Monday, June 27, 2016

Fruits of Summer

Are you enjoying some summer fruit?  We are!  Kristi's sister ordered some fruit from this place and so she ordered some.  Here are Travis' favorite, Rainier cherries.  They are delicious.  

We have 4 different varieties of apples, blueberries, green beans, 2 kinds of cherries and 7 pineapples!  I know you're wondering how we're going to eat all of this, but Kristi has been delivering gift bags of things to 3 families of friends.

Wonderful blueberries.

Golden Delicious, Fuji, Pink Lady and Granny Smith.

Can't wait to make green beans with onions and bacon.  

Bing cherries.. we used to call them Black Cherries.  We lived in a house once in McMinnville where a large tree of these grew next to the garage.. we climbed up onto the roof and ate these until we were full.  :-)

Can't wait to cut into one of these juicy pineapples.

Are you having a fruity summer?  :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Now that all looks impressive especially the cherries, one of my favourites. We have been eating a lot of strawberries they are plentiful here at the moment.

  2. Wow you have the juiciest fruit there and the most delicious photos of it! Just catching up here, and your blanket on your previous post is looking so beautiful, you are doing a lovely job on it with those gorgeous colours. Wishing you a happy new week!
    Helen xox

  3. I am a huge summer fruit fan, and could live off of it. That all looks fabulous!!!
    We must go through a couple watermelons a week, at least! And blueberries in everything! Love it all!
    We are hot, hot, hot! Yuck. But the pool has been calling my name, and I enjoy my swim every day!
    Off to try to do a few chores now, before I get too hot again!
    xo Kris

  4. Wow...yummy fruit, I love cherries...yes please ;0) x

  5. Nope. Im awful . I dont like fruit much. Unless its warm. I love vegetables though. I choke down a banana a day when I'm really hungry. My family loves those R. cherries but they are unbelievably expensive here in Chicago. Like 8.99 a pound.

  6. Yummy!
    Please do tell us where did Kristi & her friend order these great fruits & veggies from?
    I can see ordering and canning these summer fruits & veggies as I don't have the room anymore to grow my own.
    Hope you all are healthy & happy and enjoying the summer heat.

  7. Oh. My. Goodness! That all looks delicious. The first house we had here in Spokane had a big Bing cherry tree in the backyard. We so enjoyed that tree and it's fruit. You have such a great bounty on your table. How nice to share it with friends. I'm jealous of the green beans since mine were all eaten by some mysterious maurader in the dark. :-). Stay cool.

  8. Looks fab! Nature is amazing, all that glorious colour. I love cherries too, in fact I bought some this week for the first time in years!
    Must eat them!

  9. Oh NO .... another long comment vanishing into cyberspace !!!! :( I don't know if you will receive it or not but I wanted to let you know that you inspired me to try something new for lunch today - onions, bacon and beans - YUMMY ! Haven't heard that idea before and it was delish. Thank you xoxox

  10. Nothing like fresh fruit in the summer. Kind of makes you forget the terrible heat.


  11. Oooooohhhh yummy. What fab fruit!!! Love the beans as well - your recipe sounds delicious.
    I seem to be a bit behind with your blogs Teresa - I have been away for a few days though and could not get internet. Off to look at your other posts now. Hugs Anne x

  12. Yummmm! I got sidetracked with my doctor's appointment yesterday and missed this beautiful post. The fresh produce at this time of the year is extra special and I'm glad you found a good source for getting some! xx

  13. All that fruit looks so good, especially the pineapples!

  14. What delicious looking produce! The cherries look especially good and I am not really an eater of cherries! The pineapples will be wonderful I am sure!

  15. That's quite a haul. Peaches and nectarines are especially sweet and delicious right now so we are eating a lot of those.

  16. Everything look so yummy, we still have loads of strawberries and Florida blueberries too.


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