" room.  We got some new lightbulbs for my Mom's bookcase headboard and moved the princess dresser and old trunk in the room.

I got a couple valances - I wanted something sheer so we didn't lose any light in the room.  They are kind of LONG, but I think they are fine.  I also want to get some cushions for the window seat.  

Dayle has one more coat of paint to put on the closet doors, so pardon that unattractive part of the room.  :-)  Hayden slept there the first night and Caleb slept there last night.  They loved it!

My beloved princess dresser and the old trunk.

I got this from my 100 year old friend's estate sale when her family moved her to an assisted living facility.  Her name was Weltha Wilson and she lived many more years after the move.  I got several things at that sale and treasure each one.  She is the one who invited me to her "painting night" and got me started painting again - I did most of my octopus ink paintings with her and a few other vintage ladies on Monday evenings.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!  I have no plans other than to make home made potato salad for our BBQ rib dinner.  And some zucchini bread, too!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh my goodness, I loved watching your video! It was so nice to hear your voice, Teresa. You sound a lot like I thought you might. This looks like a very exciting event for the beloved bridge. What a beautiful place, I'm so glad it's back to ship-shape. The bedroom looks lovely! The yellow is so cheerful. I really like how it all turned out. How nice to have special old items in there too. Enjoy your barbecue!

  2. I'm glad there was a ceremony for Benson bridge. Looks like it was a nice day for it. Love the backlit sunshine photo of the falls and you with Smokey the Bear! My sisterhas mom's trunk that came on the train when their family moved from Kansas to Oregon yrs ago. Redecorated room looks so cheery! Guest room?
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Like Jennifer I was so happy to hear your voice. How lovely to be able to talk about something that means so much to you. Your room looks amazing so sunny and welcoming. It will give you all so much pleasure I know x

  4. After reading the other comments, I'm looking forward to hearing your voice too. I need to go and get some new speakers for my computer today so hopefully will be able to watch the video tonight. I love seeing those bunnies on your property - soon you'll have a whole colony !!! Dayle has done a wonderful job on your bedroom - looks so warm and inviting. Enjoy your bbq today. xox

  5. Thanks for another really special post, Teresa. I loved every part of it. I appreciate the effort you make to share life in and around you with beauty and artistry...and how cool you not only got to be interviewed on TV, but you got your photo taken with Smokey the Bear :)
    PS the name of that beautiful flower does make me wonder~~~~~ xx

  6. So many things to comment on. First of all, loved seeing the video! Although you and I have spoken on the phone, it was still great to hear your voice again. I love the yellow bedding, and walls in the new room.
    xo Kris

  7. What a beautiful spot, the bridge is wonderful and I'm so glad they were able to restore it. It looks truly magical. Love your new things and the yellow room, it's full of sunshine! CJ xx

  8. What a sunny post today Teresa, perfect for the start of June. It was lovely to see you on the video and hear you is fab isn't it. The waterfall is so very beautiful I can see why you love to be a part of it x

  9. Oh, it was so nice to Hear your voice.
    It's always a great pleasure for me, to read you and to look at the beautifull pictures you have done.
    Congratulations for the speach, the nice ceremony and....the lovely bedroom !
    Good week-end to you too.

  10. The room is lovely! I love the yellow of the walls. How nice that you found matching sheets and pillows.

  11. The best photo is with Smokey The Bear! Now you're famous.

  12. This was a really busy and happy day for you. I know how much you love Multnomah Falls and Lodge. It looks like it would have been an interesting event to attend.

    Love your room, "almost" done. The bedding is beautiful and I especially like the trunk and dresser. Pretty!


  13. What a beautiful, beautiful place, and how satisfying to be part of keeping it all going.

    Great interview! :)

  14. Look at you! You are a superstar! i loved hearing your voice, now I can hear it when you write on your blog. It looks like it was a wonderful dedication. Lvoe how the bedroom turned out, the bedding and the furniture look fantastic.

  15. Your backlit green tree photos are just wonderful, so full of relaxing, restful nature. I second Meredith's comment that it was so nice to hear your voice. Now I will definitely stop in as I head to Hermiston this summer.

  16. The event seemed really enjoyable, that's so good you maintain history of your area. The bridge calls me now... I would like to stan don it some day and witness the wtarefall - it is a beautiful view.

    Your "new" bedroom looks lovely! Minimum of things and I like the two windows so much! :) Well done!

  17. I know a TV Star, Teresa! What a great job you did on the air! Loved seeing and hearing YOU. They picked just the right person to be a spokeswoman. The new room is lovely, love the color scheme and the window bench sit. I'm sure it will be a popular room : )

  18. always LOVe your Falls pictures and posts.
    Your guest room looks so inviting and wonderful

  19. I adore all that beautiful yellow in your redecorated bedroom and you know I LOVE that window seat! Beautiful photos of the Falls--I would have loved hearing the historian's talk:)

  20. Wonderful Teresa and agree with Jennifer too ♥ I love smokey the bear, even here in Oz I
    had a book, one of those golden books, must see if I can find it

  21. Hi Teresa, Once again I am behind with posting and reading friend's blogs. How lovely your beautiful falls. You got some nice views of it. I love what you are doing with the room, so sunny and bright. A cheerful place to be. I like how you are decorating it with some vintage pieces that have meaning and memories for you. I surely will go back to your other postings and read up. I feel I am way out of the loop here lately. I also wanted you to please tell me again about your laptop computer. I remember a bit, and I did write it down, but seem to have misplaced the info. It looks like I will be investing very soon in a new one. I will get my sil to go with me since she is the world class traveler and always offering to take me places. I went to renew my Ohio State Nursing License and discovered that they do not recommend using the Windows XL version because of the weaker encrypting of info. Of course to upgrade I would have to buy the DVD to update and who knows what a nightmare that would involve. Might as well get the whole new shebang and just be done with it till they come out with another newer version to suck some more money out of us.
    {{{HUGS))) Susanne :)

  22. What a lovely post, so great to see the Benson Bridge so beautifully repaired, and the celebrations! And your great interview too!! Wonderful that you are so involved with this historic place, dear Teresa!
    Happy week!
    Helen xox


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