Monday, June 23, 2014

Crochet Rock and Pillow

Hello there, how are you doing today?  I had a creative weekend of resting and crocheting.  I'd seen crocheted rocks in the past on other blogs and did some googling on them and have wanted to try one for a long time.  This weekend I went out and found a rock by our pond and found a pattern online by Margaret Oomen and began my project.

The rock in need of adornment.  This is a big-ish one, covering most of my hand.

The beginning... yes, that is Dayle's foot in my photo.  And toys on the floor.  Whatever.  :-)

Tools of the trade, my silver crochet hook in size D and my sewing scissors.  Silver hooks are made by my friends John and Molly from Celtic Swan.

Almost covering the top, one more row of lace then you begin the decrease rows that cinch the lace top in place.

Done!  I am very happy with it.  I took it out on my "sitting rock" by the pond for it's photo shoot.  Smile for the camera!  Yes, that's it!  :-)

Nestled in the moss of the pot that Dayle's little Bonsai tree resides.

My pastel Lantana finally bloomed.

And the red one, too.

The koi and pond goldfish came to say hello.

On the table..

Welcome to your new spot.. :-)

Last night I made a smaller one but will have to look for some bigger, roundish, flattish rocks.. a trip with the boys to the river beach?

The small stone is granite, I'm not sure what the bigger one is.

And the small pillow that I crocheted a cover for - this was supposed to be the back, but I like it better than the front!  :-)

Full granny side.. which side is your favorite?  I decided to crochet it right onto the pillow and add an edging.

Kristi picked 3 buckets of raspberries at her grandmother's house and made all this jam.. and even more a few days ago.  Nice, huh?

Our apricot colored rose bloomed.. I just love it and it smells divine!

We're having a run or gorgeous days.. how is your summer treating you?  I'm off to an appointment and then swimming.  I hope you have a good week ahead.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Well done on all your crochet projects, Teresa! I want to crochet a stone cover and a pillow cover, too, someday. Kristi's jam, your flowers and fish look wonderful as well. I'm glad you had a restful creative weekend, and I hope to see you at the pool soon :) xx

  2. Oh I love your pillow and the rocks. The rose is so pretty. I just love roses. :) Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  3. Wow that is a LOT of jam!! Go Kristi!

    Loving your crochet pebbles, if you leave them outside they'll weather and go really interesting :)

    I think I like the stripy side of the cushion the best, but the square is lovely too x

  4. I picked strawberries last week and froze all but enough to make one batch of freezer jam. This winter all of Krists's jam will taste so good. I'm sure her kids will love it too. Your rocks turned out really nice. You had the perfect stones to cover. They make great paper weights too, on a desk or just about anywhere. Yours looks good in all its poses. That rose, oh so darn pretty. Who has the green thumb at your house? Roses are fussy around here and need special attention. They have to be covered in the late fall and I'm wondering how many people lost roses due to the harsh winter we had. Yours seem to be loving the camera. You have a good week friend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. I love apricot colored roses--recently we made a trip to Heirloom Roses to walk amidst them. Re: the crocheted pillow, I prefer the striped side just as you do. You sure are one talented lady Teresa--when it comes to crocheted pillow covers (love!), crocheted rocks (love!) and so many other things!

  6. Your rock crochet ROCKS> Such a clever idea> Love your coral rose….its gorgeous

  7. Love those crochet rock covers and even Dayle's foot lol Nice weekend you have had and that jam looks yummy xoxo

  8. Crocheted rock covers, nice! What will be next? :-} I enjoy seeing all your projects! Sunday we were driving a by a red Ford with a black top just like yours, but you weren't in it! It made me think of you, though! We've had a couple warm days, today though it started to cloud over and we've had a bit of rain. I have a couple days off this week from work and am looking forward to that! Homemade jam is delish..enjoy!

  9. Yay Teresa, you finally crocheted a stone cover. Woohoo! It looks great! I've never followed a pattern, just make it up as I go along. And I have tons of rocks in all sizes that need covers made. So much to do so little time. All the lantana blooms have dropped off around here. Sure were pretty when the bushes were full of the colorful blooms and the bees and butterflies loved them, too. With the heat, it's pretty much the season of dust. Have a great day, Tammy P.S.. All that jam sounds and looks divine! Yummo!

  10. Loooove your rock!!! It's a really neat idea!!! That rose is just spectacular!!!! Like the stripes better than the granny square!!! Have a fab week too!!!
    AMarie xxx

  11. I absolutely love this! And your Lantana is just beautiful!

  12. I just showed my husband and he said it looks like a sand dollar!

  13. What fun! I've never thought of crocheting a rock cover. And for the pillow -- I'm with you, I like the granny stripe better. Of course, maybe that's because I'm just finishing up a granny stripe throw, so that's what's on my mind. Love the rose -- gorgeous.

  14. Teresa hi, Great rock adornment! I can see a whole lot of them stacked up!!!! And various colors too! Love your Lantana, one of my favorites for hanging planter. Your pillow is stunning, love it. That's enough jam for an army send some over : ) Hope your summer days are as nice as this post! xoRobin

  15. Love your rocks Teresa .. you always come up with something interesting and different. Those flowers are superb and the colour of the rose is just gorgeous. I'm glad you're back on the 'crochet kick' . xoxox

  16. Love your crochet rock! You've really gotten some crochet things done lately. I don't know how with all the running around you do! :) Have you thought about spray-painting a rock or two before you crochet a cover for it? I painted one black so the white thread would show up better, and it looks really good. Red would be cool too! Love your granny pillow. I like the back with the granny stripes the best. Love that peach rose!!

  17. Oh such lovely crochet - I love the rocks!!!! beautiful blooms as always and yummy jam!! Hugs Anne x

  18. What fun rocks you now have Teresa...or should I say your rocks really rock ;0) x

  19. Look how busy you have been, crocheting, taking photos of beautiful flowers and going on amazing boating adventures.
    Hugs to you,

  20. The rocks look so nice, I'd never thought of doing that before but I like it. The pillow is so pretty! I've just been wondering if I should make another pillow cover...I'd put it on the family room couch where it might get destroyed, but oh well. :)

  21. I'm going back to the stream I picnicked at last week and look for a nice river rock now because I HAVE to make one of these. How unique! If I put it out in front of my house, I'm sure it will become a neighborhood sensation.
    I like both sides of your pillow and would probably turn it around and show each side alternately. Maybe I like the striped side best too??

  22. We never know what you'll do next. What a surprise to see crocheted rocks - they're so cute! You must do more and in colors, too.

    Good job Kristi on putting up so much jam. It will taste even better in the dead of winter. A little bit of summer on toast.

    Yes, this string of nice days are going to get really hot next week when they predict 90 degrees on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it as I prefer cool rainy days. Oh well, let Summer have its due.

    Beautiful rose - the apricot color is hard to come by - I think!?!

  23. I love the crochet rock! And the pillow too! And that is a lot of jam! Yummy!!!! Is this freezer jam?
    XO Kris


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