Friday, March 20, 2015

A Waterfall Kind of Day

Hello there!  How are you doing?  Yesterday I volunteered at Multnomah Falls with my friend Shirley.  It was a wonderful time of meeting the most interesting people.  I headed off to get us each a coffee at the espresso cart and while they were making it I hiked up to say hello to the falls.  It was roaring away.

The Benson bridge had many hikers crossing it, heading up to the top of the falls and back.  Some just go as far as the bridge and enjoy seeing the water pass under them and then cascade once more.

This is the lower falls.

The top of the upper falls.

WAY up top.. whoosh.. 

Zooming in to the top of the lower falls.

On my way back down to the lodge I was thrilled to see these gorgeous pink flowers on this bush.  Unfortunately, I cannot identify them.  Argh.  (ETA - this is a Pink Flowering Currant".  Thanks, CJ, Jane and Jacquie!)

But whatever they are they are GORGEOUS!

Here are Shirley and I on duty.  Can you believe we met in 7th grade and have been friends for.. ::gasp:: 53 years?  She came to visit me when I lived in Hawaii and also after I was first married in Louisiana.  I visited her many times while she lived in Seattle.  She's my BFF.

When we went to get in the car I snapped this shot of the Licorice Ferns growing up the side of this tree in the moss.


Oh look at the blue sky!

The moss on the rock wall was in full neon green.

Our squirrel has taken to sitting on the garden shed.. I think we need to name him.  Any ideas?  Rocky?  

When I was looking at other Midori journals on google images I saw several had charms on them.  So, I looked through my jewelry box and found a pendant and a charm and added them to my book.  Do you like it?  The little string with the little charm is actually a built in bookmark!  

OK, I need to hustle.. instead of swimming today we're taking the boys to see the Tulip Festival in Woodburn.  I may run in to Gracie and her granddaughters as they plan to go also.  Fun fun!  I hope you're making the most of your day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Teresa! I'm glad you and Shirley have had such a long and rich friendship and that you had a good day at the The Falls yesterday. Beautiful!!! Those pink flowers remind me of the shape of hyacinth blossoms...never heard of licorice ferns before...interesting...and the moss is a glorious green. I think your squirrel should be named Napoleon. [his paw is in his "vest"] :-) Maybe see you and the boys soon! xx

  2. Hello Teresa. Falls look in fine form! I don't know what the flowers are - but they are very pretty. My best friend is named Judy and we met when we were seven - at school 57 years ago!!!! She doesn't live nearby but we try to get together as often as possible. have fun with Gracie and the grandchildren. Hugs Anne x

  3. Beautiful photos, a truly stunning waterfall. You are blessed to be a able to volunteer near such an icon.

  4. What a beautiful and spectacular spot that is. Well done for your voluntary work, you're a star for doing it. The flower is lovely, maybe a flowering currant - ribes sanguineum? That would be my guess. I hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  5. No squirrels yet in japan. Yesterday, my friend Janine -craftytokyomama -drove up to her lot for building her new american-style japanese home.
    She casually mentioned the Beware of Bears sign at the end of the road. As well as the monkeys she has seen.

  6. The falls are looking great Teresa. Looking at your flower it looks like a pink version of the flowering currant that I have flowering in my garden. Have a lovely weekend xx

  7. Hello lovely Mandy and taker of lovely photos. Such happy things. I gave been really busy of late and missed commenting in your lovely blog. Thanks for the word games though!

  8. I shall never, ever, ever tire of seeing pictures of that beautiful waterfall! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Nice to see a pic of you and your friend, too. You're right...those pink flowers are soooo pretty! Tulip festival?!! Be still my heart! I do believe there are going to be some gorgeous pictures coming. :D

  9. Beautiful Multnomah Falls. Did I ever tell you I have a photo of the falls hanging in our office that I bought there years ago? I never get tired of it. I like Gracie's name...Napoleon. He looks quite self important. :-) hope you had a lovely time at the Tulip Festival.

  10. My daughter was working at the tulip farm today...did parking for a couple hours in the a.m. Hope you had a good time. It rained later this afternoon. I was thinking about you and wondered if you knew what trees were up there at the falls. I will look in my book as I have the flowers now. I have a photo of the leaves just opening and the buds still green, hanging down. As always, i enjoy the falls photos too. Such a different day today than yesterday for sure! xxx

  11. Those pictures of the falls are gorgeous1 That is one beautiful shrub! And I am not a pink person. All those ferns! WOW! Sassy little squarril. I am no help as I always call thisngs George for some reason.

  12. Those falls are fantastic and would love to see them in person!! I slept half the day away lol exhausted from those renovations ox

  13. Hope you had a great time at the tulip festival yesterday! I bet the flowers were gorgeous and I anticipate seeing many pictures of them here soon :) Lovely falls--one of our best! Speaking of love, I am enchanted by your squirrel--he's just TOO adorable! Have a wonderful weekend...
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. Absolutely magnificent waterfall pictures Teresa! Love the photo of you and your BFF, now that is a total blessing to have a friend for 53 years💕 Love these pink flowers and the vivid greens. Also your Midori journal is lovely although I'm not familiar with it, but it's right up my alley : )
    Enjoy the weekend, TULIPS!!!! 🌷❤️ xoRobin

  15. Oh, it looks like Spring has sprung in Oregon :) It's been years since I've been to Multnomah Falls . . . your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Connie :)

  16. Oh those Falls! I love all your shots of them. You and your BFF are so pretty!
    Call that Squirrel: Mr. Fluff tail

  17. Hi Teresa, the falls are looking stunning right now.....everything is such a fresh green
    I love the ferns and agree with Jane and CJ. The flowers are flowering currant....a paler version than I have seen before. So delicate and perfect....adorable.
    Can't wait to see your Tulip photos.
    Jacquie x

  18. Dear, lovely Teresa,

    What a beautiful post full of greens and blue you have shared with us. I have loved seeing your stunning pictures of the awe-inspiring falls and I am off to scroll the comments above to see if anyone has managed to identify those pretty pink blooms.

    Happy Sunday to you and please send my warm wishes to Gracie!


  19. Love the pictures of the falls. Hope to visit them one day. We have so many squirrels running around here and I call all of them Mr. Nutkin! Love your scarf!

  20. The Falls look so gorgeous, they are so full with all the melting snow and rain. I don't think anything could be more beautiful than a whole Tulip Festival, the colors will be incredible. Have a wonderful time.

  21. Beautiful photos of the falls and all the budding and blooming things around there. I really enjoy seeing the landscape there, it's so different from where I live. I hope you had a nice time seeing the tulips.

  22. Gorgeous images Teresa. There are lots of flowering currants in the village here and you're right, they are lovely things.


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