Friday, August 5, 2016

Kayaks, Big Ts and the Hot Springs

Greetings!  We are preparing for our big family camping trip and my sister Denise is bringing the boys down on the first Sunday we're there and then take them home on Wednesday morning.  The past few years the boys have loved borrowing my kayak and my sister's kayak and they've done so well with them that I've wanted them to have their own.. so yesterday we found two on sale and Dayle and our son Travis headed off to get them and matching kayak paddles.  They can actually use these for the rest of their lives which is neat.  To say they're excited is an understatement.  Lucky boys!

Rewinding.. backspace.. to Wednesday.  Gracie and I headed off for lunch at Big T's in Stevenson, Washington before we headed to lap swim at the mineral pool at Bonneville Hot Springs.  I must say that Big T makes one heck of a bacon, avocado cheddar cheeseburger!  And you can choose between fries, sweet potato fries or tater tots.  For me.. there is nothing yummier than crispy tots!  Needless to say, we had to go work some of this off afterwards. :-)

We headed west to the hot springs, did our one hour of lap swimming.. in amongst several children.. which made for rough seas.. got cleaned up and then headed to the Little Viking for refreshment, then I drove down to show Gracie the boat launch and park we found a while back.  She loved it!  There were a few boats being loaded onto trailers and several kids were swimming.. but it was quite peaceful there.  You're looking at the Columbia River - on your right is Oregon and on the left is Washington.

Wind Mountain with Dog Mountain behind it.. I climbed to the top of both while attending Girl Scout camp in my youth.  :-)

I love the rugged cliffs on both sides of the Columbia River Gorge.  The park has several picnic tables and even BBQ grills for people to use!


Gracie pointed out a family of ducks swimming along - I googled them and they are Common Mergansers.  :-)

Eagle-eyed Gracie also pointed out that some of the trees are turning color already.. eek.. summer is speeding by!

Zoom.. oh pretty.. but I'm not ready for it to be autumn yet.  How about you?

I am going to go shopping today for some of the staples we'll need for the trip.  Dayle will be working on washing the exterior of the trailer.. a BIG JOB.  I'm making lists.. menus.. what to pack from home.. grocery lists.. Costco lists.. etc., etc., etc.  Do you have any trip plans for the last few weeks of summer?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa! What a wonderful gift for the boys. When Kyleigh and Caleb visited us last year at the lake some friends there had kayaks and stand up paddle boards they let them use. They had a wonderful time and picked up the ways to use both right away. And you're right, with care they will last them their entire lives. Whoa! That burger looks yummy. And it's lunch time. I'm ready to have a bite, will you share? I love tots too but they HAVE to be crispy and not mushy. :-). Lovely scenery along the gorge. I'm waiting a bit to go out to the lake today. It's supposed to be in the 90's and I don't like that one little bit. I may just wait and go out with Dennis. Have fun planning for your trip. It's half the fun of going in my mind.
    Blessings my sweet friend.

  2. we were looking at Mergansers! Good to know. I have not looked at my Wednesday pictures yet, but enjoyed viewing yours. May the Lord bless you with good planning, and safe adventures with your loved ones :) xxxx

  3. My husband walked behind my desk chair just as I scrolled past your photo of the burger and tater tots. He says yum. I agree. :)

  4. Look at those boys! How fun for them! They will be having the time of their lives! Kayaks are a lot of fun.
    What gorgeous photos you got of your day with Gracie. Such beauty all around you!!! Been wanting to ask you something. Have you ever been to Roloff Farms...the ones form the show on TLC? I think it must be fairly close to you, as they show a lot of things going on in Portland.
    Have a grand time on your camping trip!
    xo kris

  5. So awesome that the boys have kayaks!

  6. How awesome for those grandboys of yours and yep they sure look happy. Gosh I always love coming to your blog and the lovely photos of your area, maybe one day I could get there, maybe if we do an alaskan cruise lol xoxo

  7. What a great hobby for your boys...lucky lads. Eeek re autumn but lovely to see such pretty leaves. Enjoy the weekend xx

  8. Im going along on your trip! I know you'll take me !
    No trips except the big move. soon.

    NO i am not near ready for leaves to change . Oh my no!
    Hush. Dont say it. Hush dont' write it! Hush dont photograph it

  9. Oh so pretty... everything about the Gorge is wonderful! Where are you going on your camping trip? where you went last year??? to that lake (I forgot the name, starts with a W).....???? it will be so fun. The boys look so happy with their kayaks... so neat for them to have their very own. And that burger looks yummers... it's almost dinner time and I have a DQ burger and fries waiting for me on my kitchen counter!

  10. They are certainly lucky boys, they really do look pleased with themselves. The burger looks delicious. I am certainly not ready for the Autumn yet, the Summer was so late in arriving.

  11. Your Grandies will have a wonderful time with those Kayaks. Love your photos and envy your Summer you are having. We are in the depths of cold although I must add, the days are drawing out longer which I like.Today we have sunshine, 1st for quite a long time but quite cold. It's knitting weather. Enjoy your vacation. Will look forward to seeing your entries of your time away.That hamburger looks absolutely awesome, yuuuuummmmmy:)

  12. I can't believe you posted this 2 days ago and its taken me this long to say what lovely pics you have. Those autumn leaves are so brilliant - wish we had signs of spring here but not yet !! :( The boys are very lucky to get a kayak of their very own. I'm sure they'll have lots of fun with them. My goodness Teresa, its a wonder you and Gracie don't burst with those HUGE lunches. They do look very very good. Do you live very far from the river? I always enjoy seeing your pretty photos. Hope you have a great holiday. xox

  13. Two happy boys and rightly so, those kayaks are beautiful :) That burger was pretty darn beautiful, too. Why do I always think about food . . . I just love a good meal, LOL. I'm so happy that you always carry your camera with you . . . thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful and safe family vacation.
    Connie :)

  14. How lovely for your grandsons. Beautiful photos of stunning scenery Teresa. Hugs Anne x


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