Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hearts and Flowers

Hello my friends!  I may be a day early for jumping into the heart thing, but you know me.. I love my holidays!  I made some felt heart pins years ago with sequins and beads, so I decided to make a new one!  This took forever but turned out nice and sparkly!  Now if I could just find my little bag of pin backs!

Here are my two older ones and the new one in the middle.  Which one is your favorite?  When I wear the "Hug Me" pin, I get hugs from all kinds of people.  :-)

When Dayle and I went out for a late lunch and to the grocery store the other day, when we headed home Mt. Hood was putting on a big pink show!  I took a back road home where we found a new place to snap a photo of my mountain.  The camera focused on the trees in front, which put a soft focus on the mountain, but I think it's pretty.

Now.. the next day when out running errands we headed to Al's Garden Center to buy a Camellia.  One of my blog friends, Aimee, showed her Camellia in bloom, and my blog friend Gracie has a huge bush in bloom, and I decided that this old farm place was in dire need of a Camellia.  Right?  This bloom melted my heart and it came home with us.  It's name is "Elegans Splendor".

This one is the same as Aimee's - called "Mary Christian".  Isn't it pretty?  Now to find just the right spot for them both.. that Dayle won't mow them down.  That's a challenge.  

I'm not sure what flower this is, but I snapped a few photos of the other flowers at the nursery.  This one fascinates me as the blooms open white, turn pink, then darker coral.  Neat!

Hmm.. what the heck is this?

Another color of the mystery flower.

Dayle bought me a pot of red tulips.. awww.. 

I love taking a close up of the center of a tulip, it reminds me of a Georgia O'Keefe painting.  

Happy happy, joy joy.

My red Hibiscus wanted to be in the blog today.  It's such a show-off.  

More sunny days.. this may be the sunniest year ever in my life.  But last year might have been the sunniest.. it's hard to choose.. so much sun.  :-)

Dayle also bought me another pot of tulips, these are dwarf sized yellows with a pretty red and black center.  What a sweetheart!

Happy, happy, joy, joy.  :-)

In an effort to make healthy choices when dining, we went to Elmer's Restaurant and had their crab salad.  OMGoodness!  So good!  It's served on crispy greens, with sliced black olives, chopped tomatoes, sliced avocados and crispy chopped bacon.  I used Thousand Island dressing.. it's better with less dressing so you can taste the fresh ingredients.  

What I like is how generous they are with the fresh Dungeness Crab!  

For dinner last night, we had shrimp salad here at home, Romaine lettuce, salad shrimp (lots), black olives, grated cheddar, chopped tomato, sunflower seeds, beets, dried cranberries with broiled cheesy bread on the side.  :-)  We're going to have a Super Bowl family gathering tomorrow, our older son and his family are coming for the day.  That will be fun!  We're having pizza.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Beautiful :) I think the mystery flowers are a species of a daisy by the looks of them xx

  2. I like your room with all the light from the windows, and the flowers and plants. We have 3 camellias, blooming now. The red tulip photos turned out great.

  3. What lovely sunshine you are enjoying Teresa. It shows up your pretty flowers so well. Enjoy your family time and the rest of the weekend x

  4. Mmm, delicious food, and delicious pink everywhere. I think the coral flower might be a primula, it's very pretty. The hearts are fantastic, I think the new one is my favourite. I hope you have a lovely Super Bowl gathering. Your dining table in the sun looks so beautiful, it's such a gorgeous room, I especially love the green leaves dotted around. CJ xx

  5. Pinks, reds, and more pinks - delightful!!!
    It's never to early for Valentine glittery things - so pretty.
    Hope your salad was as yummy as it looked.

  6. That salad does look yummy. I also like those red tulips.

  7. I love hearts and it's never too soon!

  8. Tulips are my favourite flower, and red tulips are my favourite tulips:) Love the Hug Me brooch, that's so funny that you get hugs when you wear it!

  9. First of all, love your new header. The hearts looks so pretty on the lacy background. Oh, the flowers!! They are all so pretty and healthy-looking. Love the Camillia you bought. I laughed when you said you had to find a spot where Dayle wouldn't mow it down. LOL! Men are always doing stuff like that. It got me tickled. My mom always bitched about my Daddy being like a bull in a china shop mowing everything over. Hee-hee! That crab salad beats all I've ever seen. It looks incredible! Thanks for a fun post. Mt. Hood sure is beautiful. Can't wait to lay eyes on it myself...countdown will start before we know it! Only 5 more months to retirement. ♥

  10. Happy Sunday Teresa ... hope today is as sunny as yesterday for you. I love your three hearts but my favourite is the new one in the middle. You must tell us how you made it. Mt Hood certainly did put on a lovely pink show - kinda like our Ayres Rock - changes colour all the time. Your love of colour and flowers really shows in this post - you take beautiful photos. I had to smile about the hibiscus wanting to be 'in on the act' ... talk about personification LOL. Have a nice week ahead. xox

  11. Wow Teresa you have overwhelmed me with your beautiful flowers and sunshine....I want some of both. It all looks so pretty and lovely! Good job with the ❤️pins, i don't have a favorite, love 'em all! We are having a super ball party too, with baby back ribs, potato skins and beverage, have fun!

  12. I do like Elmer's. Whenever we're in Portland we try to eat there. I really like your new pin too, but I can't choose which I like better. They're all nice. :-). You have sooooo many flowers. I can't keep the names straight on them! But I did laugh when you said you have to find a place that Dayle won't mow them down. Enjoy the Super Bowl. Go Hawks!!!!

  13. I am THRILLED that you were able to find not one--but two--pretty camellias for your place! I hope they will bless you with many years of color and I am happy Al's was able to help you:) Beautiful flowers on your blog today, yummy looking crab salad and hearts (it's never too early to start celebrating the season of loving others IMO)! Have a blessed Sunday!
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Try putting a post with a bright colored 'flag' next to the newly planted camellias:)

  14. What gorgeous flower Teresa! And how wonderful to have such a thoughtful and great husband.. . You are a lucky lady. I love your salad I made crab and salmon for dinner tonight. I think I can a make one of those salads tomorrow... What a good idea :)

  15. Never too early for hearts and flowers Teresa!

    I love your heart brooches, so sweet.

    Enjoy the superbowl we are looking forward to the return of formula 1 it is car launch this week, exciting!


  16. So many beautiful things to see on your blog today Teresa. Love your new heart, it might be my favorite. I bought myself tulips yesterday, I love them.

  17. First of all let me say I think all of your hearts are pretty so it would be hard to choose. I think you need to pin the "HUG ME" heart on Dayle and hug him all day for buying you all those pretty tulips. I bought a big stack of felt the last time I went shopping and intentions are good for doing some little crafts like that, now to find the time. Oh all of your other flowers look wonderful, the sunny days are truly a blessing. There have been a few here, but this Super Bowl Sunday will be snowy and we are expected to get 9-13 inches of snow with the worst coming this afternoon. The weatherman is already warning people to stay put once they arrive at their destination, that is if they plan to go to a party somewhere. I was invited 2 places, I will be staying home. I will have snow removal to do. I would rather do that than find myself in a snowdrift late at night trying to get home. Your salads look yummy. Have a good week ahead.
    Susanne :)

  18. Wow, such a burst of beautiful colour! Suzy x

  19. What a pretty post. I love your hearts, they came out really nice. It will be so good to have a camellia in the yard, I've always loved them. The other flowers are beautiful too, especially all those potted tulips. Dayle is such a sweet man. Your salads look and sound delicious, both kinds! I made shrimp scampi last night for our weekly at-home date dinner after the kids go to bed. We sat on the floor and ate off the coffee table while we watched an episode of Northern Exposure on DVD from Netflix! :)

  20. Love your sparkly hearts, they are all so sweet! Your camellias are beautiful, and I just love tulips around the house especially at the moment. Your meals look and sound delicious, Teresa! Have fun with your family!
    Helen xox

  21. WOW! All so beautiful! VERY windy here. But we are not getting the snow south of here at least. I just marvel at the greenhouses open there with summer plants. Here they have houseplants right now. Of course there are plants started for the summer selling season. But nothing for a lot of color. There are only a couple of greenhouses open at this time of year here. Mostly gift plants and bouquets. The rest are taking a nice winters nap. o.k. flu here, so if this doesn't make sense....

  22. The hearts are all gorgeous - don't think I can choose a favourite. Beautiful photos Teresa - My Hood looks glorious. Food looks delicious. Hope you all enjoyed the 'Super Bowl ' gathering. Hugs Anne x

  23. Your flowers look lovely. Sunny dining room is nice!! We are staying home for the super bowl, no invites to go anywhere nor did we invite anybody...sigh. Maybe I will make burritos for the 3 of us for evening meal. Megan found some holes in my flower bed so I think I need to fill them up....looks like a critter was digging and it wasn't a cat cuz there is a tunnel. Maybe it was after my tulip bulbs....sigh!!! I like your new heart pin. Good job! Have a good week!! Hugs!

  24. Three pretty hearts and gorgeous flowers, Teresa!!! I especially love the newest heart you made, but I love that you get hugs when you wear your Hug Me pin : -) After church today we had a Super Bowl family party. What a great game, although we were sad that the Seahawks didn't win. Your crab salad looks so yummy. We had toasted turkey sandwiches, chips, dips, and veggies and a few sweets
    today. xx

  25. Your heart pins are beautiful, Teresa! Love them! I so enjoyed seeing all your bright, colorful flowers. We're having some very frigid temps here, with snow and ice to go with it. Brrrr...and slippery. Our driveway is more like a solid ice skating rink! :O

  26. All the hearts are beautiful but I think I like the new one best of all. The flowers are so beautiful.


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