Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Day of Love and Amy Sent Hats!

How was your Valentine's Day?  We had a good one.  Remember when we went to the Candy Basket with the chocolate fountain?  Well, we went there to get some boxes of chocolates for the boys.. and we got one for Kristi.. and one for us to share.  :-) I thought I'd show it to you.. yes, there are a few missing already and they were good!

We got the "nuts and chews" box.  We both like nuts and caramels.  Want one?  What is YOUR favorite in a box of chocolates?

We set out the boxes of chocolate along with some plush elephants and cards for them.  They were happy!

Dayle and I had dinner reservations at Bumper's Grill, our go-to place for filet mignon.  It was perfection as always.  So tender and done just the way we like it.

And because it was Valentine's Day we ordered a creme brulee to share.  I hope you had a wonderful day.  

I started my new silk and alpaca pink pussycat hat and realized that the yarn was very thin and it might need some adjustment.  I texted Meredith and asked her opinion and she suggested that I double the yarn so I went with her on it and this is working out well!  Thanks, Mere!

This is the hat that I made for my new friend and I think I'm meeting her today at the club to give the hats that Meredith and I made for her and her friend.  I will be sure and share a photo of them both wearing their new hats as soon as I can get one.

I got a package from England yesterday!  Amy from the blog "Love Made my Home" crocheted 6 little hats and sent them to me to donate to the "Operation Diaper Bag" project - items for US Military families that are expecting a baby.  Thanks, Amy, you are amazing!!

I had to show this to you.  My granddaughter Jenna in Ohio drew this design for her Girl Scout Troop's Father-Daughter Dance and she won the contest so they are making these up in patches for the girls.. isn't that neat?

My news portion of my post today is that the National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has resigned as it became apparent that he spoke to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyack about the sanctions the US imposed on Russia due to their interference in the presidential election BEFORE the election.  Now we are curious how much the current POTUS knew of what he said and of course if Flynn was ordered by him to assure Russia he would get rid of the sanctions.  Click HERE for the story.

Again - our country is rocked by scandal and lies.  Heaven help us.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your chocolates look delicious Teresa. Of course you know of my love for chocolate, anything chocolate. But my favorites are the ones with either nuts or chocolate cream filling. I also love chocolate covered cherries! How sweet of your friend to send you hats all the way from England. That was wonderful and very thoughtful of her. It looks like your granddaughter has inherited your artistic talents. We didn't do anything special for Valentine's Day. Dennis worked all day and then he had to teach a class last night. But, on his way home from class he stopped and brought me home a piece of chocolate cake. That was really nice have him after such a long day. Sitting in this house all day, every day, by myself is getting very old. I need someone to talk to! Ha ha!
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. The chocolates look mouth watering, I am a great fan of nuts and caramel whilst my husband prefers the soft fruit centres so we are the perfect partners for sharing a box of chocolates.

  3. Hi Teresa, love the looks of those chocolates, yummy! You are so good to your grandkids also! I have made a few of the Pink P hats too, lots of fun and for a good cause, I wonder when the next march will be?
    We have CNN on constantly we are aware of all this mess. Yes in deed, "Heaven help us"

  4. Looks like you had a great night out! That resignation really was good news, wasn't it?

  5. I love solid chocolate, but a student gave me some truffles and I enjoyed a few of those today!

  6. Heaven help us is right. Hope everyone who prays is praying that this all works out. Love the hats and so glad that you are doubling up the yarn. It is faster and looks wonderful! Hugs to you Teresa, keep speaking out!

  7. What lovely valentines treats you shared! It is so nice that you share this day with all of your family. Hope your friend likes the hat, doubling the yarn looks as though it was a good idea! Thank you for the mention, I am glad that you like the hats, I hope they are useful for some little ones. xx

  8. I have a feeling there's more to come on that story. We shall see. Lovely hats, yours and Amy's. Scrumptious chocolates, I hope you enjoy them. Dark ones are my favourites. CJ xx

  9. Those chacolates look so tempting but I don't dare go near any chocolate right now. I'm in such a dire state of mind here lately that I fear if I get started on chocolate I wouldn't be able to stop myself from over indulging. This whole Russia thing is very alarming!!

  10. dark chocolate sea salt caramel PLEASe. I did the same doubling with my Pussy Hat. I had two sockskeins to use up

  11. Chocolates on valentines day is delicious! My fav is ones with coconut of some type in it. The baby hats are so cute! I got a hat for my birthday even...come over and see it! Not liking the Russian ship off the east coast! Happy week!


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