Friday, December 4, 2015

Sending Season's Greetings

Hello my friends!  How are things going with you?  Things are going along well here at the farm in Oregon.  Each year I design my own Christmas card - I have done so many different ones over the years.. stenciling, watercoloring each card, and for the last several years I use one of my own photos.  I used to print them all on my printer then cut and fold them.. but for the last few years I've send the PDF file of my design to my printer and they print and score them for me.  I sent the design to them on Wednesday and picked them up yesterday, just one day later, on my way home from a meeting.  :-)

Here is my "workshop".  I put a big art board on my lap in my easy chair, the dog crawls up and makes himself comfortable and I fill my fountain pens with red and green ink and set to work.  

I took the photo on Wednesday, too.  I was at a loss what to use this year and went to look at the tree for inspiration - I thought.. hmmm.. Dayle got that glass ornament for me as a gift last year.. it's Santa and Mrs. Claus baking together.. he thought it looked like he and I.. isn't that sweet?  I think my granddaughter's gave me the ornament next to it.. isn't it precious?

I have several fountain pens but these two are my all-time favorites.  The one in back is a Parker Duofold Centennial Black and Pearl.  It has a nice flow of ink and I love writing with it.  The one in front is a sterling silver "Yard-o-Led" pen - Victorian.  It has a finer point but I also love writing with it.. if you've never had or written with a fountain pen.. you really should get one and try it.  It transports you back in history.  :-)

I wish I could send you all a card.. but since that would be hard, please accept this image as my gift to you.  :-)

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite ornaments on the tree at a time than a post of a lot of them.  I have collected half a dozen of these Italian cherub angel ornaments.  I got my first two at an antique store - I'd never seen one like them.  I've filled out my collection on eBay.. :-)  They each are playing a different musical instrument.. this one has a tambourine.  I asked Caleb to hand one to me and he goes.. ewww.. I don't like this one.. you can see it's privates!  LOL!

I think I found this one last year on eBay.. he sure is sparkly with the colored lights on!  The tree we have, you can have the lights all white, all colored or blinking back and forth.  Crazy new invention!

I am meeting Gracie for lunch before we swim.  Dungeness Crab Salad.. yum!  I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you.. and a great weekend, too.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love your Virtual Card idea! I love your tree and ornaments too.
    Im listening to carols and we put the little tiny tree upstairs out the bedroom window as our annual lights show! not big, but it is cute! The cats are going to love the tree.......argh

  2. A beautiful card, a great design. Love the cherub and the comment Of Caleb's, it really made me smile. My husband uses a fountain pen all the time, a throwback from his time in business. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love your card, and it does look much like the two of you, so sweet! I like that you have a cosy spot to do your cards, have filled fountain pens and a warm doggie by your side. Sounds like a peaceful relaxing time! Enjoy my friend, xoxoRobin

  4. I just want you to know you're late with your Christmas cards.
    People started sending them before Thanksgiving. We were stuffing boxes with Christmas cards on the day after Thanksgiving.
    Your ornament is a dead ringer for you and Dayle.

  5. I hope you had a wonderful lunch with Gracie. Loved seeing your card design this year. And that Santa and Mrs. Clause ornament is just perfect for you and Dayle. I'm enjoying the decorations at Mandy's house and looking forward to Dennis joining me here in a couple days. Have a lovely weekend my sweet friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. Yum I want to join you and Gracie for that salad ☺☺ A very merry xmas to all of your family and may the following year be full of wonderful times Teresa xoxo Beautiful photo's ♥♥

  7. Your card is beautiful and I am sure that all of your friends and family will love receiving theirs! xx

  8. Perfect job on your Christmas card! Suits you and your hubby very well:) Love that last ornament of yours!

  9. What a lovely and personal card Theresa....I agree it would be lovely to send everyone a card but boy....the postage costs for international now are just crazy! Merry Christmas to you and yours too, that ornament is a real heirloom. Enjoy your weekend xx

  10. Wonderful card this year Teresa, you ae so creative. I am still waiting for mine to get here from Shutterfly. Hopefully today!

  11. Such a lovely Christmassy post! Your card is so festive, and your handwriting is beautiful Teresa! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen xox

  12. You are inspiring me, Teresa :) I went to the post office after we swam and bought stamps and picked up some mailing boxes. We aim to take some sort of family photo tomorrow afternoon for cards. Your photos really are lovely in this post! xx

  13. Teresa, your cards are lovely and I love that you design them yourself. That is a wonderful tradition and I'll bet that friends and family look very forward to seeing what you do each year. When I read the words fountain pens . . . oh, you have no idea of my love for fountain pens, but they are very hard to come by these days and expensive. When I was in the fifth grade we all got fountain pens in school. They came with a bottle of ink and the pens had a balloon inside that filled up by pumping a little brass lever on the side. Do you remember them? Writing is so much prettier with a fountain pen, but then you still need pretty penmanship . . . that's something I've never had, but I still love a good fountain pen. Then again; I love the art of letter writing and there is a saddest that it has fallen way to email.
    Your posts are always so enjoyable.
    Happy Holidays!
    Connie :)

  14. I love your new blog header for the holidays - that would have made a darling Christmas card! Your house is picture perfect with the snow on the roof and the lights. The last couple of years I've handmade most of my cards, but this year I think I'm going to send out some photo postcards. Postage is less.. you just paste a photo on one side of some pretty red heavy cardstock, and make the back side look like a postcard, and send it out! It works great and it all stays intact in the mail. Yours are a good way to go also. I've used Shutterfly before and they do beautiful cards also. Hope you are enjoying the weekend there in the Gorge and didn't get any freezing rain!

  15. So nice to see that you enjoy the tradition of Christmas Cards. I always make one and love to correspond with friends from all over. So many people I know simply don't do this anymore!

  16. Mmmmm I've eaten a lot of Dungeness crab in WA, nice lunch!


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