Friday, November 4, 2016

Silver Water, Braided Rope, Turkeys and Crabs

Hello my friends.  How has your week been going?  Things have been perking along here.  My sister Denise went to the hot springs with me on Wednesday as Gracie is on a trip to visit family.  We went to lunch at Big T's and our waitress knows me by now and said.. "Did you know Bonneville Hot Springs is being sold?  They're new owners will be turning it into a rehab center."  WHAT!?!?!  So off we went to the hot springs pool.. and I asked the girl who took our money to swim if it was true.. I could tell by the look on her face it was and she said yes.  She said the deal was on the table and if it went through, the spa would close on Dec. 15.  WAHHHHHH!!!!  We had a lovely swim in perfect temperature water all the while realizing we soon would lose this place.  ::sigh::  Afterwards when crossing the Bridge of the Gods to come home I noticed the sun was reflecting on the Columbia River turning it into a river of molten silver.. so I pulled over at the little park under the bridge to snap a photo.  Pretty.

I adore sun reflecting on water and this was just lovely.

When leaving the hot springs we passed by this Gingko tree and the leaves were all gold.

I wanted to show you something I made.  I have been conjuring up how to display the Japanese glass fishing floats and came up with using hemp rope.  When I was in Michael's the other day I saw a length of rope for sale and snapped two of them up.  Once home I googled - how to braid rope - and found a tutorial on how to braid ONE length of rope!  I proceeded to follow the instructions and came up with this circlet and amazingly the float sits perfectly upon it.  What do you think?

Now I have to make the second one.  I have since put this one up on the mantel in the living room along with my brass ship's lanterns and the big piece of coral Kristi brought home and the sea fan.. I'll take a photo soon to share.  The print above the mantel is of a big sailing ship so it's very nautical in there.  :-)

I stowed away all the jack-o-lanterns and have brought out my small collection of turkeys in preparation for the upcoming Thanksgiving dinner here.  

Kristi also surprised me with this cute pilgrim couple who look great on the table.

I have two of the majolica ceramic turkeys that I just adore, and the little glass turkey candle holders.. and my autumn sheep with a wreath of fall oak leaves looks right at home with the menagerie.

I also have a majolica chicken.. and this big clear glass turkey candy dish I found at an antique store a few years ago.  So, the decor is all set.. until after Thanksgiving dinner in a few weeks.. then I can get started with my Christmas decorating.. oh boy!  

This just in!  Dayle, Travis, Caleb and Travis' work friend Ernie took our boat to the ocean to do some crabbing and fishing!  They are in Tillamook Bay off of Garibaldi, Oregon.  They have caught over 200 but only 6 keepers so far.  They have to be a certain size so all the little guys get to go back to freedom.  They're having a great day!  They are spending the night tonight and so they get to go crabbing again tomorrow!!  Fun times for the guys.

Our boat has a crab pot hauler so they don't have to pull them up using their arms.  Here is a big one in the pots they use.

See all the crabs in this pot before they measure to find the keepers?  These are Dungeness crab, our very favorite kind of crab.  YAY!!

I will be going swimming today.  At the LA Fitness pool.  Do you have any weekend plans?  Thank you for your nice comments.. I really appreciate them.   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Loosing the hot springs - not good. The fishing sounds like great fun. Have a lovely weekend. CN x

  2. What a shame to lose your favourite place to swim. I love what you have done with the rope it looks amazing, looking forward to you sharing your nautical mantel. Your table is looking wonderful, the turkeys are a delight. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a shame that the pool is closing Teresa. Your decorations look fabulous and yum..I adore fresh that will taste. Happy weekend xx

  4. The braided rope is really cool and I look forward to seeing the mantel! Wahhh to the fabulous pool closing :( The crabbing expedition looks like fun. Your table is very festive! Happy weekend xx

  5. Wow look at those crabs ! The boys certainly did well. What a shame about your pool closing down. We used to have a pool in our suburb but it closed a few years ago - such a shame as it did get a good lot of patrons, including moi. I always enjoy seeing your holiday decorations. The year is flying by though. Hope youre enjoying the weekend. Xox

  6. Hello Teresa. Beautiful photo of the river. The guys look to be having a great time. Crab - yummy. Such a shame re the pool. Love all your different holiday decorations. The glass float looks so lovely displayed like that.
    I have a horrid flu like cold. DH been poorly all week - now my turn :-( Hugs Anne x

  7. Love those beautiful silver water photos so much! Your new table decorations look perfectly seasonal, and the boys' crab fishing trip sounds like great fun. Wishing you a happy weekend Teresa.
    Helen xox

  8. A little known fact about me: My splayed hand is a perfect crab measurement.
    Crab feed coming on.

  9. Too bad about the springs, I know you love it there. Great idea and use of the rope my friend.

  10. Love your silvery photos! The braid is cool, too. Sorry about your favorite pool closing, but glad you have other choices. Have a nice weekend. Singing tomorrow and played with GK today.

  11. The drive across bridge of the Gods is beautiful. Sorry hot springs is going to close. What a bummer for people who enjoy it so much like you and Gracie. :/ Nice robe holders for your fishing floats. We had a semi busy weekend, stayed home yesterday and gone half of today with church and a dinner. I don't like it being so dark early now! Oh well, it's ok. Happy week, my friend!

  12. Sorry about the Hot Springs...that will be a loss! Your braided rope coil looks great and I love your sun-on-the-water pictures - beautiful. We had delicious crab cakes on Saturday that our son made. Your table is always so festive no matter the time of year. Very pretty.


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