Monday, April 4, 2016

Romantic Dinner

On Friday afternoon Dayle and I headed out up the Columbia River Gorge on a beautiful sunny day to celebrate our 46 years together over dinner at the Columbia Gorge Hotel.  We were delighted to see many flowering trees in full bloom as we arrived.  We actually met when I was 14 and he was 16 and started "going steady".  52 years!

A short history of the hotel - click HERE.  This is the front of the hotel.. I love the cupola.

This is the beautiful solarium in the restaurant that has the most desired tables, there is a wonderful view of the river from here.  

Dayle handed me a sweet card while we waited for dinner to be served.

A waitress snapped a photo of us at our table.  :-)

Dayle snapped this of a Forsythia is full bloom in the garden.

I enjoyed seeing a nice sailboat slowly making way upstream.  That is Washington State across the river.  It was 6 pm and the sun was low.

The sun was giving the trees and hills a rosy glow.

How I'd love to be sailing on this boat!

Our meals arrived, I had the Chicken Chardonnay and it was divine.  

We were surprised with a dessert to share for our anniversary.

I headed out to get some photos of the grounds before the sun was too low - this is the beautiful lobby.  Valentino's bar is to the right.

Behind the hotel is Wah Gwin Gwin Falls.. it's amazing.

A hotel was built next to the old hotel and it was designed in similar colors and shape.  

You are at the top of the falls and can look down as it cascades 208 feet down and passes under the railroad tracks and into the Columbia River.

You should hear the rushing water!

Whoosh.. down it goes!

The hotel perches right above the falls.. this is the back.  The multi-paned windows were where we dined.

I walked over a white painted wooden bridge that spans the creek.

Walking alongside the creek a plum tree is in bloom.

A look back at the bridge I just crossed over.

And then looking ahead along the path.. there is my dear husband going to bring the car around for me.  :-)

The light is waning.. but oh the beautiful cherry and plum trees full of fluffy blooms!

I heard a "quack quack quack" and a little family of ducks were under the bridge.

And a large pink Magnolia was in perfect full bloom!

Now this tree is on my "Want List". 

Now I best pack my swim bag as I have a lunch date with my 3 siblings and spouses and then off to swim with Gracie!  I hope your day will be wonderful.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I am speechless Teresa. Where oh where exactly is the hotel? Would we be passing it on our way home to Spokane? Maybe dinner on Sunday evening? I want to see that view. The flowers. Oh. My. Goodness. You are an amazing photographer. Each one is stunning.
    Happy Belated Anniversary again to you and Dayle. What an inspiration you two are. We're about 8 years behind you and trying hard to catch up! :-)
    Blessings my sweet friend. Give Gracie a hug for me.

    1. That hotel is on I-84 as you head East from Portland and is East of Multhomah Falls, almost to Hood River. It's of course, on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. It is so beautiful and their grounds are amazing!

  2. Happy ANniversary again. I LOVED your photos. Those falls Oh my! I'd love to see and hear them.
    Hope we get to see a shot of you and the siblings!

  3. Such a beautiful place for a celebration, a stunning setting.

  4. What a beautiful spot for your romantic meal. Happy anniversary x

  5. Congratulations! 46 years! (Here I was feeling pretty proud of our 35 years today.)

  6. Wow, what a stunning spot, and all that blossom makes it even more magical. I love the picture of you both together. Such an incredible view as well. What a beautiful happy post Teresa, glad you both had such a lovely meal together. CJ xx

  7. Thanks for sharing your beautiful celebration! XX

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous place to celebrate! Beautiful photos.


  9. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous place to celebrate!

  10. Such a beautiful, beautiful hotel and setting! I always try to capture photos of it when we're in the area--which sadly isn't often.
    Your dinner looks SO yummy:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  11. Happy Anniversary! You chose the most wonderful place to celebrate!!!
    Yea... the blooming trees are a delight!!! Loved them so much...

    Have a happy day Teresa! Hugs!

  12. That first photo of that magnificent cherry blossom just took my breath away. What a beautiful place to have your anniversary dinner. And you photograph these places so well. Just divine! I'm glad you and Dayle had such a lovely time xox

  13. What a gorgeous place to go for your special celebration. You are a beautiful couple and I hope you have many many more years of wedded bliss. Those falls are rather spectacular but probably not as good as your Multnomah Falls eh? Enjoy the rest of your week. xox

  14. Such a beautiful place for dinner! LOVE the waterfall! Happy Anniversary!

  15. Beautiful flowering cherries. I have not managed to get to the Columbia Gorge Hotel yet.

  16. So so romantic ! ! Happy Anniversary ! Love and Love again and nice, so true and so essential.
    You are both beautifull together.

  17. Happy Anniversary to you both😊 looks like a lovely place, especially the little wooden bridge!

  18. Congratulations on your anniversary!! So glad that you had such a wonderful time. Here is to many more happy years together! xx

  19. Happy Anniversary and you picked a gorgeous place to celebrate! I've eaten there a few times and attended a wedding there right above the falls. I think the motel was closed down for awhile if I recall... a few years ago? Not sure. But it now looks like it's graced with all of its splendor (outdoors). All of the flowering trees are candy to my eyes. I wish you'd do a blog post on how you get such gorgeous pictures INSIDE places that I imagine, are a little dark (like the motel lobby)!! I just have a nice little digital camera but can't find a setting to take indoor pictures that aren't yellowish tinged no matter what I do! Would love to know what you use and what settings!

  20. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful place and great views, too, it looks like. All the flowering trees are just lovely.

  21. Oh Teresa...happiest of Happy Anniversaries to you and Dayle. Your love story is similar to my parents. They met at about the same age. They always said that they grew up together...while they were married and raising a family. These photos are absolutely amazing! Some almost look fake they are so perfect! What beauty surrounds you!!!! Your meal looked awfully good too!!!
    Hugs and kisses!!!

  22. You had such a nice evening together, and in such a beautiful setting. I wish you both a very happy anniversary.

  23. A beautiful place to celebrate your anniversary Teresa and what a wonderful collection of photos to commemorate it. It's time for bed here as I write this. Today I've been to dentist :-(, worked on turning up curtains for my friend and also preparing for my next class. Hope to swim tomorrow. hugs Anne x

  24. Happy Anniversary again Teresa and Dayle. 52 years is amazing! I wish you botht he very best.


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