Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hello.. thanks for visiting!  I forgot to show you my new toy that we got on our trip to the beach.  I couldn't pass it up.  I was a real and true hippie in the late sixties and lived in Hawaii for 7 months after graduating from high school.  So, this reminds me of those days.  I even cut flowers out of adhesive shelf paper and stuck them on my friends VW Bus that we used in Hawaii.  :-)  I did some surfing there, too.

On Sunday we met our two sons, their wives and our four grandsons for a birthday celebration of Michael who just turned 14!    We also celebrated our 2 son's birthdays, Shawn's wife's and my birthdays!  Quite a celebration!

We gave Beth a cool lantern with a big candle for their deck, and Beth gave me a handwoven tablecloth!

It's red, white and blue, perfect for patriotic holidays, and all year.

Dayle brought home a bouquet of Stargazer lilies for me.  I placed them in my great grandmother's crystal vase.  I've had the birthday gift from my daughter Amy, the barley twist candlesticks, on the table since she sent them.  

These smell divine!

Yesterday my younger sister Denise hosted a birthday luncheon at her home for Shirley and I.  She made guacamole and taco salad.  We had a nice long visit and then we headed out to a nursery in Tigard that is Denise's favorite.  She'd gotten some hostas there and I had wanted to get a few more for the garden.  There is a huge rambling building with all sorts of garden accoutrements where we strolled through and admired everything.  Denise showed me these adorable Fairy gardens, aren't they cute?

The Gardener's Choice nursery is quite literally amazing and huge and full of everything you'd ever want.  Look at the lush hanging baskets.

Looking up under a row of hanging ferns.

Begonias and geraniums.


Do you have hanging baskets during the summer?  We usually have 2 or 3.

I like the yellows in this group.

They had these large plants of Madagascar Jasmine.. they smelled amazing!

This little bird's nest and 3 little eggs found their way into our wagon.

I was admiring this fairy gazebo in the fairy garden department and Shirley bought it for me for my birthday!!  Thank you, Shirley!  I am dreaming up a fun garden to make in one of my big pots... :-)  I got a boy fairy to live in my fairy garden.  I asked Dayle to make a swing for him.  And I'm thinking we'll need a little pond in there rimmed with little stones.

Yesterday also gifted me with a package from Blick Art Supplies.. I have the notion to do some watercolors and I just have a small old paint set from Winsor & Newton, but I always felt I needed more colors, and now I do!

Do you do watercolors?  I love them.

Lots and lots of colors!

I'm itching to try these, but I have to pack my swim bag and head off to meet Gracie for lunch before we swim!

Denise gifted me with these two treasures.. a basket she got in Belize on a recent trip, and a wonderful pin cushion filled with raw wool, she envisioned this black cushion next to my black Singer Featherweight sewing machine.  :-)  Thank you sis!

Isn't this a neat pin cushion?

My sister even took a photo of the woman who made my basket which is in her hands.  

Mother nature gifted me with this iris.  I think I new more colors in my iris garden.

We took the boys out to Elmer's for dinner last night.. they ate like champs and even got a chocolate sundae for dessert.  :-)

Well, time to pack my swim bag and jet off to meet Gracie.. I hope you have a super duper day and weekend ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh looks like you all had a lovely birthday celebration...what fun! Your gifts are so lovely. I can't wait to see what you paint with the water colors. I got some Derwent watercolor pencils a while just might inspire me to draw and paint again! :)

    Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  2. I just love to go to a nursery. What a wonderful one you have near you. So pretty.

  3. Fun times with Gracie! I wish I could be there too. I love all of your gifts especially the tablecloth. How special is it that you have a picture of the lady that made your basket? Karen's surgery has been delayed until Monday because of insurance issues so it looks like I came to Omaha a bit early. Hope you had fun at lunch and swimming. :-)

  4. I'm so glad you had lots of birthday treats and time with family, and I love your little car. So cute!

  5. Wow, what a busy time you have had! I love your "flower power"!!

    And those boys look as if they sure enjoy their food - and you have some good old Heinz mustard on the table too!!

    You will never guess what - on tv this evening they were advertising holidays to your part of the world - somewhat beyond my price range though sadly, as it really does look beautiful in all the photos you share with us here in blogland.


  6. It looks like you're having a wonderful time lately. Happy birthday to all of you! Your older grandsons look so big and grown-up now, wow. I love your little VW model, how cute. I have some hippie in me too, though I guess I'm of the latter-day variety. My dad was at Woodstock, though! I used to wear his old tie-dye when I was a teenager. :)

  7. What delightful presents you received Teresa. We've just finished celebrating Graham's birthday (DH) with our sons and families as well. Had a wonderful time as you did. Anne x

  8. Happy Birthday Teresa! What lovely celebrations took place and so many fabulous gifts! Love the fairy and all the fixings. It will be so much fun to create a real fairy fantasy land. You are a great lady, I wish you a fabulous year you young hippie, xoRobin

  9. I am in love with the fairy gazebo and its color. I don't know anything about using watercolors, so I hope you will give us a tutorial!

  10. So many lovely gifts Teresa...I love the fairy project and the little pot your sister had unique. Happy Thursday x

  11. What a wonderful post Teresa. YES I do love to watercolor but I haven't painted in several years (since quilting took over as my #1 passion.) When I looked at your tray of paints I said, "Yummy"...only someone who loves watercolor would say that.... I wish I lived near that nursery. Gosh they sure have beautiful flowers. I would have a tough time getting out of there without spending lots of money! :-)))

  12. Wow, that's a lot of birthdays you've celebrated! The nursery looks wonderful, I'd love to have a wander round there. Glad to see you're having such a good time, you're living life to the full I think!

  13. Wow, what fun birthday celebrations! Love the table cloth, is is beautiful. The water color set is fantastic, such great colors in those pans. I won 249 colors from Daniel Smith, yes, 249, I've given some away, and coveted the rest! Off to paint class today, makes me happy. Can't wait to see what you do. That iris would be fun!

  14. Happy Birthday Teresa, and what a lot of lovely gifts. That tablecloth is wonderful. I can't wait to see what you paint with your new watercolours. And thank you for all the flower photos - we are getting a bit desperate for flowers here, as spring has been so late in arriving! Your grandkids are, as always, so cute. :)

  15. Small world! I've been to Gardener's Choice Nursery before and it is a great nursery:) I've been thinking about making a fairy garden (for the Small One)--they make me think about my childhood.
    Great gifts!

  16. I love all your birthday celebrations, it looks like you have been appropriately spoiled.

  17. LOve the patriotic tablecloth. LOVE The basket and the image of the maker

  18. Your celebrations all looked like fun, and your gifts, unique and lovely! Happy Birthday Everyone :) I am still playing catch up and have not looked at the photos on my camera yet. I'm way behind on blog reading, too :( but hope to get more done before swimming today at 2. Thanks for posting...I can almost smell those wonderful flowers through my computer screen :) xx

  19. Hi Teresa. Happy Birthday!!! It is clear that you are loved and cherished by many! Such wonderful gifts. I love the pin cushion from Belize. We were near there. We went to the island of Roatan. Fabulous fun!!
    xo KRIS


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