Friday, April 14, 2017

Spring Wreath for the Back Door

Hello there.. welcome.  :-)  My old Spring door wreath was getting a little sparse so I went to Pier 1 Imports to see what they had for a replacement.  They had several Easter wreathes but that season is so short, I wanted one I could hang up for Easter and even stay on for Summer.  I narrowed it down to a really colorful one or this one.. and this one won.  It's Magnolia flowers and leaves.  

It's goes well with the white door.  I've thought of painting the door a brighter color... what color would you choose?

This cute little nest with 3 colored eggs also jumped into my basket.

While I was standing on the deck I spied these Trilliums way up in our woods.. zooooom.. *SNAP*

My sister Denise and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday, there was a lot of water coming over!  See how the deciduous trees are just starting to bud out?  It will be a lot greener there next time I volunteer in 2 weeks.

The lower falls and the Benson Bridge.

In national news, our current leaders in Washington DC seem to be antagonizing less friendly nations AND allies - which is leading to some real tension and dismay in the people here.  So many bad changes are being made on social and environmental programs each day it boggles the mind.  I could not sleep last night worrying that nuclear weapons are about ready to be launched hither and yon.  People, the future of our planet is at stake here.  I cannot believe anyone would put this crazy man at the helm of our country - and I keep hoping that our leaders on both sides of the political spectrum will come together to remove him and his team from power and restore peace and honor to our country.  Wish us luck.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely wreath, it looks so pretty on your door. You're right, the greenery explodes at this time of year doesn't it. We were driving through a village earlier today and happened to go past a wool shop. It had the most enormous pussy hat in the window, I wish I could have stopped and taken a photo, you would have loved it. Good to see solidarity in far flung places I think. Hope you have a lovely Easter Teresa. CJ xx

  2. I really like that wreath Teresa. It's beautiful. I like the white door too. I am partial to white doors and trim. The Falls are particularly pretty. Our trees are just starting to bud out here. Hopefully no more snow to freeze them! We have a flash flood warning for this weekend again because lots more rain is expected. I hope you have a wonderful weekend in celebration of Easter.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Your wreath is beautiful. Wishing you a blessed, Easter weekend!

  4. My friend in Japan says they have rocket launch alerts on their weather app (along with earthquake and tsunami warnings). They are very worried about North Korea. Every time North Korea fires a test rocket, it makes the news of where it landed.
    My son came home briefly on his way to PDX and checked his grapes that he cut back a lot in February and they are budding out - so late compared to last year.
    Have a beautiful Easter, my friend.

  5. Not sure that my comment made it through cyberspace to if it did please ignore this. We went on a drive in our neighborhood yesterday and admired the lovely new shades of green around us as well as the splashes of white, yellow, pink, purple and red here and there. The Magnolia wreath looks pretty where you have it, and I would leave the trim on the door frame white [it will look so good if your house should turn red :-)] May God help you to have good rest, you and your family a good weekend, and those in authority to govern to promote peace. xx

  6. Your new wreath looks lovely Teresa. I like the door the way it is but if I'd be pressed to choose a brighter colour, I'd probably opt for egg yolk yellow. I have never had a wreath on my front door, it is a glass door and we are really exposed on top of the hill. I hang wreathes and other decorative items on my inside doors.
    It is like living in the 1980s, when the cold war was at its height. Scary times. A dictator that feels threatened and a president with no concept of international politics talking war - not sure when I was last that worried about our planet!
    Wishing you a peaceful Easter, I hope you can find distraction and enjoy your beautiful family. xx

  7. Love your new wreath! Multnomah Falls is one of our favorite places; all the PNW rain has made all falls extra full this year, hasn't it? Best wishes for a nice Easter. (And I SO agree that these are scary days, the scariest in a very very long time!)

  8. I like your new wreath. I'm happy there's some sun today and hoping to make it to the tulip farm tomorrow afternoon. I'm hard boiling some of our eggs from my son's family for tomorrow's Easter meal. No dyeing this year. World is hurting but there is hope in the Lord. I don't like the bombings either but doubt North Korea's missiles will even reach us if they decide to do what they are threatening. I pray you will sleep well my friend! Hugs!

  9. I like the door white :)
    I worry too, and I pray often that this administrations time is over soon. I've never felt so disheartened as an American. I am still shocked at each of his tweets and his horrible leadership.

  10. Lovely wreath and to be honest I rather like the white door :-) Lots of blossom and new green shoots here, although we are threatened with a frost this evening. Also very dismayed by the tensions between the various powers :-( Hugs Anne x


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