Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Finding Color in the Gray

Hello my friends.  Do you have fair weather where you are?  We are having a spate of grey days.  I'm okay with that.  A really well-respected professional photographer once told me it's much better to take photos on grey days as full sun bleaches out the colors of the landscape.  It really is true.  I just took my new Lumix out to see what it could do in the overcast day we have.  The photo below is my 4th of July rose.. love.

My hibiscus bloomed inside.. so I did a test photo with the new FZ1000 - you know, to be honest, I've gotten amazing photos of this flower with all my cameras, even my iPhone.. LOL!  I guess you can't take a bad photo of a red Hibiscus!

I'm loving my hanging baskets.. this one especially is amazing.. which Travis and Kristi gave me for Mother's Day.

Seeing what the new guy can do with the pond and waterfalls.. goodness.. everything is full and lush with the Spring rains we've had.

The smaller basket.

Our hosta garden.. is on the edge of our little forest.. and the weedy forest floor.. wildness juxtaposed with garden plants.  :-)

Oregon is definitely a green place.

The Alstromeria is looking lovely.

Kristi found this Bellflower in the ground by the barn several years back and she pulled it up by the roots and planted it in a pot on the deck and it's come back every year.  The rain has knocked it down so I think we'll have to tie it up.

More flowers that have come back from last year.

Million Bells that came back from last year.

It's looking pretty on the deck, but it's a little cool to be out enjoying it.  :-)

My succulent basket is doing really well and I love it.  I think some rocks on the soil would look neat, don't you?

We've put my garden flag up off the deck.

Kristi ran in to get her camera yesterday, she said a group of Cedar Waxwings were bathing in the creek.  She got several photos and this one is the best.

She also got a photo of a robin in her nest, she said there were several hatchlings in there.

To test the zoom on my new camera I took this shot of my vintage lampshade from the den into the living room.. 50 or 60 feet from here.  Not bad.  But I'm still having trouble getting the camera to give me the Extended Optical Zoom.  I will keep trying.

I'm off to the doctor today - I had my teeth cleaned yesterday and I asked the technician how my throat looked as it's been hurting really bad - he said it was red with white spots.  Uh-oh.  So, hopefully they'll give me something to knock this illness out of me.  I have to lead a DAR Chorus at a big event coming soon so I need my voice!  I hope your week is going well.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I planted yellow million bells this year. Hope mine come back year after year. Your flowers are so pretty!!


  2. I do hope you get well soon. I always enjoy seeing the variety of flowers and greenery at your place. We have some things blooming/growing. It is still early for us!

  3. The pictures with your new camera look great. I need to work with my camera instead of always using my iPhone. Hopefully over the summer I'll have time to work with the camera. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing the pretty photos! Both you and Kristi got beautiful shots. I am tired of the gray skies we have been having and your colorful post has cheered me up. Wishing you well. xxxx

  5. Beautiful flowers and plants! We finally are able to get ours planted!! YAHOO! It seems like forever. Now the perennials are really taking off also. It is so nice to see color.
    I hope nothing is seriously wrong with your throat.

  6. So much beautiful colour Teresa, I hope you get back outside soon. It was quite dull and chilly here yesterday but the sun is back this morning and I really hope to start getting my summer bedding potted up.Enjoy your lovely flowers xx

  7. Looks very pretty.
    Love your little "house" out in the garden and all your colourful plants.

  8. It's looking so gorgeous in your garden right now. I'd never go inside! You're right about a little cloud cover being a good thing I think, I have lots of over-exposed sunny photographs. I hope your throat heals soon, it sounds incredibly painful. CJ xx

  9. Very nice photos Teresa. I think your new camera takes lovely shots (well, the photographer does, but you know what I mean) .. but I hope you can get that zoom sorted out so you can get some great moon pics. Love the flag ! xox

  10. Beautiful pictures, you certainly seem to have got used to your new camera. Hope you are feeling better soon, take care.

  11. Hi Teresa- your photos look great to me, such colour and freeness. Grey and cold here as well. We have been having outside of house painted- doors/ windows open! It's been very cold- and I am not feeling well! Have a cough - caught off grandson Sam I think! Hope you get sorted out at doctors. Sounds as though Kristi doing well. Hugs Anne x

  12. Your camera skills are amazing. And you have such a beautiful yard. If my yard looked that good, I'd hesitate to go on vacation!
    Hope those spots don't turn out to be anything serious.

  13. I've never seen a Cedar Waxwing - well...I may have but didn't know the name of the bird.
    Hope you get on top of whatever is bugging you.

  14. Oh Teresa, I do hope the doctor gave you some antibiotics to knock that think you've been dealing with away. The flowers are all beautiful, they like the cool, grey days. :-). We've had a couple of nice days, but the cooler, damp weather is supposed to be back for the weekend. I hope the forecasters are wrong. Feel better my friend.
    Blessings always,

  15. Be sure to have a strep throat test! A "normal" sore throat should go away in 3 days or so. Strep is nothing to mess with. Your flowers are gorgeous and bet it's fun playing with your new top. Kristi running? sounds like her foot/ankle is better! So glad! :-)

  16. Your flowers are lovely with your new camera! It takes a bit to get used to a new one. My work week is over and next couple of days will be cooking baking for the graduation party next weekend. Our days have been grey and cool as well. Didn't think I'd be wearing long sleeves and a vest at work. Oh well it could be worse. Praying you feel all better soon!! :-》 ♡

  17. Sounds like strep, hope you are on antibiotics and are feeling better now Teresa. Your flowers are gorgeous.

  18. Loved the beautiful flowers and you certainly did find colour despite the great day. I hope you soon get better and your voice comes back too. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox


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