Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Eye Candy

Hello my dear readers.  How is your week going?  We're trundling along fine.  One thing that is making me a bit crazy is that the company that hosts my blog, which I do appreciate, but it's been very slow to show my posts in the blog list.  That is why I have my own blog in the list, is to see how soon it posts when I click "Publish".  It's taking longer and longer.  The one that showed up yesterday was almost 24 hours hidden in Blogger's "closet" before they allowed it to come out.  To say that frustrates me is an understatement.  I've noticed that some of my favorite blogs don't show up on the list until way after they posted.  I don't know what the answer is, but thought I'd talk about it.

Now.. to today's post.  I'm just having fun with flower fotos.  I converted a few of my recent photos into "watercolor" images using the "Waterlogue" app.  I thought this rather graphic image of one branch of a flower turned out neat.

Dayle accompanied me to a doctor's appt. yesterday then we went to lunch and had a salad, then home.  I did a walkabout in the yard checking the progress of my flowers.  This "Scentsation" rose is so pretty.  The two bugs are no extra charge.

A new bloom on one of our new Irises.. so pretty.

We planted this big pot with a lot of little annuals.. sweetly growing.

The Peruvian Lily aka Alstroemeria is doing very well.  I just love the eye catching variegated foliage.

These are also one of the longest lasting cut flowers there are.

The creek and waterfalls look so much nicer since our son Travis cleaned the creek bed and rocks.  We now have to cut back the creeping myrtle a bit.. you can hardly see Dayle's father's Chinese pagoda lantern.  

Someone mentioned in the comment section recently that it was nice of our son to come over and clean the creek bed.. for those of you who are new to reading my blog, Travis and his wife and two little boys live full-time here at the farm with us.  We have an old farmhouse and they have the upstairs which is 2 bedrooms and a bath.  They have been here two and a half years.  They moved in when our son's longtime job as a pressman at the The Oregonian newspaper was at an end due to the newspaper failing after continuously operating since 1850.  He since began a wonderful job in the engineering department at the Nabisco plant.  Now we're all enjoying sharing the farm and we help each other out so we're just happy being together.

See how clean the creek bed is.. you can see all the rocks.. I just love it this way.  

Dayle's garden sculpture is at the top of the creek.. a Chinese soldier.

My one Calla lily has opened up and is so pretty.

We have one Dahlia so far this year.. but a pretty pink lavender one.

The big hanging basket is filling out all the more.

The other basket is pretty too.

I also converted this Iris into a watercolor, too.. LOVE how this turned out.

And lastly, I converted one of the wave photos I took while we were at the beach.. wouldn't this be fun to paint?

I'm wondering how many days THIS post will take to post on the blog list?  :-)  The sun is back here after a few days of rain.  I'm happy we are having sunny days in between rainy one.. perfect as far as I can say.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa! I'm glad you are enjoying the sunshine, especially since we are headed toward more cloudy weather for the next five days. Your flower and Waterlogue photos are so pretty! Hoping you will be well soon. I am headed to the pool and will miss you! ๐Ÿ’ž๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ’ž

  2. You're in my list Teresa! Gorgeous flower photos, everything is so well advanced with you. I'm still at the seedling stage with most things, and the slugs are having a field day. Your son has made a lovely job of the creek, it's looking so pretty now. I bet that top iris would look amazing as a watercolour as well, all of the watercolour pictures are fantastic. It sounds lovely to have your son and his family living with you, it must be such a pleasure to have them around all the time. CJ xx

  3. Love the watercolour photos Teresa. You have so much colour around you. Nowhere near that much flowering in my garden at present. Weather has been lovely until today - showers with more on the way they say. Hugs Anne x

  4. Hi Teresa! I've been noticing that it seems to take a long time for your blog to show up in my list. I thought it was just me. :-). I hope you're feeling much better now. The colds going around now seem to be hanging on a long time. Your flowers are just gorgeous. You and Kristi both seem to have green thumbs.

  5. Hi Teresa .. Your blog appeared on my list 4 hours ago (eastern Australian time)which would have been 11.40am your time, so it seems this post took 20 minutes. I've never thought to check mine - mind you its been so very long since I've written a blog post that I probably have lost any readers I may have had (apart from you my dear friend). xox

  6. Ha! I own an iphone now! However, I was put off by waterlogue's app price of $4.99.
    As far as posting, my last post took over 36hrs to appear. :-(.
    I'm happy your pool boy takes care of your water area. Wish sometimes i had a water feature.....

  7. I always enjoy looking at your pictures Teresa. Since my parents have been having a country house for many years now , I am a huge fan of plants, flowers etc. And spending time at such place with family is precious during these hectic days...

    The creek indeed looks very cheerful and neat :))

  8. I must admit Teresa I had not really noticed re blogs taking time to appear.I just look at my blog list each morning and have a read! I just checked for you...yours published 10hours ago...I'm reading this at 7.30am on Thursday in the UK...I'll leave you to do the calculation! Wow your garden is really have dahlia in full flower.It's all looking beautiful and your son did the best job with the creek. I hope Kristi is back on her feet and you are now over your cold.Hugs xx

  9. Your son certainly did a great job of clearing the creek area, it looks amazing. Its wonderful that you share your home with your son and family, help on hand for both sides when needed. The waterlogue app is amazing, I particularly loved the Iris. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. I love the photos of your garden and creek.
    You are now on my must read list
    I hope you continue with your interesting blogs

  11. Loved seeing all your photos today especially the stunning hanging baskets! I think sometimes the blogs are slow to show and we miss them....but this one popped up ok! It is lovely that you and your son and family get on so well and enjoy living at the farm together, very heart warming. Hope you have a happy day Teresa!
    Helen xox

  12. Gorgeous flowers and love all the pictures of your water. What a peaceful place. Your waterlogue pics are so pretty.

  13. hooray for all the flowers !!!! The baskets are multi color heavenly

  14. Beautiful flowers and pictures! As for the blog host, I am the same. So I schedule my posts to appear either at a set time - for example five on Friday posts - or, I just schedule them for about 5 minutes after I finish writing them and then I find the appear much more quickly. I wonder if that would work for you. So annoying isn't it!

  15. Hi Teresa! I haven't noticed any delay but i haven't posted in nearly 2 weeks (eek!) I loved all your flower and waterfall photos. It reminds me of when I used to visit my grandfather. He always took me out into the garden to show me what was flowering or his latest landscaping efforts. I looked forward to those little tours! (Big hugs)

  16. Looks like you have Blogger.. so do I. When I post, I've learned that if I go over to the right (before you hit the publish button) and click on "Schedule" and then "set date and time".. you can set the time to later on the same day or the next morning. I usually set it for 4:00 a.m. the next morning and it usually posts at that time. If you don't designate a schedule date and time, it does take longer, at least 24 hours to post! I was always wondering why I didn't get my post for so long (I subscribe to my own blog so I can see when the post comes through). So now, doing it this way, it posts alot quicker.

    A question: does your creeping myrtle have little lavender flowers on it in the spring? I dug up something like this at my son's house over across the river in Washougal, WA and it looks similar and had little purple flowers on it. I'm not sure how you can respond as I note you don't reply to any comments, but maybe you could email me as I'm having trouble figuring out what mine is! thanks!

  17. I seem to be having the same problem with my blog. Blah! Why can't it just pop up when I click, "post"?! Your flowers are so lovely. Most of mine are doing okay. More rain for tomorrow. Blah, again!

  18. I think the same thing happens with my blog, and the commenting issues are ridiculous, some long time friend I do not receive their comments by email anymore. I love your flowers and I sure hope you are resting.


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