Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Farmyard Safari and Trilliums

Hello my friends!  Would you like to join me in a wildlife safari around the farmyard?  I went out to see how the garden was growing and got a photo of some trilliums in bloom.. Kristi went back out and got some closer ones for me.  These are our wonderful wildflowers that are the beacons of Spring here in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon.  We have many of them in our little forest.

Here is a stand of 4 plants.. see the sturdy stems?  It's been good and wet and they are full of water.

See them sprinkled across the forest floor?  This stand of trees is on the left of  the front of our little farmhouse.

I was happy to see the Bleeding Hearts budded out!

I even found wildlife on the safari!  The mighty lion.. err.. Simba was up under the apple tree.  I just tell you we're happy to see him looking well.. Kristi thought he was dying a few days ago, he was listless and wouldn't eat.. but he's bounced back.

My pot of bulbs.. I was happy to see the special tulips I got at the tulip festival last year are coming up.  This pot has a full-time gardener/gnome on duty.  

Isn't it a pretty specimen?

The iris garden is coming along.. soon there will be flower buds among the leaves.

Kristi loves interesting plants and ordered and planted these "Cathedral Bells" which are in bloom now.

I ordered a package of daffodils with pink in them.. this is one that bloomed this year for the first time.  Love.

Another pink doubled daff.. what a beauty!

The Mahonia or "Oregon Grape" is in full bloom.

Our red Azalea is starting to bloom too.. in town I saw purple Azaleas in total bloom.

I saw in the pasture the pear tree is covered with buds on top.. I'll walk out there soon to get some close-ups of the flowers.. they are very pretty.

Dayle pruned the roses a few months ago and it was just in time.. they are all branching out now at the proper height.

My dark purple French lilacs are coming along.. oh oh oh.. boy!  I can't wait to cut big bouquets of my 3 colors of lilacs.

We bought this cute little bunch of Johnny Jump-ups yesterday.  :-)

Even the fish are out enjoying the warmer temps.

Kristi snapped a bird's nest.. I wonder what kind of bird raises it's young here?

And lastly.. Kristi snapped this of the little flowering Quince by our bedroom windows.  It's a lighter color than most as it's in a lot of shade.

Back inside the warm farmhouse our Hibiscus provided us with THREE flowers yesterday!!  Oh how I love these.

Is there anything quite like a red Hibiscus?

OK, I must dash.. meeting Gracie for lunch of a crab salad before we swim.  Bye!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. So much color and beauty. Those are some mighty thick stems on those trillium. I have a red hibiscus. It had been giving one bloom a day but then the other day there were 5. They certainly make me smile! :)

  2. Lots of new life out there Teresa. Such lovely colours. Good to see Simba out there in his kingdom x

  3. Your garden is a mass of colour - just beautiful. Glad to hear Simba is ok - when you said you thought he was dying I got a shock. Don't eat too much crab or you'll sink !! :)

  4. Your garden is a mass of colour - just beautiful. Glad to hear Simba is ok - when you said you thought he was dying I got a shock. Don't eat too much crab or you'll sink !! :)

  5. Wow, it always looks so gorgeous and healthy in your garden, you definitely have green fingers, although I know you all work hard out there. The trilliums and daffodils are beautiful, but my favourite is the flowering quince, I've always loved them. Keep up the good work! CJ xx

  6. What a wonderful safari around your garden, it is beautiful and you have so many beautiful flowers to enjoy! Your garden is far ahead of ours, but that is Ok because that is one of the joys of blogging, I can enjoy yours while I wait for ours! xx

  7. Such beauty you have on your farm Teresa. Hugs Anne x

  8. My spies tell me this is the time to go visit the Tulip Festival in Woodburn. It is looking awesome this week.

  9. WOW!!!!! Look at all of those flowers. I have none here. :-( But soon I'll be seeing flowers blooming around town. I have faith. I don't even know where to start. I adore every one of your flowers, from the little trilliums to the vibrant hibiscus inside. I want to put my trailer in your farmyard. Hope you girls had a lovely time at lunch and swimming. Miss you both. Oh, and I did use double points on my little knitted Easter eggs.

  10. This is an exciting time on your many beautiful flowers popping out in vibrant colors and I can't pick a favorite! I'm glad Simba seems better. Thanks for sharing. [I am soooo tired tonight after swimming through the turbulent water at the pool :) ] xx

  11. Such vibrant colours popping up everywhere. What a delight to see such beauty. Glad to hear Simba is on the mend. Enjoy your swim.

  12. Oh I love these posts. They give me so much to look forward to. We are gray and leafless and stARK here this week. Spring.....will you come at all? Sometimes we go from winter to hot summer in one week. And that happens..sigh in June! Im not kidding. Chicago spring is icky.

  13. Beautiful flowers everywhere you look. So glad Simba is okay, we are all very attached to him.

  14. Love seeing everything in bloom. We have red and white trillium that grow around our farm.

  15. Nice early spring and flowers. Sneezes too,! Ha! Your flowers are so pretty. Rhodies at our post office in town are blooming and it's not even May! Megan went out to the tulip farm today. She got cut tulips. She also bought me potted tulips. I can't wait to see them come up. I just bought a nice flower pot at work today and it will look nice with the tulips! Thanks for your farmyard safari. You did a good job, my friend! Hugs! Happy and blessed Easter!

  16. Ah, the trillium! So pretty. I think this is the wildflower that my cousin and I picked in the woods in Pennsylvania when we were kids. I think he called them Mayflowers. I really like those Cathedral Bells, too. Everything looks so nice and springlike.


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