Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cozy Grey, Remembering, Flowers and Grosbeaks

We had a grey cool weekend.  But we made the most of it.  We watched an Outlander marathon and I worked on my Elise shawl while my little Buddy napped on my lap.  Do you see the tartan scarf I was wearing?  It's my clan tartan - McAlister - with a Scottish pin holding a rosette on the scarf.  I decided to get into my Scottish gear to feel part of the action.  :-)  Aye, I did!  Now I'm none too happy with how the last episode ended and I hope someone saved Jamie from Black Jack's nefarious plans!

I posed my shawl on my new to me vintage dress form.  I was very naughty.  I saw one on a fellow bloggers post and as I am known to do, I checked on Craigslist to see if one might be for sale at a fair (low) price.  No luck.  So, I checked on eBay.  Hmmm.. there was one for a fair price.  So, as a lark I put in the starting price as a bid, fully expecting to be outbid.  Well.. I wasn't outbid.  :-)  I was going to be in New Orleans when this very large box was to be delivered here so I launched into a long explanation of how I accidentally was the new owner of this item - to my dear husband.  He said.. "What are you going to do with THAT?  Where are you going to put it?"  Ummm... errrrr.. well... uhhh.. "I will finish clearing out my "studio" and set up my cute little Singer Featherweight sewing machine in there and put the dress form in the corner to model my shawls and things?"  Oh.  Hmm.  Right.   It's still in the living room.. for now.. :-)

But isn't it a nice place to pose my crochet projects?  Isn't it?  Right?  I sure am enjoying working on this alpaca shawl.  

I joined my blog friend Gracie for lunch today - she treated me to a Crab BLT Salad at Elmers - for my birthday.  We weren't able to do lunch in April due to both of our travels.  Wasn't that sweet of her?  We had a great lunch and a long chat and got all caught up on each other's news.  She is a treasure to me.

When I got home I snapped some photos of how my garden is growing to share with you.  My "Scentimental" rose is in bloom.. so early for it I'm just amazed.

I have big patches of Rose Campion - the color is really beyond thrilling.

Do you have this flower where you live?  It has dusty grey foliage and re-seeds itself.

My orange Dahlia is growing nicely and blooming profusely.

Our volunteer Bellflower is blooming next to it.

We went to clean my Dad's gravestone on Saturday and get it shined up and ready for those who might visit over the Memorial Day weekend.  Afterwards we went to Shorty's Nursery to try to find a Maidenhair Fern.  We got one to plant by our waterfalls and pond.  I'll show you that next time.  Of course we also found this pretty orange Tuberous Begonia and another Dahlia.  It's certainly colorful on our deck!

This Dahlia continues to make my eyes pop out of my head.  LOL!

My New Zealand Impatiens are gorgeous.

My little pink daisy flowers.. Brachyscome - "Surdaisy Strawberry Pink".  Just in case you were wondering.

Here is my dear husband while he is brushing off my Dad's gravestone and then he scrubs it clean, then he sprays it with this stuff that shines it up and protects the bronze.  We picked up some red and white carnations on the way and I cut the stems and arranged them in the bronze vase.  That is him actually smiling.  :-)

We are so proud of my Dad's service to his country.  He was in the Marines and went in on the first wave at Iwo Jima and was there the whole time.  It was a harrowing experience.  Approx. 250 of his company went in and only about 15 walked out unwounded and alive.  He was a kind and quiet father and was always there for us when we needed him.  He helped me out many times.  I loved my dad.

We visited Washington DC a few years back and when we were in Arlington National Cemetery I heard band music and I looked down at the road below us and saw a funeral procession going on.  I snapped several images, this being the best.  It was a very solemn and meaningful thing to see.  We also watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, aka as the Tomb of the Unknowns.  Wherever you are, please take a moment to thank those who have served to keep you safe and especially those who have given their lives.

KRISTI'S CORNER  --  My DIL snapped some new photos of an Evening Grosbeak, both the male and the female.

Here is his mate.  

This one is a bit fuzzy, it's hard to get one when they are bathing in our stream as they shake a lot!  Isn't he cute?

I have some things to get done in June as in early July Dayle and I are loading up the car and heading on a long road trip!  We're driving South through Oregon and through California, taking a left above Los Angeles and head to Las Vegas, Nevada for a night.  Then heading East to the Grand Canyon for a few days, then on through Albuquerque, New Mexico, across the top of Texas and into Oklahoma for a family reunion.  Then on to NE OK to visit Dayle's brother.  Then up to the Lake of the Ozarks to spend 4 days with my daughter Amy and our precious two granddaughters.  I am not sure what route we'll take to get back home.  Stay tuned.  :-)  

Do you have any fun Summer travel plans?  Do tell!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You'll probably kill me but I yanked up several Rose Campion clumps this weekend.
    I love the cerise red color of the blooms but it reseeds like crazy.
    It was a great Memorial day weekend here in canbyland. Too cloudy to see the F-15 fly-bys in the morning but we could sure hear them.
    My neighbor is a doctor with the Air Guard and convinced them to buzz the runway one year.

  2. Beautiful post, as is your norm. Sorry I haven't been here to read or comment lately. I'm up to my eyeballs in moving and house selling and buying. I miss my bloggy friends!

  3. Dayle always makes your father's grave marker look so beautiful. What a sweet, kind act of love and honor:) Sad I didn't make it over to Willamette National Cemetery this year...maybe next.
    Yea for Scottish ancestry, tartans and cute photso of you with the furry one! Tomorrow, is a special day for one of my clans so I am going to TRY and make the hubby man some Scottish food--wish me luck.
    You may let Kristi know I love her bird photos! Beautiful.
    Nothing special planned, yet, for this summer--therefore I will need you to post photos of your exciting trip (so I can live vicariously through you--LOL).
    Blessings, Aimee

  4. Beautiful photos and stories, Teresa :) I enjoyed our lunch and visit, too, and think you are a treasure. Thanks for posting! xx
    ps. please give some more love pats to Buddy from me :)

  5. I do like your model form for the crochet projects. I think Dayle may think she might edge him out! Ha! Or that she may have friends coming to stay! Your gardens are so pretty. I never tire of looking at the photos of your flowers. How sweet of Dayle to shine that headstone each and every year. It's a testament to the respect he had for your Dad and for his service, that's for sure.
    That's a long trip you have planned. July... A hot time of year in them there parts my friend. :-). I know you'll have a wonderful time. I'm heading back to DC next week for two weeks. Just got my ticket tonight. It's Pioer time!

  6. Goodness, that's a long road trip! No doubt you will have a few adventures along the way! How lovely to hear about your father and his service. Hard to imagine what he went through. I'm always deeply grateful to those who serve and protect our way of life. We have those pink flowers here as well, I'm not sure what they're called though. That rose is gorgeous, a lot like a Ferdinand Pichard, which is one of my favourites. I love Kristi's bird photos, they're beautifully captured. Have a good day Teresa. CJ xx

  7. Beautiful model form, I would have been tempted too. The shawl is beautiful, love the yarn. We have Remembrance day in November here in the UK, where we honour and remember our dead we will always be grateful for the input the USA had in the war.

  8. Hello Teresa. That's a lovely photo of Dayle and your dad's memorial. I shall be off to cemetery next week with flowers for my dad as it will be anniversary of his death on 4th June. Kristi's photos are superb as are your's as always. ( My camera has given up the ghost - need to replace but very confused about what to get) Your trip sounds amazing ! I seem to have spent .most of May away - staying put for a while :-) Hugs x

  9. What a lovely post Teresa, lots of beauty in one place. Your trip sounds very exciting! x

  10. My goodness you have amazing travel plans! Your journey will be a lovely adventure for you I hope. So funny about your dress form, it is amazing what trouble we crafty types can accidentally get ourselves into isn't it! Your shawl looks very pretty on it though. Everything in your garden is coming along beautifully isn't it, I love that rose, it is so beautiful isn't it!!! Hope that you are having a great week. xx

  11. A lovely post, Teresa! Your dress form is a good investment...it will be endlessly useful for displaying your crochet makes! I love your alpaca shawl, how pretty it is. So many gorgeous flowers, and such a cute picture of little Buddy asleep on your lap. And such a nice smiling picture of Dayle :)
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen xox

  12. I love the shawl you're making - just beautiful ! Nice to see Dayle smiling -good shot of him and hasn't he done a magnificent job on your Dad's gravestone? I remember when he did it last year - doesn't time fly? Your Buddy must be just about as spoilt as our Quincy (who has just had a bath and looks like a fuzz ball). Sounds like a great trip you're planning for July - I'm going to enjoy seeing your pics. xox

  13. Beautiful post Teresa! I have been loving the beautiful bird photos, Kristi has a talent for capturing them. Your summer plans sound great and adventurous, so much to see in the US. Love your vintage dress form.....have you named her? Great shawl, you looked very cosy in your chair crocheting away watching the Outlanders. I'm not up on that series but I have heard all good reports. Nice photo of Dayle on Memorial Day, you guys are the best!
    Have a lovely week, crazy here with last details for June 20th.

  14. Your painted rose is spectacular. Your husband tending the grave is wonderful.
    Ourplans: First trip to the Outer Banks in NC to visit our daughter. A week of Allison fun with friends of hers too. I want to see the wild ponies.
    Home: Growing up Fezzik the kitten and porch time with knitting!
    On the seat: cycling this summer.

  15. Beautiful pics, as always, and your dad sounds like he was a wonderful man! Love the pic of your husband smiling. :) Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  16. Your flowers are looking so good. The shawl is going to be beautiful. I love that you put on your tartan to watch Outlander, you're so funny and cute. I hope it helped you feel all highlanderish (if that's a word) for the show. :)

  17. Wonderful bog post! That red and white rose is absolutely stunning! I just want to print it out so I can look at it every time I'm at my computer. We have NO FLOWERS here in central Oregon, just a few pansies I planted that the deer have been nibbling on, and soon none will be left. I life in a huge neighborhood and nary a flower to be seen here. So I can do my gardening through you! Your alpaca shawl is so pretty. I used to raise alpacas and know how soft the fleece is... I still have quite a few skeins left of the lovely alpaca yarn. I find it a little harder to work with though, as seems to have a lot of fuzziness. I would LOVE to have a dress form, as I sew clothes for myself, but haven't done much these last few years, because hate the fittings on me and all the sticky pokey pins when I try things on.

    Your trip sounds fun (but also tiring). Don't know if I could do that anymore. Where do you get your energy??? I'll be happy to drive from central Oregon up by Washougal, WA to see my son this summer!

  18. So much life in this lovely post!

    Rose campion grows wild here, it's flowering now :)

  19. ooh, I do love that peppermint candy rose. So pretty! You certainly do have a long road trip planned. We will be in Colorado on July 21st and will start our month long road trip by heading over to Albuquerque. Too bad we couldn't be there the same time. What do you plan to do there? I haven't even done any research yet. Another blog friend will be in my son's area but we will miss each other by a few days. Darn! I'm going to send you an email about something else. Take care, Tammy

  20. Please tell Dayle a smile looks good on him! Also he's great at putting a shine on your Dad's headstone. Shipshape in bristle fashion!
    Always love the flower photo's - bright and cheerful.
    Oh how I love seeing little Mister Buddy. What a charmer he is.

    Wow that is going to be one heck of a trip.
    As for our summer plans - nothing, absolutely nothing - just the way we like it around here.
    In the last two years we've traveled over 7,000 miles by car. And moved two households. All I want to do is sit on my front porch, sip my tea and watch the birds sing in the trees.

  21. I love that Dayle takes such a pride in keeping your Dad's headstone gleaming and proud.

    The flowers certainly are blooming in your garden, I am particularly smitten by that rose!

    Wow, that is going to be some road trip, I have always wondered what Albuquerque is like, it was in the title of a Partridge Family song when I was a teenager (I was a huge David Cassidy fan!) and it sounded so exotic. God willing, we are planning a road trip in August, driving through a tiny part of France, then Belgium and hopefully Germany, Luxemburg and Holland.


  22. I am very fearful for poor Jaime Fraser. I started watching the shows after you mentioned it in a blog post a while back and now I'm hooked. Many many thanks for the recommendation! !
    Ive always wanted a vintage dress dummy! Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos again. When i read your blog it feels like we're sitting down to a cuppa and you're showing me your latest photos (like in the 'olden days' when we got our photos back from the lab in a paper envelope ) and talking me through your adventures! xox


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