Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Flowers, Hawaiian Lunch and a Flip

Look what greeted me when I arose this morning?  BOING.. hello!  Kristi was out shopping this morning and she and Hayden picked out this bouquet for me!  Isn't this the prettiest flower?  And a dozen golden yellow roses to boot!  Flower Joy!!  

Talk about an uplifting arrangement of flowers and to celebrate the first day of Autumn to boot!  

Happy happy, joy joy.  :-)

Can there be too many photos of a flower?  You decide.  :-)

The roses are perfection, too.

OK.. rewind to yesterday.  I had lunch plans with my 2 sisters and adopted sister Shirley.  (My best friend since 7th grade).  Denise, the younger sis took us to "Bamboo Garden", a Hawaiian cafe.  Here is what we all ordered, Kahlua Pork and Teriyaki chicken with sticky rice and macaroni salad.  I know it's not that attractive to look at, but it sure tasted good!

We celebrated my sister Roberta's (left) 73rd birthday, Denise on the right.

We also celebrated Shirley's 66th birthday, too!  I cropped myself out as I looked awful.. lol.. and it's my blog so I get to crop myself out when I want to.  :-)

It was a fun place and took me back to when I lived in Hawaii right after I graduated from high school when I was 18.  Shirley came to visit me there and we reminisced about the fun things we did together when she came.  

Then we followed Denise a few miles away to see the house that she and her husband Steve bought to remodel and sell.  It's called "flipping" here and they've sold one of the houses he's fixed up and he will be done in a week with this one.  You should have seen the before photos!  This is the living room and it's huge with original oak wood floors.  All the walls have fresh light grey paint, it's gorgeous!

From the deck off the living room you can see Mt. Saint Helens - the volcano to the north of us.  This is a hazy photo, can you see it?

The kitchen is gorgeous, everything new and clean.  

Here is the front of the house - you can imagine the views from the deck and big picture windows.

On my way home I quickly snapped this photo of downtown Portland while on the top level of the Markham Bridge - I was stopped in traffic so this was quite safe.  The Willamette River passes through downtown on it's way to empty into the mighty Columbia River and then flows into the Pacific Ocean.

After driving through downtown Portland, it's always a pleasure that just 20 minutes later I'm driving up the Sandy River just 8 minutes from our little farm.  I love how wild it is, the sun sparkling on the river.. 


This morning honey and I are watching the news and this is my view.. 

Soon I will pack my swim bag and head to the pool.. Gracie and I will swim back and forth for an hour and catch up on each other's news.  Tomorrow I will volunteer at Multnomah Falls with my sister Denise - and my brother and sister and their spouses will be meeting us there to celebrate the twins 73rd birthday over lunch in the Falls Room!  On Saturday we're going to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.. that should be fun.  We might be meeting two other bloggers there.  I hope you have a nice weekend planned.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow!!! Happy Autumn! Seeing the flowers and family and friends and following your trail of fun was fun for me, too. Thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. That cafe looks like a fun place to visit. Love the job they did flipping the house.

  3. Your flowers are so autumny Teresa, just perfect for this time of year :) Happy Birthday to your sister and your adopted sister! Looks like a fun lunch :)

  4. Hi Teresa, those flowers are really fantastic. What a lovely person Kristi is. Your lunch with the ladies looks like it was fun, with tasty food. Your sister's flip is beautiful, wow. I can't get over those wood floors. I wish I had those in my house. I hope you had a good swim with Gracie!

  5. Your flowers are so lovely and you have a wonderful and thoughtful daughter-in-law. I grew up on sticky rice, poi, mango, guava, and mahi mahi my daddy caught. Miss those days, but home is not the same as it was.

  6. Hi Teresa what a beautiful bouquet. Thateal looks delish to me! Enjoy all you have planned. Hugs Anne x

  7. Teresa, whether I am wearing a smile when I come to visit or not, I am always wearing one when I leave. Your blog is a breath of fresh air and your photography is always so pretty. I love the fact that you never allow any moss to grow under your feet . . . you are a go-get-her and always doing something fun. That's the way life should be . . . enjoy it and spend it all up. You're an inspiration . . . you lift me up.
    Thank you.
    Oh, I know it is your blog and you make the rules, but we love seeing photos of you.
    Have a sweet week.
    Connie :)

  8. Teresa what wonderful flowers perfect for Autumn. And a big Happy Birthday to your sister. It looks a wonderful place where you live. Enjoy your weekend sounds fab.

  9. Wow! That is one gorgeous bouquet. Your picture of downtown Portland are great. I really like Portland and these pictures show the area so beautifully. I like the house your sister and her husband are flipping. The view of Mt. St. Helens is amazing. It looks a little big and has steps though so that puts me out of the bidding. :-) Your Hawaiian lunch looks very authentic. You're right. Not colorful but the food is good there.
    Blessings always,

  10. You caught the sparkle off the water perfectly.
    I wish on the coming lunar eclipse to wake up (later than 4:30am) to a giant beautiful bouquet.
    See you on Saturday.

  11. Your floral arrangement is so pretty. Once in awhile I'll buy flowers from Trader Joes for me. I got some sunflowers when they were in their prime. Glad you had a good time out with friends. That house is lovely and I really the interior colors. Hope to see you Sat. Always fun. Take care!

  12. You are certainly blessed with such a thoughtful daughter in law, the flower bouquet is beautiful, such a stunning colour. Sounds like a great lunch and always good to spend quality time with family and friends. Love the remodel and the term flipping I have never heard that expression before. Have a good swim.

  13. Good morning dear Teresa. It was so nice to be here this morning and catch up with you. You have been busy as usual. And it was nice to see you got to enjoy some down time too!!! I know how rare and coveted that can be!!!
    Love to you,

  14. Oh! my what colours Teresa!!! Mother Nature surely knows how to do things supremely well!! I just love those different shades of orange among the green!!! Beautiful!!! great photos ....thanks for sharing your personal moments with your family . That kitchen is wonderful ....lots and lots of space!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  15. I bet you looked just fine in that photo! Love the flowers. Happy Birthday to Shirley and your sister and well done to Shirley and her husband on that house, it is a beauty.

  16. Teresa - GORGEOUS FLOWERS!! Your photos are so pretty. How nice to spend time with your family and friends.


  17. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers. I LOVE them. They are glorious. Sounds like fiber fun ahead! cant wait to hear and see your finds

  18. The flower arrangement is stunning! One can never have too many flowers. The flipped house is WOW! I Wish we could see the before pics of it. What a view too.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  19. I'm catching up with your blog posts, life's sounding good.


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