Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall on the Farm

Hello my friends.  Dayle and I took a drive to town yesterday to get some lunch, go to the bank, the barber, etc.  Upon returning home I noticed that the Pin Oak had turned almost all red.  There is a bit of green left, but once the leaves turn red they then turn a dry brown.  This oak is peculiar in that the leaves can stay on after they turn brown all winter and fall in the spring.  But when they get really big like ours, most of the leaves do fall.  

As I walked to the house I marveled at the flaming beauty of this tree against the blue sky.

Amazing color, isn't it?

The walnut trees behind are turning yellow.  They're funny as all their leaves seem to drop in a day.

The creek has red oak leaves floating on the water.

The hydrangea continues to glow a grape violet color.

Our little creek and waterfalls bring joy all year.

Walking to the house and looking back up into the tree.. the sun illuminating the colorful leaves.

The colors with the sun behind were pretty spectacular.


Standing on the deck I look back at the barn.. there is smoke in the air.. someone is burning a brush pile.. I'm still enjoying my garden banner of many colors.

One last zoom into the pretty leaves.. soon they will be gone and on the ground and blowing all over the place in the east wind.. and we'll have a long cold dark bleak winter with naked trees to look at.  Not my favorite time of year.

Kristi has found that our wild farm cat Simba likes to curl up on my rattan chair which has feather filled pillows on it.  :-)  But as soon as she goes outside and sees him there, he gets scared and runs away.  So, she took my camera into the craft studio and snuck up to the window and got this image without scaring him.

A nice sunny warm place out of the wind and rain.  This is a nook outside the French doors of my studio.  What you see in red here is the generator we keep on the deck during the winter for those times where we lose electricity.  That thing can really save us during those times.

I've been reading a most interesting book.. it's written about a teenage boy and a corresponding story of a young Pine Marten.. named Martin.  The book was recommended by my friend Shirley.  :-)  I'm about 3/4s of the way through it but am recommending it now as it's been a good and different read.  Google the name and read more about it.  I'm reading on my iPad.  (Edited to add - the story is set on Mt. Hood in Oregon so it's pretty neat as it's "my" mountain.)

The sunshine is back but it's cold outside.. it got down to 39 deg. F and is now 51 now.  I'm so glad we have our pellet stove burning by us.. there really isn't anything better than radiant heat.  

I have in my thoughts two fellow bloggers that have just lost their father.  I'm sending virtual hugs to them both to help them through this difficult time.  

((hugs)), Teresa 


  1. Loving the last photo of your Pin Oak tree leaves.
    I wonder what it would look like if you used your watercolor app?
    Sweet Simba, I hope he's warm and cozy this winter. Did you say you made a bed for him? Perhaps he'd like being in the barn on windy nights.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. Love the book cover, too!
    Take care & stay warm

  2. Girl, those are some beautiful pictures! What scenery! I love the one with your colorful garden flag. So glad Simba has found a home around your place. I hope he gets more tame and comfortable as time goes by. I hope he has a place to go to be safe from predators. He sure is a pretty boy.

  3. Canbyland hit 32 degrees last night. I have to bring in the last of my houseplants that still need to be hosed off and a little systemic applied to keep the critter eggs from hatching inside where it's warm.
    The leaves are awesome this autumn.

  4. I love your colors against the blue blue sky! WE are still having 70s in Chicago UNHEARD OF for one more day. Then brrrr . Im going to really try to enjoy every day of WINTER even MARCH this time!

  5. Beautiful Autumn colours there. love them against that blue sky. Simba looks very comfy there. Hugs Anne x - think I've caught up with all your posts/news now.

  6. Oh wow all those autumn photo's are fantastic, such wonderful colours ☺☺ Cute kitty and nice
    it has a place to enjoy even though scared. Our weather here is hot one day and cold the next crazy stuff and we are headed to summer so will be an interesting time here lol

  7. Flaming red leaves is right, so pretty. The plot of the book sounds original.

  8. Pretty, pretty! I love that oak tree Teresa. It looks big in your pictures, but up close and personal it's huge! Great pictures of Simba. He looks nice and comfy in the chair. I hope he has somewhere warm to be when it gets really cold. 27 degrees here this morning. Brrrr. The cold is not my favorite time of year either.
    Blessings always,

  9. Awesome photos!!! Simba is a pretty kitty...I have never had a kitty his color. I 'm glad you were able to go out and about a bit. The book sounds interesting! I just finished "A Girl Named Rose" by Betty Neels, a sweet romance set in England and Holland :) We are making progress with the insurance end of our water leak, but still trying to get two plumbing estimates to get the job done. Wishing you well! xx

  10. I do love the color of the Pin Oak leaves.

  11. Hi sweet Teresa, Sure did love the tour of your gorgeous trees in your yard. The pin oak is just stunning and I love your little creek! What a darling kitty, who found a cosy spot!!
    I'm reading a lot also, will add that book to my list!
    Hope you are feeling better, xoRobin

  12. Discovered your blog through Michelle at It's a Small Town Life.
    What a beautiful setting you live in...truly gorgeous! Oregon is one of my favorite places and where I'd move if I could.

  13. It's all looking really beautiful on the farm, Teresa. You have some beautiful trees in the fall. I really love oak and maple leaves when they change color. It's finally cold here and I'm absolutely loving it. :) Hope you're having a good day.

  14. Beautiful autumn leaves there Teresa such a wonderful sight. How sweet to see Simba lying there, he looks so cosy. Keep snug! x

  15. Hi Teresa,
    I'm sort of a neighbor...Vanc. WA. I have loved reading your posts. I have had a feral cat who has visited me on and off for about six years. He's one rough and tough tabby. He only makes appearances in warm weather, sleeping on my sunny deck. The first season, it was quite a game to even get outside on the deck at the same time with him (and yes it is a him!) I brought kitty treats and he'd get closer. The second season, I could sit on the deck with him and toss treats to him. By the end, I even scratched the top of his head. Last summer he hissed at me when I did it, so I'm totally hands off, not knowing his health. I don't want to be bitten or scratched. He's a brown tabby who had the most beautiful turquoise eyes. Then, three years ago he showed up on my deck with a bloodied eye and his teeth all jagged and sticking out of his mouth. This was no regular cat fight. It looked like he had been kicked hard. Broke my heart. I didn't think he'd survive. I gave him food, water, and treats. Then come fall, he disappeared. First warm spring day he was back. Somewhat recovered but still snaggle-toothed and one blind eye. I've never seen a scrappier cat. So the moral to this story is, don't be surprised if Simba disappears for a long while. They have an amazing sense of survival. He'll be back for all the comforts you've given him. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos.

  16. Beautiful autumn leaves -- especially against the blue sky! I can't blame Simba for searching out a sunny spot, that's where I like to be:) Love your creek and pond. Hope we do get a little snow this winter (because it's SO pretty), but yea--winter isn't my favorite season either.
    Wishing you a blessed Friday.
    Blessings, Aimee


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