Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rehearsal at Multnomah Falls

Hi there!  Well, the dress rehearsal of the 100th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Historic Columbia River Highway went okay yesterday.  We were blessed with sunny warm weather, which helped!  In fact, look at this photo I snapped.. do you realize that the falls is on the north side of a really high cliff and this area down here rarely sees the sun?  So, you won't often see this kind of image.

The lodge has a big banner in place for the event.  The BIG doings is next week.

An event coordinator was hired to organize everything, so we all gathered around she and her assistant to listen to the way it would all go on that day.  Four of the five flower girls that I am in charge of were there.  On "the day" they will all have white tights and white shoes and a basket of rose petals.  My friend Keturah in the purple headband is the mother of Evalenea who is in the lead.  She found all the girls and is closely coordinating them.  Each girl has a mother or grandmother there with them.  

Here they are practicing sitting on the steps during the speeches.  :-)

Getting some advice.. :-)

The girls.. one more will be with them on "the day".  They are all local to this area and some of the families have been here for generations.

The Daughters of the American Revolution "Centennial Chorus".  We're not in full dress.. that will be for next week.

This event will be held on the way up to the upper plaza, which will be unique.  We have arranged for a singer to play a baby grand piano which will be up there, can you imagine?  Thomas Lauderdale of the group "Pink Martini" will play music and perform "Roll On Columbia".  

This guy, Ed, has been in the meetings all year to plan this, he is president of the Horseless Carriage Club.  This is his 1916 Hupmobile.  :-)

We drove back along the historic highway which brings us to the Vista House, so we had to drive around it, didn't we?  :-)

When we pulled into Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint, there was Ed and his car.. when we drove around the Vista House, he got ahead of us.  LOL!

We enjoyed the afternoon on the deck and I snapped a photo of a Goldfinch on the feeder.

Caleb came in and presented me with a flower.  :-)  Do you see what it is?  It's a blackberry vine and flower.  I told him to be careful of the thorns, and thanked him for the flower.

Yes, the flower basket.. lol.

Our Mock Orange is in bloom.. isn't it glorious?  It smells amazing, too.

This is by our shed and near the chicken house.  

The blooms on the Rose Campion amaze me, really.  What a shot of color to the retina!  And the foliage is a perfect contrast as it's fuzzy light grey.

Thank you all for the good wishes for my health.  I called the doctor when I got home yesterday and made it clear that I need to be better in a week.  So, he prescribed a stronger antibiotic and medicated nasal spray and we picked them up last evening.  Wish me luck that they work better than the first run.  We are off to join my twin sister and brother and their spouses for lunch.  I hope you're having a lovely week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Glad the dress rehearsal went okay and that you've got it out of the way now. Oh that sweet boy bearing a flower, absolutely adorable. Love the rose campion, so pretty. I bet the Falls are deliciously damp and mossy and ferny if they don't get much sun. Hope the new stronger antibiotics do their job. CJ xx

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  3. Nice photos of Multnomah Falls. Columbia River Gorge is so lovely to visit and you get to live near there. Hope the program goes well and you will be feeling better, right? Sorry you've been feeling yucky for so long. Take care and get some rest and vitamin C! Hugs and blessings and prayers! :.} xxxxxx

  4. Here's hoping your event has sunny weather (rose festival week).
    I laughed out loud to see your grandson bring you a 'flower'.

  5. That's a great picture of The Falls Teresa and I'm certainly praying for a return to health for you quickly, quickly. I know what a HUGE deal this is for you. Love Calebs "flower". Mandy & Brad went to Arlington Nat'l Cemetery last weekend and she discovered that there are some Queen's and Saathoffs, (my maiden name) buried there. Some from the Revoluntionary War. She's very excited to think that she could be in DAR. I immediately thought of you. Wouldn't that be neat?
    I'm hoping you'll soon be perfectly well my sweet friend.

  6. What a great shot of the falls Teresa. Your rehearsals look fun...this is going to be such a unique celebration x

  7. Fabulous post Teresa and sure hope you get well quick that lurgy is a visitIng your garden too xoxox

  8. Such a thrill to hear all about this major event and am praying that you will feel better with this next round of medication so you get to enjoy it. Such a beautiful picture of the falls, always a delight to visit your garden with the amazing flowers. Take care.

  9. What a superb basket of flowers. I'm so glad you were ok for the rehearsal and hope that the new meds work wonders so you'll be AOK for next week. I never tire of seeing those beautiful falls and the gorgeous buildings. Haven't seen a picture of Caleb in your posts for awhile - he's such a handsome little fellow isn't he? Must have something to do with the genes :) xox

  10. I hope you feel better soon, Teresa. Best wishes with the event at the falls, it sounds very exciting and important. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  11. Beautiful pictures!
    Sorry your cough is hanging on...I had a cough last year that lasted 2 months and was told it was viral, and an antibiotic wouldn't touch brother and SIL went thru the same thing...very frustrating, to say the least...
    Hope you will be well soon!

  12. Exciting plans for the celebration! I love the flower girls idea! I love the waterfall image. Everytime I see the bridge I get a sense of scope. Without I dont get that same impression.
    Lovely , when a grandson brings a flower.

  13. It looks as though plans are going well Teresa ( well apart from you being unwell :-( ) Beautiful photos. Those girls are so sweet as is your grandson :-) Have a wonderful time. Hugs Anne x (still coughing as well)

  14. I am sending you positive wishes that all goes well for the big event.

  15. I hope all goes well ...I suppose it's today, sometime later or maybe is happening even as I type!


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