Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adventure Dining

Hi there!  Welcome!  Before I tell you about my fun day yesterday, I had to show you this photo.  I came around a corner here in the countryside above Springdale, Oregon and there was a car stopped dead in the road and the guy had his cell phone out snapping a photo.  So, I looked at what he was photographing and saw this brilliant bit of rainbow over the rural scene and pulled out MY cellphone and snapped a photo.  :-)

OK, now to yesterday.  My younger sister called and said.. let's do lunch in an old part of town that has been turning into magnet for fun eateries.  We decided to try a place on my restaurant bucket list - Pok Pok.  It's a Thai place that is always on the list of best places to eat in Portland.  We parked 3 blocks away and walked by this rock garden on the way to lunch.  Aren't these flowers pretty?

We walked by this place which we decided we'd do next time.  

We had to wait to get into Pok Pok - it has a small dining room and then 2 outdoor areas that are enclosed with plastic and heated.  We were lucky to get a table in the real inside area! :-)  I asked for iced tea and he gave us a choice of 2 kinds of Thai iced tea, one with milk, which he said helps if you eat a spicy dish.  This began our adventure.  OK, sure, bring it on!  I was a bit nervous to try this, but it was delish!  It was made with strong black tea, sugar and something exotic and milk.  It tasted like a spicy chocolate milk!  LOL!

We shared Kung Op Wun Sen - wild caught gulf prawns cooked over coals in a clay pot with pork belly and bean thread noodles, and Muu Sateh - pork loin skewers marinated in coconut milk and grilled, served with peanut sauce - we also got a bowl of coconut rice. 

The pork loin BBQed over charcoal.

The see through noodles were pretty and tasty!  We enjoyed the meal.

This is the unassuming front of the restaurant.  But you should smell the aromas coming out of this place!

After leaving Pok Pok we walked up a block and crossed the street to have dessert at Salt & Straw - they make their own ice cream!  

I had Salted Caramel Ribbon and Coffee & Bourbon.  

And yes, it tasted as good as it looks.  Oh, and they make all their waffle cones fresh for each cone.  

We then took a bit of a drive down through Ladd's Addition - a historic neighborhood with fun big old houses and these great trees.

An example of the neat houses in this neighborhood.

I dropped my sister Denise off at her car and then I drove around Laurelhurst Park.  It's a beautiful big old park off of 39th in SE.

The houses around the park are from the heyday of Portland, beautiful old homes.

Pink?  Really?

Me, I'll take this one.  What do you think?

What a beauty!

OK, this is a quick one as we're packing up to go to Kahneeta.  Dayle and the boys and I are picking up Gracie and we're all going.  Fun, huh?  More later.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Mandy and I were always going to try Pok Pok. I guess those days are not to happen now. The other restaurant looks interesting too. Alex has a boulangerie, (I know I spelled that wrong!), only a block or so from his apartment in Tokyo. I spend a LOT of time there. :-) Laurelhurst isn't far from the neighborhood Mandy lived in when she first moved to Portland. I remembering driving around there quite often. Have a wonderful time at Kaheetna. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. Are you taking the new car?

  2. Yum...I love Thai food Teresa and that looked delicious. Finishing off with homemade ice cream seems perfect. The houses you snapped are delightful. Enjoy your trip x

  3. Oh boy what a fun day! That rainbow is the best one I have ever seen! Really where was the pot of gold! Yummy yummy is what I say to all that Thai food and the salted carmel oh I can't tell you how much I love that!! Those homes are stunning and (low rent area too) haha!!!! You live in a beautiful state! Thanks for sharing Teresa, xoRobin Have fun on your trip xo

  4. What fun, Teresa! I would love to go to Pok Pok! I don't know about there, but around here, the Thai and Vietnamese Coffee and Iced Tea is made with strong tea/coffee and sweetened condensed milk poured in it. Maybe they put some cardamom in or cinnamon if you want. Your lunch looked so good. Nice pic of the rainbow. Great shot. And fresh waffle cones with that ice cream??? YUM.

  5. Great photos of Portland! The city has some amazing historic homes and buildings. I love to visit some of the older neighborhoods and take photos of the homes there too. Yum to the Thai food and ice cream! Have fun in lovely central Oregon :)

  6. Oh wow what a rainbow! You have some pretty cool places to eat on your doorstep eh?

    That first house looks exactly the kind of house I've love, it's so me!!

  7. Lovely rainbow photo. I like the brick house too....wonder what it looks like inside? Looks like you had a nice lunch with your sister! Have a good trip!

  8. Yum Yum Yum gosh wish I was eating all of that right now lol
    Gorgeous pictures and such a great time you had.

  9. It is fun to see a part of Portland I have not explored yet. Thanks for the tour, Teresa! I enjoyed all your photos and have decided I can not pick a favorite...but the tree lined street is high up on my list :) xx

  10. Oh what a delicious looking/sounding lunch Teresa and dessert sounds/looks yummy. Gorgeous houses as well. Me? I'll just take yours if you move to that grand looking one :-) x

  11. Awesome rainbow. And gorgeous trees! I love old houses. At least that pink is not as bad as some of the purple ones around here. Yuck! Always fun to try out new places. Have a fabulous day. Tammy

  12. I love how you have such an adventurous spirit! You always take us to the coolest places. Thank you sweet friend. Safe travels to you all. ((hugs)) :)

  13. I'm getting fat just looking at all the yummy food you've had on your blog lately. That ice cream in the waffle cone looks scrumptious. How about that rainbow - never seen one like that before - so pretty. It was interesting seeing all those house pictures - you really do live in a beautiful part of your country. xox

  14. I have never had Thai food. Looks good. That rainbow picture is just fantastic. I can see why the guy was stopped in the middle of the road. Danerous, but WOW!


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