Monday, June 9, 2014

Wild Tiger Lily and Farewell T-Bird

Hello, thanks for stopping in.  How's your almost Summer going?  We're in heaven around here as we've had a lot of sunny pretty days.  On Saturday Dayle washed his little T-Bird convertible and asked me if I wanted to go on a ride to Vista House to dry it off.  Sure!  I hopped in and the top was down and off we went.  Dayle spotted them first.. my favorite wildflower was in bloom on the way to Vista House!  He pulled over and I went on the hunt for a good photograph of these beauties.  This is my favorite shot.  It's funny how hard it is to get just the right shot of these.  I put the camera low to get the underside and my Lumix camera performed a miracle and this is so good that you can see the little hairs on the flower!

I do hope you don't mind how many shots I'm sharing, but you'll see, each one shows a different personality and shade of color depending on the light.  

Sunny with a spider web.

When they are in the wild you might actually miss them.. they are shy.

Backlit by sunny green leaves and the blue of the river and of Washington across the river.

Hello?  Look up!

Standing tall and reaching for the sun.

Oh my lovely favorite wildflower, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.. 

There you are!

There is a cliff across from the flowers, I snapped this little group of wildflowers on the arid vertical cliff.  

Dayle waits patiently while I snap away.  That is the Historic Columbia River Highway there that hugs the cliff from Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint to the Vista House.

Then on to Vista House for a drive around the building.. for new readers, this historic building sits 733 feet above the Columbia River and those mountains and fields you see past it are Washington State - the Vista House is in Oregon.  Vista House was built between 1916 and 1918 and was dedicated on May 5th, 1918.  I served as the Executive Director of the Friends of Vista House for 15 years and was part of the founding team of the Friends group.

And of course we can't pass up a visit to the Portland Women's Forum for photos of the gorge and VH.  It really was a perfect day.

I have sailed that river in my little 14 foot Sunfish with my husband, sister and brother once.  We sailed our 26 foot Stargazer through the lock of the Bonneville Dam you see down there and docked our boat for the weekend at Beacon Rock you see in the distance.  It's quite a nice place to live and play, I must say.

Vista House from Portland Women's Forum.  

Dayle has been cleaning and waxing his 2002 Thunderbird as we're going to trade it in on a new car for us.  More on that soon.  We've sure enjoyed this car but it's not sensible to keep this as we don't use it often.  Kind of sad to say goodbye to it.

I decided to clear all my plants out of the window and clean my galvanized pan and clean up the plants.  Doesn't it look nice?  While I had the plants out, hubby washed the windows and the leaded glass window.  Do you know what is missing?  My 3 varieties of Christmas Cactus - they all looked a bit burned up so I'm going to pot them all together in a big pot and put it in our family room bay window where we have bamboo shades for really hot and sunny times.  

I think I might need a pot of succulents.. what do you think?

How about some dessert after all of that?  These are Hood strawberries and they are local and very, very sweet.  We've eaten them straight out of the box after washing them - and then last night Kristi cut some up and put sugar on top and then we had strawberry shortcake with whipped cream on top!  Yum!

OK, I need to pack my swim bag - Gracie is back from a weeklong trip to California and she'll be swimming with me today.  First, a bowl of watermelon for lunch before I head out.  Tomorrow we'll be going to look at a new car.  :-D  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I am trying to think of the song about a "t" bird. Fantastic photos. And we would be sorry to say goodbye to that gorgeous car too x

  2. I have a couple of friends who show their classic cars at car shows. One even got his car in a car magazine, I believe it made the cover. It is an orange Studebaker (did I spell that right?)...he restored it and was in the process of restoring a car for his wife when she got sick and passed away. The other friend has a classic Mustang, they live right down the road. So sorry Dayle is selling his sweet ride, but there are times we all have to let go of something we love. Sad too because not long ago you gave up your sailboat. I know it is hard when sentimental memories are attached. Your favorite wild flower looks like some sort of lily, a tiger lily even. I decided this spring to not weed whack the front bank out by the road. I sewed 4 big packages of wildflowers instead....well the next door neighbor's son happened to think he was doing me a big favor and started to mow my bank out by the road. Thank goodness I caught him before it became too bad. I told him please don't mow it, that I planted wildflowers. He meant well, and just didn't know. I do have wild daisy up so far. I'm waiting to see what else pops up. I will have to make a few signs for NO SPRAY and WILDFLOWERS or the state will send their bush mower guys out and who knows what will happen next. Have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. It's the Beach Boys.

  4. Yeah!!! Swimming with Gracie! I'm so jealous. Your drive in that beautiful car looks like so much fun. The flowers, the view and oh yum the strawberries!!!! Enjoy these girgeous days Teresa.

  5. Really nice pics of the wild tiger lilies. I see why you love them. Your t-bird is a beauty too. Exciting to get a new vehicle though. Will be watching to see what you come home with. I'm up for some of those strawberries! Wish the watermelon was good around here right now, but it'll be another month or so. I've found the trick around here is to NOT buy the seedless. The seeds are a pain, but the watermelon are so much better with the seeds in. Seems the seedless are always mushy. Have fun car shopping!

  6. Looks and sounds like a beautiful and fun day! What a treat to find those wild Tiger Lilies. I saw some for the first time a couple summers ago in Kings Canyon National Park. What a wonderful surprise it was to come across them. Nice car! And, I love that leaded glass hanging in front of your window and plants. It's beautiful! Have a wonderful week! :-)

  7. Good luck with the new vehicle. That T-Bird is a beautiful car. I love seeing the wild lilies there, I miss those from living outside of such a dry climate. They're very bright and cheerful and I love how they smell. The leaded glass is beautiful, I love the way the light shines through it. Hope you're having a good week so far. :)

  8. Never tire of your pictures Teresa and they are wonderful. Like that T-bird xoxo

  9. Hello Teresa. Aren't wild flowers just gorgeous. Saw some lovely ones when visiting mum at weekend. I would be very sad to sell the T bird it looks fabulous but sometimes we have to do these things. Yummy strawberries. Hugs Anne x

  10. Lovely post today sweet friend. Gosh, if I lived where you do, I'd always be hiking in the woods drawing and just enjoying nature. It's so beautiful where you live. You truly are blessed sweet friend.

    Wishing you a most lovely day. ((hugs))

  11. Gorgeous pictures!
    You must have an amazing camera.
    gotta love the T-bird.

  12. Wonderful photos, Teresa! Thanks for taking the time to post. We had yummy strawberries while in CA, too, but I will be on the lookout for the local Hood strawberries you showed here. I am sooo enjoying this weather, too! Looking forward to seeing your new car :) xx

  13. Hi Teresa, Wow can't keep up with all of your posts!!! Yummy strawberries and gorgeous tiger lilies too. New Car, me too soon. xoRobin

  14. Gorgeous post today Teresa, from the beautiful flowers to the yummy views, including those strawberries. Dayle I am sorry you are losing your beloved car, you have grankids to tool around now, onward and upward to a new car.

  15. You captured that flower very well!

  16. the lilies are stunning. The strawberries look so beautiful and sweet. we got fresh rhubarb from a neighbor yesterday…..such a fun time of year for fresh fruit

  17. Wow My dear friend Teresa as always your pictures are absolutely amazing...
    Love the T's sad that you let it go... But I can understand it.., sometimes we have to be more practical. I'm sure whatever you choose to trade it for will be great and very good for your family :) I'm all moved and living out of boxes right now! but would love to set up a time for you girls come and see our place . Miss you . :)


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