Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembering and Honoring our Veterans

Today America remembers and gives appreciation to it's Veterans.  I am proud of the service of my Father, my Husband, my Father-in-law, my uncles and cousins and all my ancestors back to those who served in the American Revolution.  These brave men and women who supported them and nursed them and sometimes fought alongside of them.  Thank you for your service and our freedom.  My Dad Wally served in the Marines in WWII.  

This young and gentle farm boy went in on the first wave at Iwo Jima with about 240 of his company, only 17 walked out unwounded and alive.  What he saw there in the trenches for weeks traumatized him.  Had he not returned, I would not be here.  My uncle Fred put together this shadow box of medals he earned during his service.  

Here is my dear husband Dayle.  He served in the Army as a Chief Warrant Officer, a helicopter pilot, in Vietnam.  He was shot in the femur while flying a combat mission near Khe Sanh when he was just 20 years old.  It was amazing that he was able to set his helicopter down with only one useable leg.  His bravery saved himself and two crew members.

Our daughter Amy put together this shadow box of Dayle's medals and mementos.  He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Purple Heart and others.  The only things he brought home were what was in his pockets as he was medivaced out to the hospital ship after he was injured - so he only had his dog-tags around his neck and some Vietnamese money.

Dayle's father Ralph served in the Army during the latter part of WWII.  He was lucky and did not see any combat, he worked in the Army post office in the Philippines.

Our annual meeting of the Friends of Multnomah Falls was a nice event.  I walked out on the patio and snapped this photo of the falls.

I looked down on the patio floor and saw many "Big Leaf Maple" leaves - they really are huge, the size of a dinner plate or bigger.

We've been enjoying our wood pellet stove.. I do adore radiant heat.

Kristi came upon Simba sitting by the back door and snapped a few photos.  He's obviously feeling more at home here.  She feeds him many times a day.

I converted one of my last photos of him into a Waterlogue print.  He's so cute.

We had planned to drive my red and white Ford Flex in the Veteran's Day parade today, but Dayle suffered from a stomach virus overnight so we had to stay home.  It was raining all morning but it cleared up and got sunny by the time the parade was to start, which I was happy to hear for those who were in the parade.  So, I hope you give a good thought to all veterans from around the globe who serve to keep all of us safe and free.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thank you for summing up so well what Veteran's Day is, Teresa. I'm sorry that Dayle was ill and you both were unable to make it to the parade. My thanks again to Dayle and those who have and do serve to promote our peace and freedom. [I just thanked my son in law, Jason, for his service in the Coast Guard and Army National Guard]

    Your views of the Falls and leaves in Fall are so pretty and Simba is very handsome both in photo and Waterlogue.

    When I opened the door this morning to receive some late birthday gifts for Elisabeth from the UPS carrier, the crisp cold air that greeted me had me close the door quickly! I appreciate the view of your warm stove and am turning on the electric fire in my fireplace :) xx

  2. Oh I hope Dayle is feeling better. Yes, Veterans Day is important in our family as well. I have many relatives that have served, but only listed my immediate family on Facebook awhile ago. Many are our forgotten heroes, without whom we wouldn't be living the lives we are today. Thank you for your tribute today Teresa. Hugs to Dayle and Ihope the rest of you don't succumb to the same bug.

  3. What a lovely tribute post to all the Veterans. I appreciated each one as I read about them. My father and father in law were in the servic.e Uncles too. My dear friend Larry is a Vietnam Vet

  4. Thank you Teresa for always remembering our Veterans in your blog every year.
    Hoping Dayle is on the mend soonest.
    Sweet Simba looks so cute done in Waterlogue. It would make for an excellent greeting card.
    Take care & be healthy you two!

  5. Thank you for your families service to us all. I hope that Dayle will recover from the bug soon. Enjoy the fire. xx

  6. The old photos are lovely, as are the display boxes. You must be very very proud of them all. The sacrifices that have been made are so very appreciated. I hope Dayle is all better soon. CJ xx

  7. We do need always and always to remember the sacrifices that were made by so many loving, brave and selfless men and women. Your photos of your father, father-in-law and your beloved husband are such treasures. Look at those young men and imagine the horrors that they went through..and the young men and women today. Thank you.
    I am sorry that you missed the parade and especially sorry that Dayle is under the weather. If your weather is anything like it is now and has been off and on today, it is a good day to stay in. I hope that you are both tucked up and cozy by that pellet stove. I light a fire in our wood burner every morning now. I love seeing the flames through the glass window. It makes everything so comfy..and guess what? On these so gray and rainy days, I cannot see the spider webs, nor the dust! Glory!
    I hope that Dayle is now very chipper. My husband and I went to BiMart the other day to have a flu and pneumonia shot. I am glad to have done that, but must mention that the pneumonia shot felt as if a mule had kicked me in the arm.
    Your photos of the falls and leaves are gorgeous, and I am so glad that kitty has a good home.

  8. So thankful for the service of all our service members. My own dad had a long career in the Air Force. Hope Dayle is feeling better.

  9. What a lovely tribute to your family members who served. We also have Remembrance Day on 11/11 and observe one minutes silence at 11am to remember and honour those who have fallen. I think your Simba will be inside in front of that lovely fire before too much longer. xox

  10. Oh I do hope Dale is feeling a lot better.....Yes I kept in my thoughts all day those that served male and female and many animals too ♥

  11. A lovely tribute to your brave family men Teresa. Simba is coming along a treat....I think he might just venture inside soon ;0) x

  12. Blessings to you and Dayle and your whole family! xoRobin

  13. Sounds like your dad and Dayle went through a lot. My father was in Vietnam twice as an adviser and supply person. He was too young for WWII though his two older brothers were in that war. So many from that generation served in the military, almost all my uncles. Heck, even my mother, as a WAVE.

  14. hello Teresa and a lovely tribute to the men in your family. We remembered on Sunday and then again at eleven o clock on the eleventh of November - observing the two minutes silence, Hope dayle is much better. My DH is poorly at the moment - flu like symptoms :-( Hugs Anne x

  15. Wonderful tribute to your menfolk, Teresa. They were so brave and suffered so much.
    Helen xox


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