Thursday, September 4, 2014

Testing, Testing

Hello my friends!  Thanks for visiting.  You know I appreciate you, don't you?  I mean.. if no one stopped in here.. what would be the point of blogging, right?  :-)  So.. over 2 years ago I took the plunge and bought a Panasonic Lumix camera.  I was highly skeptical as you truly do not hear of a Panasonic camera being in the top 10 of cameras, do you?  But the salesman at Costco was very enthusiastic about it so I gave it a go.  Well, I've been raving about it and loved it.. but I kind of used and abused it and recently noticed sand and debris down in the lens and was getting white spots in my photos.  Oops.. I would just toss the camera down in my purse and obviously some sand and dirt had gotten inside.  WELL.. so I started researching new models of Lumix, because I'm sold on their quality.  I found one of their latest models, the DMC-ZS40S and did a lot of research and read the reviews and they were great.. so it arrived on Monday evening and I spent yesterday testing it.  Want to see?  Lets start with the sky on Monday night.  :-)

I just love sunset colors.. orange and dusty purples.. 

Our little hummingbird enjoying the nectar.

The red sure is RED.

I didn't show you my new rolling pin.. it's glass and you fill it with ice and water so when you roll out pie crust, it keeps the shortening/butter cold and makes a better, flakier crust.  It's a reproduction, but I love it.  

My collection of Jadeite and my own hand crocheted lace edging for the shelves.

My red shawl - the color in this is accurate!  It's Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk - 50-50 and it's amazing!  I want it bigger with the cute little bobble fringe in the pattern, I have 1 more skein in my bag after the ball I'm working on, so I ordered 3 more skeins so I can make this as big as I want and then maybe make a beret to match... and maybe some fingerless mitts?

I showed my camera to Gracie after we swam and I showed her how it zoomed in on this tree.  Pretty sharp, eh?

I then went on past the farmhouse and up to Portland Women's Forum to test out how it took photos of the gorge.  Well.. what do you think?

Zoom... looking good.. 

This camera has a better zoom than my other one.. this one has a 30X Super Zoom and this convinced me.. see the detail?  And this is a mile away as the crow flies.

It really caught a lot of detail in Rooster Rock!  The Columbia River is the backdrop.

This is Beacon Rock.. it's hazy, but this rock is 20 miles away!

Across the river, Washington state.  I am so happy that the farm lands have been protected from over-development.  Can you imagine this area covered with thousands of houses in sub-divisions?

The Portland Women's Forum sign and "the rock" which has a lot of fun historic bronze plaques on it.

The new cam.. and yes, I'm going to keep it protected in a case.  

The gun metal grey colored silver lens extended out.

I took this photo with my iPhone.. :-) .. of the back of my camera which is aimed at the photo on my blog that I took with my camera.. are you following along?  But do you see this model added back the "LVF", Live View Finder, so when it's super bright and you can't see the image on the back, you can use the old fashioned eye piece!  I tried it and it works in bright conditions.

Anyhoo.. it's passed the tests so far and I'm happy with it.  So, what is new in your life?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Awesome photos of the gorge! The rolling pin design sounds like a great idea!

  2. Looking wonderful if those pictures are anything to go by. I love the crochet edging x Simply beautiful x

  3. Congrats on your new camera. Very cool and great pics. I like your new rolling pin. I have a collection of different pins. I like your Jadeite collection. It sounds like you're having a lot of fun with your shawl project. It's very pretty!

  4. Congrats on the new camera! So fun! Your pics look amazing. I loved seeing the lace you made to trim your shelves. It looks great and old-fashions, and it's even better knowing that you made it, right? LOVE IT. Your shawl is looking lovely too. I'm guessing you like that Elise pattern Meredith suggested. I've been crocheting on another WIP like a mad woman the last couple of days. It's a granny blanket and I'm loving it. Sooooooo glad I dug it out!

  5. Well I certainly love the look of all those pictures and the camera itself looks great ☺ I like
    that it has the eye view piece too. My canon powershot does not have that!

  6. Oh, I am so envious and WOW what great pictures. I have a Panasonic camera but not quite as flash as your new one. I'd be 100% happy with it if it had an eyepiece thingy as I always have trouble taking photos in bright conditions. I don't think we have your model here yet otherwise I'd be so tempted and I can't afford to be tempted at this stage LOL xox

  7. I think your new camera is a keeper. I was really impressed with the detail and the sharpness of the fir/pine trees on the mountain side. The reds are very pretty. Your shawl is looking good. I have been making slippers for a charity and basically it was to use up some yarn that I really didn't think was good for anything else. I guess that sounds terrible, but the slippers will be in pretty colors, just the texture just wasn't to my liking for anything I wanted to make. I'll be doing the slippers for awhile. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment and will be delivering some Pampered Chef to the girls who ordered stuff from my book party. Then maybe I will have time to mow before the storm comes. Planning on going to the farmer's market with my girls on Saturday and on Sunday my oldest gets baptized. I will charge up my battery and make sure I don't forget my camera. I'm sure there will be plenty of photo opts during that time. Right now I have tomatoes cooking on the stove and had a couple packets of chili base to mix in. I usually do my chili from scratch, but the packets were in the cupboard and all you have to do is add the tomatoes and a bit of sugar. You can can pr freeze it. I'll do what ever is the easiest. Oh yeah, your crocheted pineapple border is very pretty and it is in the perfect place with your green dish collection.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne

  8. Those photos are amazing. That is some camera. Makes me want a new one. Would it be easy to use with old RA afflicted hands? Love the red colors and the red shawl.

  9. Yes, the photos are wonderful, and I especially love seeing your hummer, lacework, shawl and rolling pin. Unexpectedly, Friday afternoon I need to go to a Celebration of Life service for a man who was dad of two sweet teens, and husband of a very sweet wife. He died of cancer this week. I will miss swimming with you, and hope you have a happy day and weekend. xx

  10. Wow! That is some camera Teresa. As a you know, I have the same camera as my old one but blogger won't accept any of the pictures from it so I always have to use iPhone photos. I'm really impressed with the amazing spade tail from so far away. Your rolling pin is fantastic too! I want one. :-) I'm so glad you started this blog Tersa. Otherwise I never would have met you and Gracie and Taci in person! I count you all as special people in my life and great encouragers to me.

  11. Seems like a great camera, the photographs are stunning. I love your rolling pin very impressive.

  12. Hello Teresa. I am so glad you started blogging as it's been lovely getting to know you, and others worldwide via my blog. Mind has been neglected especially this week. I've had my grandchildren - all four at various stages during last eight days! The photos are great. Love the lace edging and collection of Jadeite. As always stunning views of Oregon. Well must go. A cake to bake and final preps for a card class tomorrow! Hugs Anne x

  13. Lovely photos, Teresa, but you're spoiled in all the lovely scenery you've got in the area where you live :) I'd like a new camera, but will have to save up for one as I've got music lessons to pay for and have just got back from taking Jess to the vet (nothing serious - a skin irritation which she scratched so it became infected, but it set me back just under £70).

  14. your photos are great ! good choice of the camera. love the sunsets you take... great colors. have some nice moments with it ! enjoy it ! see you !

  15. Love love your new camera! If I were to get one you have convinced me on this one! I'm still using my iPhone all the time. But as you know can't get those awesome photos. Thanks for sharing, my friend : )

  16. What a wonderful camera, your photos are fabulous and incredibly clear. You should be on commission! I love the rolling pin as well, what a clever idea. I have some new fabric which makes me happy. A friend gave me some vouchers, and I've just got around to picking the colours that I want. One of these days I'll get the sewing machine out. I hope you both have a good weekend Teresa. CJ xx

  17. Your new camera looks fantastic Teresa, the zoom is amazing and the colors are perfect. Your shawl is growing everyday, it is going to be a perfect shawl for Autumn.

  18. Isn't that 30x zoom the most wonderful feature? And the zoomed images are so clear. The sunset colors are really vibrant, I feel like I'm there!

  19. LOVE that camera . your shots came out awesome!!
    I wanted a zoom lenz today at the sheep and wool festival. The border collies would have been so cool up close…hmmm. Christmas??? maybe

  20. The photos are lovely, clear and glad you got a new camera. I enjoy new electronic toys too. Summer has been fun with much to do. I need to download photos from my phone to computer so I can share my photos. Just all around daily life here in the Willamette Valley! Have a good weekend!

  21. Beautiful photos - so crisp and rich. The picture of the hummingbird is just wonderful. I love your shawl - such a gorgeous colour. You'll definitely need matching beret and gloves! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. The leaves are starting to turn here in Bedfordshire, England too! :)

  22. Really stunning photos, Teresa! Love all the things in this post.....the rolling pin is gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.....have fun taking your amazing pictures!
    Helen xox

  23. Looks like the new camera is working well. Great photos (as always). Capturing a hummingbird is always a feat!

  24. Wow Teresa, I absolutely loooooove the details and images with your new camera. I wish I could get one myself. I think Chrsitmas is not too far :) maybe if I'm a good girl?
    I dont know why I have not gotten any updates on your blog. I'm trying to catch up now ( I thought u were out traveling again:))
    Love your new camera !!!


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