Monday, April 11, 2016

Flowers and Siblings

Hello my friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  Would you like to join me in a walkabout in the yard to see what's blooming?  Ok!  First up is our Bleeding Heart is looking lovely.  

And the White Lilac is in full and fragrant bloom!

The white Azalea is starting to open too.  

Kristi gave me this white Hosta a few years ago - it opens up white and slowly darkens to green.  Isn't it cool?

The other Hostas are shooting up and opening.. a favorite garden plant of mine, we have several.

And ta-dah!  My annual bouquet of Lilacs in 2 shades of lavender, dark purple and white!  The house smells wonderful!

This is the top of our old HUGE lilac bush.  It's about 20 feet tall and big.

This is our first Rhododendron to bloom each year.  

And our Rose Bud Azalea is just starting to flower out.  Such a pretty flower.

This is a funny thing.. we have ONE Bluebell.  It has not spread, each year we only have this one.  :-)

I have a patch of Coral Bells in a small water trough.  They are so dependable!

One of the Wind Flowers or AKA Anemones that Kristi planted in pots.  Pretty!

This is an Apple blossom on a tree that Kristi got, too.  

There was a Lily-of-the-Valley in bloom under the Daphne - I had planned to pick it and bring it in.. the ones out front aren't open yet.. yesterday afternoon Caleb came in and told me he'd picked a flower for me.. he proudly showed me in his hand.. I smiled.  Kept smiling.  And smiled while he went back outside.  LOL!  I'm still smiling. :-)

Kristi took a photo of this plant she'd never seen and asked me what it was and luckily I knew.. I said.. "That's a Stinky BOB!"  LOL.. she said.. "What???"  I repeated.. she couldn't wait to go outside and tell the boys what it's name was.

Did you know that yesterday was National Siblings Day?  Everyone on Facebook was showing photos of them and their siblings.  This is the one I posted.  My older siblings are twins, Robert and Roberta (on the right) - me and our youngest, Denise on the left.  It was fun to see all my friends share photos of their siblings.

Well, time to pack my swim bag and head off early to my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting and then off to swim.  I hope you have a wonderful day!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Stinky Bob - had to go look it up. I thought it was wild geranium (stinky - yes), apparently a noxious weed in Washington state. I'm forever ripping them out of my beds. D. birds!

  2. I have never heard of a Stinky Bob, but like Kristi it made me smile. The lilacs in the vase are stunning a truly beautiful display. Enjoy your swim.

  3. I really enjoyed all of your spring flower pics, Teresa. My daffodils were trying to open up, and then had a couple inches of snow dumped on them the other day. They don't seem to have appreciated it. lol Not sure about my lilacs. Looks like some of the leaves didn't make it, but I'm hoping some of the little flowers...they're probably a couple inches long at this point...make it. I so love the smell of lilacs. Your lilac bouquet is gorgeous!! Enjoy your day! :)

  4. Stinky Bob :-) made me chuckle. Lovely blooms in your yard Teresa. Hugs Anne x

  5. That pink and purple anemone is awesome! Such amazing color. Herb Robert a/k/a as Stinky Bob ... I looked it up, too. Kind of a funny name for a plant that was supposedly carried around for good luck. :) Have a great day!

  6. How beautiful your flowers are.....I too love hostas but sadly so do the slugs! What a lovely photo you took for National Siblings day x

  7. Thanks for the gorgeous photo bouquet!!!!! Our lilac bush just has buds so far, and I have not seen any Stinky BOB around here :) I missed Siblings Day on FB, but love the photo you posted here of you and your siblings. My swim gear is packed and ready to go and I plan to see you soon! xxxxx

  8. Stinky Bob, nice name. I love your lilacs and bleeding hearts, my favorite plants from childhood. I may plant another bleeding heart, so far, they don't grow for me. I did plant 10 lily of the valley pips a few months ago and am looking for them to pop up above ground.

  9. What a beautiful array of flowers! I am wanting a lilac to plant around here.

  10. Fabulous flowers Teresa and did enjoy seeing all your family photo's on facebook too ☺☺♥♥

  11. This is such a lovely post you have shared today, Teresa. The bleeding hearts and Lilly of the valley were my Grandma's favorite flowers. And, I can smell the heavenly scent of the lilacs. I hope your week is off to a great start. Pat xx

  12. That's a lovely photo of you and your siblings. I'm an only child so couldn't participate in National Siblings day on facebook yesterday :( Always enjoy seeing your beautiful garden - do you have to go around your whole property watering each one? Everything I try to grow ends up dying on me. I've never been a gardener and really don't know what to buy and how to look after it. My Aloe Vera plant is doing well but I think they do well anywhere. Also the Rhododendron seems to look after itself - it was well established when we bought this house over 20 years ago and is still doing well. Roses are also doing ok despite the fact that I sometimes forget to dead-head them. Your house must smell divine with that gorgeous lilac. Hope you enjoyed your swim. xox

  13. Your gardens are just a bit ahead of mine! My lilac is just covered with blooms but they are fully "open" yet... probably by the weekend, can't wait for that smell, my favorite!

  14. My lilacs are in bloom as well. Not my rhody yet. I got hostas a few years ago and really enjoy them. Mine are just coming back from the winter and I have some new items to plant asap. Thanks for sharing your sibling photo. I put one up of 3 of us that were together a few years ago. Only have one other brother left but not in picture. Take care! See YA!

  15. I enjoyed your beautiful flowers today Teresa. I wish I had some around here. Especially the lilacs. I love lilacs. The house I grew up in was surrounded by lavender lilac bushes. I miss that smell in the springtime. They never bloomed long enough for me! I missed most of siblings day but I do like your photos. I haven't been on Facebook all that much lately. It's been pretty hit and miss. I hope you had a good time swimming with Gracie. See you very soon.

  16. It is all so pretty Teresa! But I have to say, my very favorites are the lilacs! Oh the scent! I would pick them in Big Bear this time of year. They popped up everywhere there. In the driveway, in the bushes, on the corner, everywhere! Nothing smells better! Your vase on the table is choc full of such loveliness!!!
    I love the photo of you and your siblings. I failed to post a photo. Oopsie...
    xo Kris

  17. Absolutely gorgeous flower pictures here Teresa! You have so many beautiful blooms to enjoy...thank you for sharing them! And lilacs wonderful x
    Have a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  18. Your flowers are beautiful Teresa. I love the photo of you and the siblings, that is priceless.

  19. Beautiful photos of your flowers, loved your photo of you and your siblings.

  20. Thanks for this lovely post.Stinky Bob is not on the East Coast. Its flowers looked like lily of the valley to me!

  21. Enjoyed your flowers post... I miss the bleeding hearts that we had in the woods in Washougal! Also miss our rhododendrons and azaleas.... we may try to plant some here in central Oregon but the climate is so harsh and not real wet in the summer. I love your glorious woods! My favorite smelling flower is the daphne. I think you have one of those too!

  22. Wow Theresa! Your garden looks absolutely beautiful. There is so much in bloom already. Love your bouquet of lilacs. So very pretty!

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    Madelief x

  23. Lovely flowers! Lovely image at the falls ! ! Thought of you at the visitors center of the Smoky's today


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