Monday, June 6, 2016

Shawl Done and Girls are Here

I put the final stitches in my crocheted shawl yesterday.  Talk about last minute.  I made it for my 1916 period outfit for the Big Event which is tomorrow.  And guess what?  We're having really hot weather!  It got almost 100 deg. yesterday and will be in the 90s today and tomorrow.  But we'll be at the falls early and there is always mist there, so I might need it for a bit of the time.  

I just improvised on my ruffly edge and it turned out just right.  I know you're supposed to block it, but I never do.  :-)  It's the Elise pattern that Meredith suggested to me.  It's a great pattern, you can find it on Ravelry.

A closer shot of the lace edging.. I did 3 rows of shells and the 2 rows of chain loops of 3.  :-)  I will be able to wear this all year.

Now this is done and dusted.. now what shall I do next?  I think the girls might want me to crochet a unicorn.. eek!

Dayle surprised me with a bouquet of sunflowers the other day.  We put on a fresh tablecloth getting things ready for our daughter and 2 granddaughter's arrival.  

Is there anything more happy than a sunflower?

The yellow is like a "kaboom" to the eye!

I was experimenting with my new Lumix FZ1000 and zoomed in on these from the family room.. it's about 25 feet away from me.  

A half zoom.

I think some of the shots above were taken with my iPhone.. this was with the 1000.

One of my favorite Japanese fishing floats.

I picked up the girls from the airport at 10 am yesterday.  Their flight actually got in 20 minutes early and while I was driving down the Sandy River gorge I looked up and saw their plane fly over!!!  That was cool!  The boys and the girls are having a blast together!  The noise level is a bit elevated.. lol.. but it's fun to have all the kids here.

We settled right in to a busy little group.. Paige is sitting with grandpa, Kristi is making Chicken Parmesan for dinner and Jenna is looking in the freezer.  

Jenna absolutely LOVES Buddy.  She is always petting him and talking to him, it's very sweet.

Funny story.. Kristi went to check on her pool to start to clean it up for the season and found it full of tadpoles!  So, now we have one big giant science experiment going on.  Here is one of the new little frogs, see the tail still from being a tadpole?  She put it in the pond with the koi. 

Kristi got a new hair color.  It's called "color melting" and the color is "orchid" and "amethyst".  She matches the flowers! :-)

Right now Kristi is outside showing the girls our feral cat "Simba".  Today is unplanned but we will be taking the family out for dinner tonight.  And tomorrow I have to get up at 5:30 am for the "Big Event".  Very nerve-wracking.  It will be exciting.. but also will be a relief to have it over!  LOL!  Then off to the beach on Wednesday.  I hope all is well in your part of the world!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I have loved sunflowers ever since watching the movie Calendar Girls! They are a happy flower to me:) just love them!

  2. Happy days, how lovely to see you all together. Gorgeous flowers, how nice that Dayle bought them for you. And the fishing float is wonderful. You've done a fantastic job on that shawl. Even if you don't wear it much tomorrow it will be a wonderful thing to have in your wardrobe for the future. I'm wishing you the very best of luck tomorrow, I hope it all goes really well and that you enjoy it. I hope your throat is better now as well. Have fun! CJ xx

  3. Your shawl is absolutely beautiful! Good luck with everything tomorrow; it will probably go by very quickly. Have a wonderful time with your daughter and grand daughters. Looks like they are settled in and enjoying themselves!

  4. Oh, I'm so glad your girls are there safely. It looks like everyone feels right at home there. I loved seeing the cousins all playing so well together. There is nothing like family love. Your shawl is gorgeous. The edging is just right. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow morning and hope all will go well. You must be feeling better???? Your sunflowers look very "summery" and so does Kristi's hair! My favorite color. Have fun tomorrow Teresa.

  5. I will be thinking about you tomorrow. It will be awesome weather for this celebratory event.

  6. Your shawl is amazing! I love the edging-it's perfect.

  7. I LOVE your shawl! Beautifully done, and the border is perfect for it. I made a lacy white shawl a long time ago and it may be my favorite ever. White is just so elegant. I bet you get lots of comments on it when you wear it.

  8. Best of luck for the big day, Teresa! :)

  9. Your shawl is perfect Teresa....well done. Welcome to your dear girlies have a wonderful time with them. Good luck for today xx

  10. Oh! those sunflowers...such a wham...I feel knocked by their colour....wonderful. Your shawl is just perfect...and the edging too!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  11. I am so glad that your family arrived safely and that you have them all together. Hope everything goes well for you, exciting times. The shawl is perfect, the pattern and edging are stunning. Have a wonderful break away. Take care.

  12. Wow Wow and Wow to everything in this post. Your shawl is gorgeous, the girls have arrived YaY, Kristi's hair is fun and Dayle outdid himself with those sunflowers. Your photos are good too. Hope all goes well for the 'big event' and have a wonderful time away with your family. xoxox

  13. Your shawl looks beautiful!! Hope you enjoy wearing it. Hope too that you enjoy having your family to visit and have some great fun times together!

  14. I do love the shawl and the ruffly edges... just gorgeous and you will look perfect in it on the big day tomorrow! So glad your dtr and grands are here with you... must be such a happy time for you.... and the beach trip will be wonderful. Best of luck tomorrow!

  15. So many lovely things in one post! Glad the girls made it safely for a visit. I know you will enjoy having them there!

  16. LOVE the shawl.
    ADOre the hair color. I love when girls do that to their hair! Beautiful.
    I hope the ceremony was wonderful and the flower girls did well.
    Cant wait to hear all about it . lOVE YOUR Sunflowers too

  17. I am so happy the girls are there safe and sound. I know you had a hot day at the big ceremony but I sure hope it was all you dreamed it would be. I am in love with Kristi"s hair! Your shawl turned out so beautiful, you are right that border is perfect for it.

  18. Glad to check in here and see lovely flowers, a gorgeous piece of crochet and a happy sounding Grandma. Now what, I wonder is The Big Event?!

  19. What a happy household you have, Teresa. Your shawl is just beautiful - I love the ruffled border. And the sunflowers are spectacular! Enjoy your company and stay cool.

  20. I love your shawl! Such beautiful work. And it looks lovely right next to those pretty flowers in your garden. I do love it when the boys buy us flowers. Dayle chose very well with the sunflowers!!

  21. Not sure how but I missed this post! Love the sunflowers and the colour of Kriti's hair! Glad you have your girls there. I love having my grandkids together! Hugs Anne x

  22. Your shawl really did turn out perfectly! It is so great to see your girls with you making more good memories...and I like Kristi's hair color, too! xxxxxx


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