Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Visit to the Past

Hello friends.  Would you like to travel to the past with me?  After our fun times in New Orleans - showing my daughter Amy the famous city in the state where she was born - we then rented a car and headed to show her the place where she was born.  I also had dearly wanted to re-visit the places where we lived when we first were married and where we had our first two of three children.  I found this bed and breakfast, called "T'Frere's" thinking it would be nice stay in a charming place.  

This is the living room.

The dining room where we'd be served breakfast the next morning.

The pretty glassed in porch.

The charming kitchen.

Our breakfast of quiche, sausage, fruit and yogurt, a grilled tomato and a fresh biscuit.

My room, named "Mary".

Then we packed up, checked out and were off to find the past.  My sister Denise was the navigator and plugged the address of our house into her iPhone and we found it!  Here Amy and I are posing in front of our old house.  We bought the home when it was just framed up, we got to choose the color of brick, the roofing, the paint colors inside, the light fixtures and paneling, etc.  Along the way over the years someone enclosed the garage and made it into a room.  Amy's first room as a baby was the one on the left.  We also had our second child while living here, Shawn, our son.  I'd not been back for 40 years!

Our next destination was to find Milton, Louisiana where we'd rented a little old farm house for quite a while.  Dayle was flying helicopters for PHI (Petroleum Helicopters Inc.) and he worked 7 days on and 7 days off.  I used to drive him to work in his green 1968 GTO until he bought me a brand new, off the showroom floor, RED 1970 Volkswagen "Campmobile".  On the way to find Milton we passed the airport and lo and behold, I spied the yellow helicopters of PHI!  I took the next exit and drove as close as I could and climbed up the bank and took these photos through a chain link fence.  :-)

Dayle flew there for 6 years, taking oil workers out into the Gulf of Mexico and landing on the heliport on the big oil rigs.  He really loved his job there.  While out on the rigs they were fed wonderful Cajun food by a Papa Landry, a nice cook who made fresh bread, too.  He also could fish off the rigs.  Then a whole week spent at home with the babies and me.  He took me flying several times and also my sister Denise visited us there and he took her flying.  I must say, it's very exciting flying in a helicopter!

The company has a nice new office building.  It was so neat to see these and I knew Dayle would enjoy the photos too.

We then followed the iPhone GPS to Milton.  I did not recognize our old house but after looking at this one for quite some time the memories flooded back.  The room on the front left was filled with light from all the windows.  Dayle and I bought an old oak round table while living here and he refinished it in that room.  Sanding it down, staining and varnishing it.  The kitchen was just past the sunny room, then beyond it was our master bedroom with a door right out to the back where the Vermillion River flowed past.  Next to it was the guest room where my sister stayed on her visit and also my friend Shirley visited for several weeks.  In the fall we started hearing these loud noises on our metal roof and figured out it was pecans (puh-KAWNS) falling.  I'll never forget the racket.  :-)

Pardon the poor quality photo, but it was all I could find on the internet.. but this old grocery store was across from our house and certainly was convenient for us!  Milton was fun and totally inhabited by Cajuns all of which seemed to have the last name of Broussard.  The store was called Broussard's Grocery, Seed, Feed and Hardware.  :-)  The had "yard eggs" in a bowl on the counter and sold all manner of things.

The old building is still there, but they built a new store probably 30 years ago, which we thoroughly enjoyed walking through.  Of particular interest to my sister Denise was the unique meat department - I wish we'd bought some of their "Boudin" (boo-DAHN).  A unique sausage made with rice, ground chicken giblets and spices.  I bought a little bottle of Cajun seasoning to bring home.

We then drove down into a boat launch area a little ways from the old house so I could take some photos of the bayou - the Vermillion River.  This is looking to the right, there is a little old bar there.  See the line down into the bayou?  That is a crawfish trap!

This is looking to the left, the part that flows in back of our old house.

My sister Roberta took this photo which I love and asked her if I could use it on the blog.  She has a real artistic eye for photos.  I love how she captured the live oak branch arching over the bayou.  I have no idea why all the waterways are muddy looking.  :-)

Next on the "bucket list" was to find our favorite restaurant while we lived there, the Riverside Inn.  The old one burned down, but they built a new one.  We followed the iPhone GPS and it was SO funny as it took us in the most crazy way and we thought it MUST be wrong.. we were in a funky area with yards of oil drilling paraphernalia, but just as we were ready to give up, we spotted a sign and there it was.  I ordered my old favorite meal there, still on the menu, the "Crawfish Dinner".

Here is the menu listing for my dinner.  :-)  The round things are the "boulettes".  You mix chopped crawfish, onion, celery, egg, bread pieces and roll into a ball - roll in seasoned bread crumbs, fry in oil.  :-)

What a perfect "last supper" for us to have in Louisiana!  I was so happy that my sisters and daughter also enjoyed the cuisine I so love.

Outside the restaurant was a big pond and I enjoyed seeing the local inhabitants.  :-)

They had an arbor which was covered with Jasmine in full bloom.

The last place on our list to visit was Avery Island where all the Tabasco sauce is made that is distributed all around the world.  When we visited 40 years ago they made it in a really OLD brick factory with rows and rows of old oak barrels where they age the sauce for many years.  NOW there is a big modern new factory where we went through and learned all about the company.

When we entered the factory there was this neat collage on the wall.

Then there was a HUGE bottle of Tabasco Sauce where my daughter Amy posed for me.  :-)

On through the factory we saw them making sauce through the windows.

A close up of the bottles moving through the line.  The girl who took us through gave us each 4 tiny bottles of different Tabasco Sauces, so cute!  

We then walked up to the Tabasco "Country Store" to see what they had.  I got Dayle a tee shirt with a big healthy crawfish on the front.

My daughter Amy had the MOST fun here.  She got several bottles of Tabasco to take home.  I saw several things I'd love to have but there was no room in my luggage, alas.

A big regret for me is that they now charge $8 per person to drive on into the wildlife preserve part of the place and we were running out of time, so we did not get to see all the alligators and birds there.  :-)  But I did get a final shot of Avery Island and the big live oak trees draped with Spanish moss.

Denise and I took on the chore of returning the rental car to the airport.  Funny story -- we were looking for a cab or shuttle to get back to the hotel and this man called out to me and said.. I'll take you back.  I asked him how much and he said "Whatever you want to pay."  And he ushered us into this limousine!  The story gets funnier.. he drove on past the exit to our hotel and headed towards New Orleans!  I go.. uh oh.  So, I say, you passed our hotel, and he said, "You said Comfort Inn, right?"  We go, well, yes, but it was that place back there, and he goes.. "That's the COUNTRY INN. I bet you thought I was kidnapping you!"  And I go.. "Welllll... I was wondering what you were doing!"  He took the next exit and took us to the right place.  Whew!

We had to be up at 3.. THREE am to catch the shuttle to the airport.  And friends, I was so rummy that I didn't see a step down and I lost my balance and fell.. flat.. on my face.  I caught myself on my two hands, and re-injured (jammed) my left shoulder and hurt my knees.  I got a hand up and climbed into the shuttle bus.  ::sigh::  But here we are, flying over the Grand Canyon on our first leg to Las Vegas - 3 and a half hours.  We only had 50 minutes to make the connecting flight and the next gate was a LONG way away from where we landed.  Not even time to drop a few dollars in any of the slot machines in the airport.  :-)

We then had another 3 hour flight to Portland and we flew over Crater Lake, my sister Roberta took these two photos for me with my camera.  

A closer shot of Crater Lake, you can even see Wizard Island.  

And so we returned to our homes and have the memories of a wonderful trip.  I do hope you've enjoyed coming along.. I hope I haven't bored you!  We are on our last day at the beach, tomorrow morning we head home.  It's taken me a week of relaxing to catch up!  I will put up some photos of our week at the coast day after tomorrow.  I decided not to show the "same old things" this time.  Well, maybe a lighthouse photo or two.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It was nice to tag along on your trip down memory lane.
    All of the photo's were wonderful. You're right about your sis having an artistic eye for photography.
    Your craw fish dinner looks out of this world, tasty!! But oh dear those prices.
    I've never seen Crater Lake from that angle before - nice!
    So, where are we all going on your next trip? (smile)

  2. I so enjoyed your trip down memory lane. The Bed and Breakfast is amazing. Just the kind of place I love to stay. Your little farmhouse is where I want to live with a river out back and everything. So perfect. A coat of paint and it would be wonderful. And the shots of Crater Lake. I've been there a few times but never from the air! It looks completely different and it's beautiful. Even Wizard Island. Thank you for taking us with you on your trip down memory lane. I can tell what a special week it was for you and I know that sharing it with Amy and your sisters just made it better.

    I'm so sorry that you fell. How do you feel now after a restful week at the beach? I hope you're good as new now. See you soon.

  3. It has been lovely going along on your travels with you, thank you for taking us with you! How great that you got to go and check out so many of the places you lived, worked and visited! You must have really enjoyed sharing them with your daughter, I am sure it was a very special time for you!! xx

  4. Bored ? You must be joking, fascinated is more like it. Grand Canyon also on my wish list of places to visit! It all sounded/ looked amazing Teresa. Hugs Anne x

  5. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. Its so nice to go back to places that hold good memories...and you made even more good memories with this trip!

  6. How wonderful to visit your old haunts, thanks for taking us along. Your B+B was beautiful and your weather so kind to you. So sorry to hear that you fell need to learn to bounce ;0) Hugs xx

  7. There was not a boring moment in this post of your trip. You stayed in some nice places, I like the one in the first photos with the glassed in porch.

  8. I've enjoyed the ride along! your images are just great. You make the most of each day lady!!

  9. What a wonderful trip! This had to be fun for Amy, seeing where you lived when she was born. How old was she when you moved away? I loved tagging along with you through your photos. You are quite a gal . . . always on the go and always having a great time, no matter where you go or what you're doing. It's great seeing people enjoying life. When you are old and in your rocking chair, you'll have some great stories to share from all of your adventures.

  10. Nice Crater Lake photo. I've never been able to get that one.
    What a fabulous trip back memory lane.

  11. I've loved your New Orleans posts Teresa and I really didn't want today's post to end - it was so good and relaxing. I've had the most awful, stressful week and this was just what I needed. Thank you. xox


  12. What a GREAT post!!! How wonderful that you got to go and revisit your old haunts :) And I'm so glad you said "puh-kawns" instead of "peee-cans". My daughter and I have discussions about that all the time :) I am now really wanting to take a road trip with my Mom and sister!! Thanks for letting us tag a long.

  13. Great post, and so interesting to see where you used to live..... thank you for showing us! Your b&b looked like a very pleasant place to stay, and such tasty food. I showed my hb your picture of the huge tabasco bottle....he likes the sauce a lot :) Your posts have all been very interesting, well put and with lovely photos....not at all boring :)
    Hope you are feeling better after the fall....wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  14. I really hate for your show to end! I have enjoyed every minute of your trip!

  15. Oh goodness what fun to get to travel along with ya'll! Such lovely and fun places. It's always good to see where you were once before...I hope to go back to FL one day...and stay forever! :) ((hugs)) to you sweet friend.

  16. So glad to hear you had a great trip. I didn't realize you lived there so many years ago and that two of your children were born there. Speaking of Broussard, we used to live in Broussard, Louisiana -- not far from Milton (that's when I was 11 and 12 years old); my dad worked in New Iberia for Midcontinent, an oil tool company. When we lived in Slidell, LA, he used to go out to rigs and stay for extended periods. That bed and breakfast looks so lovely. Zack and I will be flying into New Orleans on July 10th. Will be visiting a friend there, and a blog friend in Slidell, then on to Hattiesburg to see my mom and brother. Hope you have healed after your fall. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. What fun to visit your old stamping grounds !! That Bed and Breakfast place looks beautiful - I have never stayed in a B&B - must try one sometime. Now I know what you guys call biscuits LOL - we call them scones over here and our 'biscuits' are your cookies. I could go on forever about this post - lovely pics as usual. I've thoroughly enjoyed your holiday. Thanks for showing me a part of the world I'll never get to see. xox

  18. Except for your fall, you made so many good memories, Teresa, and I really enjoyed getting to know you and Dayle and your family better through this post! While I have not explored the New Orleans area, your posts have brought to mind my experiences in the South...its unique beauty and heritage.
    When I visited Crater Lake for the first time last Spring we were only able to drive into the south entrance to the park and the aerial photos interestingly show how there is more snow accumulated around the northern parts of the lake at this time of the year. Thanks for posting! xx

  19. Yes, today I am back-tracking and I knew that I had missed a lot during my absence from reading blogs. You had to be completely exhausted from this whirlwind trip. It also had to be so sweet to revisit the places where your memories took you back in time to when you started your family. I'm so happy for you, that you got to do this with your daughter.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  20. As you already know. I LOVED your posts from Louisiana! The food (that cookbook you recommended sounds great), the historic homes and cemetery (yep, I had to find out just what they do...that's the genealogist in me you know), etc. Thank you, thank you for inspiring me!
    Blessings, Aimee


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