Monday, June 8, 2015

Dining Alfresco

We have Summer, folks!  So, we've been dining on the deck and enjoying it immensely.  Kristi made shrimp salad and warm garlic artisan bread and the boys spread the tablecloth and set the table.  The waterfall into the pond made the music for dinner and the birds flew to the feeder and drank from the creek.  I can't help but smile when I see the boys digging into dinner.  Caleb had hot dogs as he's not sure about shrimp or salad.  :-)  But Hayden loves it!

Crisp romaine, fresh mushrooms, mini corn, pickled beets, sweet tomatoes, sliced olives, 1,000 island dressing, grated Cheddar & Jack cheese and LOTS of fresh Oregon Bay Shrimp.  YUM!

On Saturday we went to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack on the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA - what a fun place! 

Kristi had a Bloody Mary - she gave me a sip and OH MY.. it was spicy!  I think it's funny that they serve it with a crab claw stuck into it.

Hayden was very excited about the kids dessert - it's a rice krispy treat in the shape of a crab that you get to "paint" with chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauces.

On our way home from the restaurant we drove over the bridge from Vancouver, Washington to Portland, Oregon so we could drive home along Marine Drive on the Columbia River -- and I pulled onto Bridgeton Road where I lived on a houseboat for many years.  It was fun to see it again, it's the one with the red metal roof.  Click HERE to see it when I lived on it.  I loved having Stargazer moored right outside my front door.  It was a big house, actually, 1500 square feet!  Floating on top of HUGE old growth logs.

Kristi keeps an eye on the bird feeders and fills them.. she spotted a rat eating under the feeder - the rats have been eating our chicken food too - so she grabbed Travis' pellet gun and sat under the gazebo and waited.. and waited.. and finally got it!  Annie Oakley!

Oh the excitement of farm life!  Well, time to head off to swim for an hour.  What are you up to today?  I hope it's something Summery!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Weather looks so gorgeous! It is hot, hot, hot and today it was dusty. Ugh! But it was my last day at school. Free at last! Woohoo! Have a good week. Tammy

  2. How lovely to see that fantastic family meal outside. Wonderful. And Kristi's bread sounds divine. Your trip out for dinner on Saturday looks amazing, what a lovely spot for a drive. How brilliant that you used to live on a houseboat, I bet it was quite an adventure, and quite lovely to be on the water with all of the wildlife. I do so like to visit your blog, such a happy place. CJ xx

  3. Hi Teresa, the more I know about you, the more I like you. Your farm is so lust and green. I am thinking that Kristi is either your daughter or daughter in law . . . what a shot . . . brave girl, too. Most women would be standing on the table screaming, not going to war and winning:) Bravo!
    When I was in the seventh grade (many long years ago) we lived in Tucson AZ. for the winter. My folks had these friends that were wintering near us in an Airstream trailer, they also had a house boat in Portland. I often daydreamed about how wonderful that would be. Living right on the water. Seeing boats go by and fishing off your deck:) Sounds very nice.
    It's good to see that you are having family time before you start out on your adventure.
    I'll be watching your blog for posts of your trip.
    Connie :)

  4. Annie Oakley! lol
    Our neighbor (the mole whisperer) has a way with a shotgun and has slowly, over the years, decimated the gopher/mole population. This last year, laid up with serious back issues, those pesky moles/gophers are making a comeback. The guy neighbors take it in turn to patrol the runway (with limited success), beer in hand, waiting for their chance at infamy.

  5. I hopped over to see your houseboat dates. Lovely photos. Do you still make jewelry? Very nice. I was at work today and we were busy even though it was quite warm outside. I need to go through photos so I can get caught up on my blog. I'm behind but what's new!:P Take care!

  6. The shrimp salad looked delicious, summer has not quite reached us yet it is still quite cool. I am still wearing sweaters to potter in the garden.

  7. That shrimp dish looks so good! It sounds like you had a wonderful day! Yuck on the rat though. :(

  8. Yum! Visiting your blog often makes me hungry:) I love shrimp salad--just had a different version at Mo's this past weekend. LOVE your outdoor dining area! Very nice.
    PS: Stay cool!

  9. I love hearing all about your dinners. MMMMmmmmmmmmm.
    I love seeing your summery posts. It is just getting summery here.
    I have two cats that are outdoor that I'm wondering if they are feral......and I've been leaving cat food out for them.....
    Im porch knitting today!

  10. Your meal outdoors sound delicious and it looks as though you had so much fun all together! Summer is great isn't it! xx

  11. Wow Kristi is a good shot!

    Sitting outside to eat is always such fun.


  12. Oh goodness, what a fine looking family you have and I am crazy over the enthusiasm that is in the air too! What great times and good food too. You might not know this about me, but I grew up a farm girl, I was country through and through and I shot myself some ducks one year!
    Have a terrific evening,

  13. When driving my great niece to the airport early this morning I tried to spot your former houseboat, Teresa, and I think I saw it...such a beautiful setting! We had a fun fast visit with my niece and took her to Chariteas for yummy Rhubarb Oolong iced tea and chocolate cake yesterday, then to Jonsrud overlook for photos. It is wonderful to be out and about in the warm sunshine and have seafood meals, isn't it. Yay for Kristi getting the rat! Our Calikitty was good at catching the wood rats that tried to move into our house in Crescent City, CA, but since we no longer have her, our guard is down! xx

  14. Ewww, I don't think I could pick up the rat. Good for her for killing it!

    It's funny, being a Southerner, I never thought about shrimp being available fresh in Oregon waters. I'm so used to the idea of Gulf shrimp.

  15. Dining outside in the summer is the best! I cracked up at Kristi shooting the rat! We have tons of them here, with all of the orange trees. I see them in and near the coop too. I hate them...ick!
    Miss ya kiddo!
    xo Kris

  16. We're having the odd glimpse of summery weather at last. That's a big rat! My husband deals with any rats we get stealing the hen food.

  17. We have fruit rats here, gross! I forgot to say I love those bags from AAA, they are so great!


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