Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Garden

Hello, welcome!  See this Day Lily?  It's quite the survivor.  I planted it in front of the bottom of my white Clematis as I'd heard Clematis liked a shaded base.  That was maybe 10 years ago.  I never could understand why it never bloomed.  This year I told my husband.. see those leaves?  Yes.. well, that is a Day Lily.. please don't mow it.  And guess what?  It finally had a chance to bloom!  :-)

And I'm happy to report that the Jasmine we planted in 2 big pots in front of our gazebo, made it through our awful winter blizzard and subsequent heavy freeze.. and are in bloom!

And the Hydrangea has more blooms than ever - I think because we took down the big weeping birch and it's getting more light.  

I do love a hydrangea! 

My Hosta and Astilbe.. happy happy.

The Japanese Painted Fern is so pretty with a purple stem.. 

Bamboo and forest.

Million Bell Pansy basket.. LOVE the color of these!

The Lantana - 3 color varieties and moss roses.

My basket of Streptocarpus - yes, this has a funny name but tolerates shade and sun and blooms from Spring to Fall!

Good news - the Historic Columbia River Highway is open again after the rock avalanche!  They had to scrape off an overhang and clean up a big miss, but it's done.  See all the rocks in the cliff?  I saw one on the side of the road that would make a nice crochet subject and Dayle picked it up for me.  Stay tuned.

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday with my younger sister Denise - it was a misty drizzly day but we had lots of visitors and enjoyed helping them plan their day of discovery.  This Maiden Hair fern is in front of the lodge.. isn't it pretty?

When I pulled into the carport at home, I pulled out my camera to capture the beautiful red wild cherries behind the carport.  The kids have been eating them and we might make some jam with some of the best dark red ones.

On this misty damp morning a shot of hosta blooms, the little Chinese lantern and my art deco lady sculpture.

Do you know Astilbe?  It's wonderful as it is a shade loving plant and has super pretty fuzzy blooms - they come in many colors from white, pink, lavender and purple.  I had a white one but it's gone.. possibly pulled up as a weed?

I will take a photo when they all are in full bloom to share with you.

How is your garden growing?  On Sunday I'm doing a Trade Bead Demonstration at Vista House at 1-4:30 pm.  Stop on by if you're in the area and say hello!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Looking good. I have tried to grow astilbe, but didn't have any luck. I know they grow in our area, but maybe they don't like all our walnut trees. So many things fail to grow near black walnuts. Your daylily is a gorgeous color. I planted some new daylilies last fall. Only half survived, but I'm eager to see if any of the new ones bloom this summer.

  2. All of your plants and flowers are so healthy and pretty. The weather must be just right there for things to grow. Can't wait to see the big rock you are going to cover with crochet. Sounds fun. And, yes, you may as well take the plunge and make a proper doily. You're doing it anyway, just over a rock. The more I make doilies, the more I like making them. Be sure to check with me if you need/want a particular pattern. I have bunches.

  3. Your garden is looking fabulous, mine is looking over grown and full of weeds, it is too stinking hot to do much about it right now.
    Hugs to you and good luck with your bead demonstration.

  4. Beautiful garden Teresa! I love your daylily. We have two yellow ones and an orange one, but I would adore one like yours. We do have astilbe--your post reminds me I should take a walk through our garden:)

  5. Beautiful flowers and plants, Teresa! My garden needs more attention :) I may be headed down to Burbank soon because my brother-in-law seems to be failing, but I hope to see you Sunday at Vista House. xx

  6. I'm enjoying your beautiful flowers even more so today. Our flowers and shrubs have been shredded and pummeled by a couple of heavy hail storms this week. Our poor hostas look like they have streamers instead of leaves!!


  7. Teresa, your flowers are so beautiful. People like you-who actually know the names of all the plants and flowers continually amaze me. I do well to remember one or two plants! :-) I wish I could come to your beading thing on Sunday but it's not going to happen this time. I should be over your way in a month or two and we'll all have to meet again.

  8. Such pretty flowers and plants Teresa, I am sure you are making the most of this time of year in the garden.

    I have a hanging basket and a little group of plants near my front door, so nice to have a bit of summery colour around the place.


  9. Astilbe also grows very well here in South-Africa!!! Actually, a lot of the plants you have in your garden also grows here!!! Isn't that amazing?!!! Have a fun filled happy weekend!!!
    AMarie xxx

  10. Wow, everything is just gorgeous! I especially love the color of your hydrangea <3
    Smiles, DianeM

  11. Your garden is growing beautifully. We finally have a bit of green grass growing, so that is a major milestone here. Have a wonderful weekend, Heather

  12. You're so funny, out there collecting perfect crochet rocks on the highway. :) Your flowers are all looking so beautiful. It's nice to have so much color around you. I hope the daylily has a wonderful summer. :)

  13. Hello Teresa your garden is just so beautiful. You have so many different plants. I have garden envy. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Would love to see your demonstration but a little bit far to come. Have fun. Hus Anne x

  14. Enjoyed the stroll round your garden. Its freezing cold here at the moment and I don't like venturing outside in this weather. Thanks for the breath of fresh air. xox

  15. Good morning sweet friend. Your blooms are all so lush and lovely! I love the hydrangeas. A flower that I have never had much luck with. And those cherries....oh my!!! I would be eating them until my belly ached!
    Have a great time at your bead trading. If I were in the area, you know I would be stopping by!
    xo Kris

  16. As always sweet friend, a lovely blog post. I so adore seeing your beautiful pictures of all your plants and flowers. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  17. Hello Teresa,

    We have discovered you via the delightful Jennifer at Thistlebear and we are so pleased to have arrived.

    Your garden is so beautifully green and lush. Everything seems to be growing happily and healthily which is so good to see. And then, the fireworks of colour which burst through are so exciting. Perfect!

    You obviously work hard in the garden to create such an oasis of colour and calm. What can be nicer on a hot summer day than the shade and in the winter there us plenty of evergreen interest. A garden for all seasons most certainly.

    We have enjoyed our visit and are your latest followers.

  18. Hello Teresa I am just back from my holiday and catching lovely your flowers and plants are looking, your farm is so green and growing! I love your crochet rocks in the previous post too, they are amazing! Happy week!
    Helen xox


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