Friday, August 26, 2016

Hot Springs and Serendipity

Hello my friends!  My friend Gracie and I headed off for lunch on Wednesday and then to the hot springs for our lap swimming.. we dined at Big T's in Stevenson and Gracie spotted the American Empress in the distance from the restaurant.  So, after lunch we took a detour down to the dock so we could get a better look.  First a shot of the stern of the boat.  All the cruisers had boarded a tour bus to go adventuring, while the hard working crew unloaded refuse and cleaned the boat and began preparing for the evening meal.  

Such a big paddle wheel!

We then drove to Bob's Beach, the neat little park downstream a bit where all the windsurfers launch their craft to ply the river having fun.  I love seeing this big boat on the river!

Then we saw the much smaller Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge heading towards the big boat.. I envisioned a fabulous photo of the two of them together...

Awww.. dang.. it turned before it posed for the perfect photo for me.. and headed back downstream.

I was pleased to see how clean and clear the river is looking.

The park has several oak trees and we picked up a handful of acorns.

I thought it was neat to see a peek of the big ship behind the charming log cabin.. what a juxtaposition of images!  Can you imagine if you were staying in the cabin and had that pretty ship looming off your front deck?

We then drove to Bonneville Hot Springs for a wonderful swim.. the day was hot, in the 90s, the pool was cool and perfect and we even had it mostly to ourselves for our hourlong lap swim!  I must say, the day was a balm to my spirit.  We then drove back over the Bridge of the Gods, picked up a refreshment at the East Wind Drive-In and drove to the Cascade Locks Marine Park to enjoy watching the river.. talk about good timing, the big boat pulled away from it's dock and headed downriver towards Bonneville Locks to go through the locks and head on west to Portland.

I zoomed in to snap a shot of the paddlewheel as it went by.

It was time to head home so we drove down to my little park under the Bridge of the Gods just in time to see the boat go by heading to the dam.

I got home just in time for a lovely dinner prepared by my wonderful DIL Kristi.  Sesame Ginger Salmon, Jasmine Rice and perfectly cooked asparagus.  For the recipe for the marinade and sauce, click here.

I had to share a surprise that arrived the other day -- a gift from Tammy from Kuwait.

What a dear person she is!  She sent me a crocheted washcloth and a darling crocheted coffee cup coaster!  The best part was the heartfelt note she wrote to me.. she always inspires me how she works in the community garden in her city, teaching children different crafts, meeting with friends to crochet and knit and leaving little crocheted gifts in public places for people to find and take home.  Thank you, Tammy!

I am off to swim soon.  Back to LA Fitness - I hope it's not too crowded!  Tomorrow will be an event at Portland Women's Forum.. shall I take some photos to share?  OK, I will!  :-)  A 10 piece band will be playing, that should be fun!  Enjoy your weekend.. make the most of it!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What a fun day it looks like you and Gracie had. The photos of the boat are gorgeous. You are an amazing photographer. You are both so lucky to have each other to play with. Tammy is a wonderful inspiration. She is generous in all she does. Love her gifts to you. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  2. I love your photos and narrative, Teresa. Thanks so much for your loving friendship, and I hope your weekend is delightful :) xx

  3. I love your photos of the boats! It's the next best thing to being there in person. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  4. Hi Teresa, I always enjoy your posts . . . you're a wonderful representative to your lovely state. I do have a question. I think that there is at least one campground along the river, do you know the name of any. I would like to do a little research for future camping.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Connie :)

    1. There is a campground at Dodson - Ainsworth State Park.

    2. I just googled your question - came up with a forest service site. By the way, the Columbia River is 1,243 miles long.

  5. What a beautiful post, loved seeing the boats. Now that would be a great trip sailing along in a paddle boat. The salmon really does look good. Have a great weekend.

  6. Wonderful pictures...such a thrill to see the boats and beautiful scenery. Your day with Gracie sounds perfect and relaxing. Your gifts from Tammy are lovely, she is so kind.
    Happy weekend to you all.
    Helen xox

  7. That sounds like a perfect day, beautiful views, lovely food, wonderful friends both close and from afar, family and love. Hugs to you Teresa,

  8. While researching Stevenson, WA I saw the Big T restaurant you were talking about in another post. We are headed there in Oct after some waterfall photos the day prior. Great shots of the big sternwheeler. Where does that travel to/from? We've been on the Columbia sternwheeler but it's been years ago. We've been to one wedding yesterday and a dinner to celebrate friends' 31 wedding anniversary this evening at Olive Garden. So good. Then took a walk once we got home. Hugs and blessings to you my friend!! [oo}

  9. It was nice to see your collection of photos. The bid paddle wheel in the ship and the way it works looked beautiful. The river water looks clean. The color combination of the quilt looks beautiful.

  10. Those photos of the American Empress are beautiful - I particularly like the one of it just peeking out from behind that cabin. I know I've said it a million times before, but you really do live in a beautiful part of your country. Lovely gift from Tammy. Funny thing happened yesterday, after I read your blog post I was doing a bit of surfing on the web and up popped a picture (pattern I think) of the coffee cup coaster. Its very cute. Looking forward to your pics of the function which I guess would have already been on as I'm a bit late in commenting here. Hope it was fun. xox

  11. You truly do live in a very beautiful area and always take the most gorgeous pictures. I'm glad you received your gifts and do hope one day that I will make it to the great State of Oregon for a visit.


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