Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Buttons and Blossoms

Hello!  I want to thank those of you who left me messages of concern after my fall last Friday.  You're so sweet!  The only residual pain is in my shoulder, but I think it should be okay in a few more days.  I just went on a walk outside to enjoy our sunny warm weather and my Star Magnolia is almost in full bloom!

More outdoor photos in a bit, but I wanted to show you photos of the vintage buttons that I got on my recent trip to the beach and also some mother-of-pearl buttons I got when I put in my last yarn order at KnitPicks.  I kind of picked out some of the fun things in my sewing bag.  Thanks again, Susan at Mary Jane's Tearoom blog, for the sweet Cath Kidston goodies you sent!

This is the bag of bigger MOP buttons.

My favorite scissors and silver thimble with sailboats on it... and the teeny tiny baby buttons I also got at the antique store.

These are so cute, the size of a small pea.

I am going to sew one of these on the front of the knitted dress I made for my Maggie Maria rabbit doll that I made using an Alicia Paulson kit.  

OK, then.. off on a walk in the farmyard to see what was blooming and to enjoy our sunny warm day.  I see a skimpy hyacinth in bloom.. did we plant the bulb too deep?

We have a pot of Primroses, 2 of which are in bloom.

Here is my "Skimmia Japonica" (thanks to the staff at Al's Garden Center for identifying this for me via a photo I sent on my iPhone!)

I just love my Star Magnolia and am amazed at it being in full bloom in March!  

I love the tulip/cup shape of these as they open.

Blue sky and Star Magnolias.. and a forecast of sunny days and weather reaching into the 70s!

The Mahonia aka Oregon Grape is ready to pop open.

And just look at the rose bushes leafing out!

The dark purple and white lilac at coming into bloom.. what?  Really?  Oh my!

The sun bleached out the photo, but the daffodils are still in perfect bloom.

And the Creeping Myrtle is blooming nicely.

If you ever want a nice ground cover, this is it, but boy does it spread!

The astonishingly fragrant Daphne Odora is putting on a long lasting show, having budded out extremely early and is still producing buds and flowers!

I wanted to show you the 2 new colors on the blanket I'm working on - I love this color of golden copper called "Turmeric" and then the blue is called "Cadet".  Next up will be the pink.  

How are things out your way?  Sun?  Warm?  If not, I will share with you.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It certainly looks like Spring at your house. I have never seen a Star Magnolia before . . . absolutely stunning:) Love your thimble and scissors, so pretty.
    Here's wishing to a very speedy recovery.
    Connie :)

  2. Thanks for sharing all the pretty photos of flowers, and buttons, sewing tools and your Spring Blanket, Teresa! I am glad you are out and about a bit, too, and able to enjoy the fabulous weather we are having. I did some Spring cleaning and re-arranging today, and my neighbor brought us a huge bouquet from his stellar Daffodil patch...sunshine in and out :-) xx

  3. Glad to hear you are recovering well. Your weather is such the opposite of ours lately. Sleet is hitting the windows at the moment! I'll trade ya! lol

  4. My daffodils are loving this odd spring we are enjoying. Way too much sunshine for my pale skin.
    My dad & mom gave me a star magnolia that would bloom when my first child was born. It scared me to death blooming in March when baby was due towards the end of April. I wasn't ready, even though I was a big as a house.
    We sold that house but went back when she was three to get a cherished photo. I have both a white and a pink star magnolia in this yard of mine in Canbyland. One of my faves.

    I heard Memphis, tennesee was iced in today. Fedex in disarray. Weird spring so far.

  5. I'm very glad you're healing well Teresa. I enjoyed all of your goodies. I have my Mom's button box which is full of buttons from both of my grandma's collections too. I cherish it, so I especially enjoyed the ones you got at the antique store. Those scissors are wonderful too. My dear friend. You are enjoying that warm weather aren't you? 9 inches of snow are predicted here at Mandy's tomorrow. Ick! The day I land at home is supposed to be in the 60's and gosh I'm ready for the warmth. I'm just trying to figure out how to sneak Piper home with me. :-)

  6. Wow ...I have been so tired I haven't been able to check any blogs this week. Falling asleep too early ... I better go check n see what happened ... Did u fall? Hope you are doing weel my dear friend.
    Great early spring photos.

  7. You have gone straight to summer over at yours Teresa, amazing temperatures. We hope to hit 16c at the weekend which would be fab but nothing like your dizzying heights. Enjoy and your garden certainly is loving it x

  8. It certainly looks like spring where you are Teresa.
    I love your Magnolia, well all your flowers. I'm so happy we are entering flower season again.
    Glad you are feeling better.
    Jacquie x

  9. Daphne and Hyacinth - heaven !!! Love the fragrance. Your garden must be beautiful. Glad to hear you didn't do too much damage when you had that fall. Cute buttons. xox

  10. So glad you're healing well, I hope your shoulder is completely better soon. That magnolia is sensational, and so early too. White magnolias are one of my favourite things, always so gorgeous, and at a time of year when flowers are really precious. Lovely. CJ xx

  11. Sorry to hear you had a fall, but glad to know you are doing okay. Everything is blooming so beautifully where you are. Take care, Tammy

  12. We're ahead of schedule with blooms too! My magnolia is ready to bloom and my lilacs are covered in buds... keeping my fingers crossed every time I hear the fans on the blueberry fields that the frost won't be too harsh!
    PS those Cath Kidston buttons are FANTASTIC!!

  13. Oh all of these beautiful flowers restore my faith that spring may be on its way! (even as the snow falls). Love the buttons….I am a Cath Kidston fan!

  14. All of your flowers are so beautiful! It's always fun to see your yard every year. Things really are topsy-turvey with the weather...we got another 5-6 inches overnight! WOW! And y'all are warm. Go figure! Lovely goodies you have there. I wish I had some Cath Kidston buttons. It's probably a good thing she doesn't have stores here in the U.S. I would go nuts! Glad your shoulder is a bit better.

  15. We got 18 inches of snow last good to see your lovely flowers in bloom and the warm, warm sun. Goodness you are most certainly blessed to live in such a lovely place. The ripple blanket is coming along nicely. I love the colors you have picked. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend.

  16. Gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing the SUN. I sent your blog to my sister who has just started crocheting. She loved it!

  17. So pleased to hear you are on the mend Teresa, what a relief.

    Spring truly has sprung where you are, I have just one daffodil in bloom in my garden, otherwise well and truly winter here.

    Enjoy the sunshine!


  18. It is such a nice breath of fresh air to see your farm and flowers... thank you so much for sharing. I'm new to your blog and love every bit of it, since I grew up in Portland, lived in The Dalles for years, and made the trip down the Gorge all through the years. The picture of your daphne blooms brought back such good memories (and smells!) of my mom's huge daphne bush by their front door. Every time you walked up the walkway and entered the house, you would get whiffs of these wonderful little flowers. She always clipped a few and put them in a little glass on the kitchen windowsill.. and also here and there throughout the house. It has to be the most wonderful fragrance of any flower I know! Those teeny tiny baby buttons are precious too.... I love vintage buttons. Marilyn

  19. It's sunny but cold here, the warmth we had in February has not carried over into March so far. I love your button collection. Mother-of-pearl buttons are beautiful. Did you know, I once knew a lady whose last name was Perlmutter; she told me her name meant "mother of pearl" in German.

  20. Your flowers are looking ss beautiful. I bet you are loving your sunny, warm day. We are humid here, hovering at 80 degrees. I am not quite ready for the heat and humidity.
    Love your blanket.

  21. Love all the MOP buttons. I'd love to share what I have with you as I've collected all sorts of vintage buttons.

    The Star Magnolia is beyond beautiful for this time of year. Isn't to nice to see everything blooming so early. My neighbors yard is covered in pretty little Grape Hyacinths - it's a sea of purple!

    Happy to hear you're doing well after your fall. I'm just glad we don't have the ice they're having in the east. It would make for very dicey walking.

  22. It is sunny today with a few clouds today but a bit warmer than yesterday. My roses are coming alive, as in new leaves and buds, tulips are up no buds yet. Tonight at church, when I went for Bible study, there was an azalea blooming! Already? I enjoy all your buttons. My mom had a button box. I may still have it...or not, maybe my sister has it. I bought a small black and white photo of Multnomah Falls in WA when my sister and I were at an antique store. Done by Sawyer photography in Portland, OR. Not sure when it was taken though. But I had to have it! We were celebrating our Feb birthdays, a bit late, but it was still Feb then! Hope your shoulder gets better, I guess I missed your post on that one. Good night and thanks for the tour!

  23. Hi Teresa, I hope you are feeling better, lucky Gracie was there to help. I love your blanket. CN x

  24. So sorry to hear of your fall Teresa -- I hope you are feeling so much better! And my gosh, your landscape photos are seriously breathtaking. You do the Gorge justice, and that's something else!!! xo

  25. So sorry to read about your fall. I do hope you continue to improve! Love all your bits and buttons! Most of all I'm really impressed with how advanced spring is in your part of the world. I, too, love my magnolia stellar a and I'm longing for it to start blooming. Looks like it will be a while yet though! Joan

  26. So sorry to hear about your fall, here's hoping you are recovering well. Those buttons are a real delight, beautiful. I am a great fan of Cath Kidston so loved those as well.

  27. Hope you're feeling better, if you've got any shoulder pain take your crocheting easier :) x


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