Monday, July 18, 2016

Artsy App and Carnivorous Plants

Hello my friends!  Thanks for stopping by!  Kristi surprised me with a new Hydrangea.  Her Mother and Grandmother took her and the boys to a plant nursery to look at carnivorous plants.  She got several of those but also spied this gorgeous variety of Hydrangea and bought it for me.  How sweet!  I love it!  We're going to plant it right next to the old fashioned purple one.  Isn't it pretty?

I was clicking through the links on Amy's Five for Friday and one of the bloggers had found a neat app called Prisma, it changes your photo into a piece of art similar to the style of several famous artists.  The blog is Eclectic Home and Life - you should check out the fun she had with this app.  I found it in the App store on my iPhone and have been playing around with it.  I love it!!  Below is the Hydrangea flower converted, isn't it amazing?  At the end of this post I put more fun images up to share.  

On friday after I got home from swimming, the boys had a friend for a sleepover, so I said.. let's all drive up the river and go to dinner at Big T's!  So, all 7 of us hopped into my car and off we went up the river to Cascade Locks, over the Bridge of the Gods and to Big Ts restaurant in Stevenson, Washington.  We all enjoyed the place and each of us loved our dinners.  Travis got a cheeseburger with BBQed pulled pork on top of it!  LOL!  The boys had mini-corndogs and fries.  After dinner we drove along the riverfront and I pulled out my pocket-sized Lumix to snap this photo of the sternwheeler going by, and the battery was dead.  So the following photos are taken with my iPhone.. not the best for zooming!

I drove down to a spot on the riverfront road that I'd never been to and discovered a really nice boat launch, a public dock and park with several parking places for boaters.  What a neat find!  We watched three men scramble around their big sailboat and pull it in to tie up.  Success!  

Then back across the Bridge of the Gods where we visited the East Wind Drive-In and got the boys some ice cream.. well.. we all got ice cream.  Kristi got her first ice cream there, a "medium" mocha flavor-burst cone.

Then we took the 3 boys down to the fantastic playground at the Cascade Locks Marine Park for them to run around and burn off some of that ice cream energy.

Kristi and the boys came home with 9 pots of carnivorous plants.  :-)  

They are actually rather pretty in their own way -- Dayle and I were sitting out on the deck yesterday and I saw a fly land on this plant, then it smelled something interesting and climbed to the top of the inside and we watched in fascination and some horror as it climbed down inside the top and then.... whooop.. it slid right down to the bottom of the tube.  WELL.. it works.  :-P

Did you ever see the movie, Little Shop of Horrors?  There is a big carnivorous plant named Audrey II in it.  I think I'll name this plant Audrey III.  :-)

So, back to the Prisma app.  This is the Nordic Tug I took a photo of recently.  Isn't this a fun image?

Our back door converted into art.

Remember the line of Laser sailboats I captured a week ago?  Here they are in black and white all artsy like.

The same image, different art style.

An update on our boat search.  The image below is a C-Dory up in Alaska.  I thought it was a pretty picture of the boat.  Anyway.. the one we wanted to go look at last week was at the shop getting brakes on the trailer.. we still don't know when it will be back in his possession.  So... no news on that yet.

I'm almost done with another baby hat.  More on that later.  I hope you have a super week ahead.  Any fun summer plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Such a fun app I did see it when I took part with the five on Friday, it certainly gives some great interpretations of a photo. What a beautiful hydrangea, I wonder if it will stay the same colour. It is so warm right now that I could go that beautiful icecream Kristi has. No real plans the family are all going to visit and the two babies are going to be christened.

  2. The hydrangea Kristi got you is just gorgeous! Loved seeing all your bright summer time pictures and what an enormous ice does look yummy! (Thank you for your lovely comment over on my has just made me LOL about the horse hair!!) Enjoy your week, dear Teresa and have fun!
    Helen xox

  3. If that cone is a medium, what is a large? On my goodness!

  4. That's a medium? Oh my goodness!!!!! I like that app and especially the one of your backdoor. Those plants are something else and do remind me of Audrey II. My summer plans? Well, I would love to be spending more time at the lake.

  5. Your Audrey III story made me LOL spite of the fly's fate. I am heartless. The new Hydrangea Kristi bought you is glorious! kind of Kristi! When I saw that App on the 5 on Friday post I knew you would enjoy it. I love seeing the results, too, but have not bought it...yet. So glad you all had a good time at T's. I am getting excited about camping at Cape Lookout starting this Sunday!

  6. The new app looks like great fun doesn't it. Thank you for the mention re that. I did laugh about Audrey III! Hope that it doesn't get out of hand!! Hope the boat shopping goes well too.

  7. That photo reflection of boat at the end of the post is amazing!
    That ice cream looks so huge! They do the same thing at our soft serve place.
    Your flowers and" paintings" are beautiful to behold. Thanks for the eye candy

  8. I had a Venus Fly Trap for a while until it imploded. My usual green thumb was not up to the task. That makes sense to have them outside for the summer months.

  9. Hi Teresa, as always . . . I have enjoyed my visit and love the art that you are creating with your photos. Here's my problem . . . of all the goreous photos and interest subject matter, my mine is still on that ice cream cone. Yum! I'm a hopeless Foodie . . . always have been and probably always will be, LOL.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Connie :)

  10. Hi Theresa! I have been following your adventures for a while. You have such a lovely life with lots of travels, friends and family. It is fun to play with photo-apps!

  11. You're really having fun with that app aren't you? Looks like something I might have to investigate too. Wow, did Kristi ever get through that ice cream? When I first saw it I imagined it melting all over her before she got half way down to the cone. Bet the boys would like one of those. New plants are looking good. Your garden will soon look like a plant nursery.

  12. I like that black and white of your header photo. Very cool! Poor little bugs just don't know what they are in for with those carnivorous plants. If Kristi's ice cream cone is a medium, I'd like to see how someone manages a large. Wow!

  13. That boat looks like it would be so much fun. Love the plant lessons for the boys. Enjoy your day Teresa,


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