Monday, December 22, 2014

Snippets of the Season

Hello my friends!  I hope you're enjoying the good parts of this season - the colored lights, the excitement of secret surprises, candy canes, decorated trees, happy faces calling out Merry Christmas!  Yesterday I tried again to make a crocheted "jacket" for a round ornament and I think I had success.. there are a couple of "oops" in it, but I like it.  I actually followed Lucy at Attic24 blog's pattern for a "Bauble Decoration".  Her design is actually nice as you just stuff it and add buttons, beads and bells.  But I made her pattern and sewed the 2 sides over the ball.  Fun!

Here I am hard at work following Lucy's excellent tutorial.

I am enjoying the sparkle of Gracie's beaded star ornament.

Santa is on a practice run for the big day.  o<[]:{D

I didn't like the way the electric cord showed in Santa's Village, so the boys helped me by putting some stuffing over the cords and now it looks prettier!  They are fascinated by this little village square.

We have a few last minute packages and cards to send today.

Travis and Kristi surprised me with this gorgeous Amaryllis!  There is another bud on the back.

They had her family holiday dinner and gift exchange yesterday - they picked this Poinsettia up for Dayle and I on the way home.  Isn't that nice?

Here's one of my favorite scenes at Christmas.. my sleeping Santa and sleeping mice.

This is a common scene here.. Hayden and Caleb playing games on our iPad in the living room.  :-)

I found this vintage carousel ornament in an antique shop, if you press a button on the bottom it plays a holiday song.

While the littlies were gone yesterday I finished up wrapping the last of their presents.  ::whew::

I'd like to say I'm all done with preparations, but after swimming today I need to pick up a few surprises for Dayle.. and he reads this.. so shhhhhh.  But I'm almost there!

We also will be going out into the fray tomorrow to buy a big ham (or smoked turkey), rolls and some asparagus for Christmas dinner.  But it's all good.. no stress here!  :-)  Are you all set?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love to read about your preparations for Christmas Teresa. It looks so fun and full of joy. I'm going to make some sugar cookies for Dennis this afternoon. They are his favorite cookie and I haven't made them since the kids moved out. Reading about all of the goodies on blogs I've decided to make them even if it means a few pounds gained again!
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. Looking good your end Teresa. I still have to work Christmas Eve so need to do my last bits tomorrow. ..almost there x

  3. I'm with the boys, I love the village scene :) Almost set here but no idea when I'll get any peace to wrap presents ....

  4. That amaryllis is huge and gorgeous. I guess I don't know what an amaryllis is supposed to look like. I would swear Lucy has one that looked different. I will look them up. Love the sleeping Santa and mice. I don't remember that one from years past. Love your Christmas ball too. By George, I think you've got it now! Pammy Sue

  5. Hello Teresa. Did last of food shop today. Need to do last tidy up tomorrow. Still have presents to wrap - hopefully tomorrow but my D.I.L. and granddaughters are popping in with presents for my mum and auntie . Then I 'm having my nails done ( a treat for me ) pop to see mum and auntie and try to go to cemetery tomorrow . Getting g there I think. Hugs Anne x

  6. I LOVE sleeping Santa! He deserves a big nap! Where did you get him?
    I am enjoying the little surprises so much: a neighbor dropped off goodies, I found time to meet an out of town friend who I love, at Chick Fil A . Enjoying sitting and knitting with my girl. Im still finding time to post and read posts and Im happy for yours

  7. My amaryllis's are only a couple of inches high on the windowsill. I thought they might get a bit further ahead by Christmas - I started them at the beginning of December. They are being given anyway.
    There's a gal out Hubbard way who grows them in her greenhouse. She would bring me a huge bouquet of amaryllis every year when I worked at that post office.
    Merry Christmas!

  8. Such a festive post! Almost there too!
    xo Kris

  9. What a happy, sparkly, shiny post. Your tree and decorations are so cheery. Good work on the ornament cover!
    We're having ham for Christmas too. Asparagus sounds good ... perhaps I'll add it to the menu.

    A very merry Christmas to you all.

    P.S. Nice manicure. ;)

  10. Your poinsettia is beautiful - gorgeous colour. I always enjoy looking at your decorations (whatever season) and love how you really get into the spirit of it all. Hey Dayle .. wonder what she's going to get for you? Can you guess ?? I've finished all my packaging and everything is under the tree. I won a leg of ham in a raffle last week so that will save a few $$s. Rest of the food all organised and overseas visitors arrived today so we're all set to go here. xox

  11. Seeeeeee! This bauble's even better :-) Good work on your wrapping, I got mine done (hurrah) and the last gift has arrived as Asda (your Walmart) and I'm off to get it later. I can't wait for Christmas! Have a brilliant one :-) xxxx

  12. Your home looks so pretty with all your Christmas decorations. That is a great idea for your Christmas ornament (sewing the two sides together). Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas. Heather

  13. Such a bright, colourful and festive post! Your crochet ornament looks lovely, and so does Gracie's pretty sparkly star! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Teresa!
    Helen xox

  14. A wonderfully festive post Teresa....I can just imagine the excitement in your house today!
    Merry Christmas to you, Dayle and your lovely family and best wishes for 2015!
    Susan x


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