Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of School and Late Summer

Hello there.. how is your summer winding down for you?  Kristi brought these sunflowers home the other day and I've enjoyed them on the table immensely. 

Today was the first day of school for Hayden, 1st Grade and Caleb, Kindergarten.  They are in brand new clothes and shoes and were very excited to start school.  I look forward to hearing all about it!

Dayle and I celebrated their last day before school yesterday by taking them out to lunch at Red Robin.  Caleb declared the hamburger the best ever and told us we didn't need to go to McDonald's ever again.  :-)

Hayden took a bite with enthusiasm.

The countryside is drying and browning - it's been a hot summer.  I walked out on the front porch to see if I could get a shot of the Dahlias growing in the garden across the street.  Several Laotian families grow flowers and put them together in lovely bouquets for the farmer's markets in the Portland area.

I will keep an eye out to see when they are there and try to buy a bouquet from them.

The million bell petunias are still pretty.. 

I've been very happy with this basket of Streptocarpella flowers, it just keeps blooming away!

The pastel shade of Lantana is doing the best of the 3 varieties.

The deck is still looking good, but to be honest, it's been too hot for me to enjoy it a lot.  I am looking forward to a more temperate warmth that should be coming our way - but it's going to be near 90 deg. for the next 3 days, so the AC units will keep the house cool until it cools at the end of the week.

The fish are hiding.. :-)

The new owners of our sailboat Stargazer (we owned her for over 20 years) spent a lot of time fixing her up and re-doing her teak and are happily sailing her on Flathead Lake in Montana.  I even got an email from someone on the lake who googled the boat name and found my Ranger 26 website and told me she's making a big hit on the lake with how pretty she is.  :-)

Well, time to get my swim bag packed and head to the pool.. Gracie is meeting me there for our swim workout.  I hope you have a good week ahead.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow! So cool to hear about your boat on Flathed. It's a beautiful lake. Dennis and I have been there camping a few times. School doesn't start here until sometime next week but all the kids are excited and everyone was out buying school supplies this morning eh pen Piper and I were out shopping. The boys looks so cute and happy about school. Your flowers are looking great. I can't believe we're looking at summers end already. I still want a few more months. Wah!!! Hope you and Gracie have a wonderful time swimming. I miss you girls already!
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Love the sunflower shot.
    Your deck is beautiful.
    The weather here in New England has been fabulous this past week ~
    high seventies an low humidity . I am enjoying it !

  3. Oh gosh, that is a beautiful boat! And pretty flowers too. And I'm with Caleb, I'll take Red Robin over McDonald's any day.

  4. Fabulous boat and fun for Hayden and Caleb with a new the school year does not end
    till near xmas and starts in feb. Cold days still here although today is going to be sunny finally ☺
    Have fun with Gracie at swimming

  5. Never been to a Red Robin! I hope the boys have a great start to the school year.

  6. Photos of your garden are always a delight Teresa. So colourful and happy looking. How exciting for the boys to be starting school and what wonderful grandparents you and Dale are for being so nice by taking them out for hamburgers which look very good indeed. While you're looking forward to cooler weather, I can hardly wait for ours to warm up a bit. Hope you enjoyed your swim. xox

  7. Another beautiful bouquet of flower photos, Teresa! Thanks for geraniums are still alive, and we have a thistle that is thriving, but everything else we planted is slow growing or gone..... So good to see your beloved boat happily sailing. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Carolyn loved your photos of Waldo Lake and said maybe we should try to go again :-) Oh, and she is ok, but was in the CA earthquake, had some glassware break, and a wooden bird statue fell on her new kitchen linoleum and
    poked a hole in it :-( xx

  8. What a very beautiful sailboat ... do you miss her?

    And what a very beautiful deck! (Your deck I mean.)

    Such lovely flowers. Streptocarpella deserves a better name, I think ... something like Violet Delight.

  9. Love all those flowers, so pretty. As is your ex boat and her name, Stargazer. xxx

  10. Such beautiful flowers you have Teresa! And I love those sunflowers too! Tell your g boys that I also think Red Robin has the best burgers ever! I get the mushroom burger!
    I hope the boys have a great school year!
    The Stargazer is a beauty, that's for sure!!!
    Hard to believe it gets into the 90's where you are!!
    xo Kris

  11. Savour every last sunny day of summer Teresa. I am not yet ready for autumn but yes the trees are browning quickly. How lovely that someone is enjoying sailing your beloved boat, that must put a smile on your face. Hope your boys have a good school year x

  12. Is it that time already? How time does fly by:) Those sunflowers are gorgeous--I always look forward to seeing them at this time of the year! I've been inside a lot due to the heat too, but ventured out today to get some peaches and plan to do some baking early tomorrow. Your deck looks great--hopefully we'll have a good autumn with sunny days but not too hot temps.
    PS: LOL Red Robin burgers vs McD's!

  13. Great flowers a my dear friend and the boys look so handsome and happy on their first day of school. My kids don't start until next week. It's so fun to have people emailing you about your boat, it's almost like it's still yours ... You can keep following it's adventures.

  14. So love your gorgeous flowers, those Sunflowers are magnificent!! Have a great week, Pat xx

  15. Some truly beautiful flowers and the boat is delightful.

  16. Your garden is looking beautiful Teresa and how pretty and serene is Stargazer!
    Best wishes to Hayden and Caleb for a wonderful start to their new school year x x
    Susan x

  17. Gorgeous flowers, Teresa, both inside and outside! Loved seeing all your bright photos. The boys look all ready for fast the summer has gone! Our schools go back next week.
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  18. Oh Teresa, the boys looks so sweet all decked out in their new school clothes! Such great boys! Your deck looks so pretty, love the pergola! Yes flowers are toning down, but still here so summer is still present : ) Enjoy your week dear friend, xoRobin

  19. Awww your Grandsons look adorable on their first day of school. Too cute them having their "last meal" before school starts. They both looked like they really enjoyed those yummy burgers, too. The Stargazer is lovely...but no matter who's name is on the title, I will always think of you when I hear her name. :)

    Beautiful flowers....stay cool and wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  20. Oh it must make you feel so great to know the Stargazer is in great hands of someone who truly enjoys her and is taking such loving care of her! I love painting sunflowers! And the kids are right, no contest on Red Robin burgers!

  21. All of your flowers still look amazing for the end of summer! I think all the heat and humidity really took a toll on mine this year.

  22. Lovely that they collect the blossoms for bouquets.. They are dried no?
    Our weather has been so wet that EVERYTHING is still lush and green in Chicago. We have plenty of mosquitos too. But the blossoms are so lovely and varied and everywhere.

  23. I hope the boys have a wonderful year. I'm jealous that they got to go to Red Robin, I love it! Sometimes I even choose to go there for my birthday dinner. I have simple tastes. :)

  24. Your flowers look great. I know how it is though. We have had the hot weather too and everything is drying up. We were lucky to have a short thunder storm this evening. I mowed grass yesterday and so much of it looked burned up and dry. It was hard to tell where I had mowed in some places. The boys look all ready to go in their new clothes and with their stuff for school. I'm sure they will have a lot of things to chat about once they get home, the new teacher, making new friends, the lunch room and all the other exciting things to tell about. I know you hated to see your boat go to someone else, but it sure looks like they are taking good care of her and enjoying time spent on the water. She is lovely and you were so lucky to be blessed to have been able to have time owning her. It would be ashamed had someone bought her and left her deteriorate. That happens with a lot of things and mainly I think of property. I see many homes that were well cared for and kept so neat and clean, then the owner sells and the new owner lets the place fall in ruin all around their feet. What a shame.
    Hope you have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  25. Me encantó conocer tu blog, me gustan las plantas, flores, niños, agua, me gustó todo. Además me encantaron los trabajos en crochet con muchos colores!

  26. I hope the first day of school went well for everyone. Great idea taking the boys out for the best hamburgers ever before their big day. It is hot as jades here.

  27. I bet the boys loved going out before first day of school and coming home for such yummy treats ... You are such a great grandma my dear friend ! :)


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