Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Girls Lunch at Skamania Lodge

My sisters Roberta and Denise and honorary sister Shirley went to Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington yesterday for an early birthday celebration for me.  :-)  We got a lovely table by the window and this was our view.  Nice, huh?  That is the Columbia River and Oregon across the river.  We're looking East.

This is a zoom, that is Wind Mountain with Dog Mountain right behind it.  I climbed to the top of both of them while attending Camp Wind Mountain, a Girl Scout Camp, when I was was in grade school.  Great memories.

I had the bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.. the server forgot to ask how I'd like it cooked and it came very rare and we had to send it back.  Funny thing is the server then brought me a birthday sundae "to give me something to do while waiting for my meal".  LOL!  So, I had some fries, a few bites of burger, then ice cream and cookie, then another burger that I was too full to eat and had to bring home.  LOL!  Oh well.. it was all good.

After lunch we had a wander around the lodge, this is the bar with a wonderful rock fireplace - that's a photo of Lewis & Clark on the mantel.

On down to the main lobby with an even more massive stone fireplace with a fire crackling in the hearth.

Looking out across the lobby to the river view.  I must say we enjoyed browsing the gift shop which has a nice collection of Pendleton bags and blankets and other woodsy gift items.

As we left the lodge I pulled over to snap this shot of the front of it.. it's quite an impressive lodge and I've always felt that it looks very similar in design to Timberline Lodge.  Very Pacific Northwest.  It is called Cascadian Architecture.  This area is part of the Cascade Mountain Range.

A closer look at the lobby center area.

We then drove the short distance into Steveson, WA for a cruise about.. we stopped at "Bob's Beach" where the windsurfers launch from for a short time to just enjoy the view of the river.

I then drove us down to the boat launch and park to show the girl's where we take our boat and tie up at the dock and let the boys swim in the summer while we have our picnic dinner.  :-)

The local sheriff's were just loading their boat on the trailer after rescuing a boater who's engine had died.  I actually thanked the sheriff for his work helping boaters in distress.  Who knows, one day we might need their help!

Isn't this a nice free birthday dessert?  :-) My sister Roberta bought my lunch for my gift, Shirley gave me a scented candle and 2 lovely greeting cards and Denise gave me 2 loaves of her homemade wheat bread along with a jar of peanut butter and jam for us to take on our trip to the beach!  Thanks, ladies!

Today we have to go get my driver's license renewed.. ugh.  Then home to do more packing.. and tomorrow we drive to the beach for a whole week of seaside fun!  The next time I check in, it will be from there.. so.. see you on the flip-side!  Have a great weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The lodge is such a beautful place for your birthday meal. Lovely photos..HAPPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy your trip xx

  2. What a gorgeous way to start your birthday celebrating! Happy packing and driving to the beach! xx

  3. Wow! That lodge is beautiful. One of these days Dennis and I will have to make another trip down there and visit it. Have fun at the beach and I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Personally I like the idea of dessert before the main course! Ha ha! Especially if chocolate is involved.

  4. Sounds like you had a great and yummy birthday celebration! Can't wait to see your beach photos. I love the OR beaches. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! That is a GREAT view!!

  6. I'm glad you had a fun day with your sisters. I wanted to stay at Skamania lodge in Oct but too expensive for our pocket book. But lunch looked good and so did your dessert! Yum! Have a fun trip to the coast. I hope it is nice where you will be. Take care!

  7. Skamania Lodge looks gorgeous! What a lovely birthday celebration and dessert should come first - especially on birthdays! Enjoy your trip to the beach.

  8. What an absolutely stunning place!!! I had to laugh at the server bringing you a sundae while your burger was being properly cooked. The Lewis and Clark picture reminds me, have you ever read Sacajawea? I think we have talked about that before. Best book ever!!

  9. Teresa - Happy Belated Birthday! You absolutely live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. What a lovely celebration.


  10. Happy birthday Teresa and this is a wonderful place really enjoyed all the pics. Enjoy your holiday xo

  11. Teresa, Love this post. I cant wait to visit when you create these posts! The last kittens we fostered were renamed Lewis and Clark!

  12. Hi Teresa just catching up now that we have the internet. Wishing you a wo Take care.nderful Birthday and a great break away.

  13. Happy Birthday, Teresa! Thanks for sharing your lovely area with us. :)

  14. Such a lovely place and area. Happy Birthday Teresa. Hugs Anne x


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