Monday, May 22, 2017

Garden Work and DAR Conference

What a weekend!  I'll start with yesterday, Sunday.  The farm boys, Dayle, Travis and the boys were all working away and Kristi was in peak gardener mode.  I was called on for questions on what I wanted chopped off where and all.  :-) While I was advising I was also photographing.  I promised you a photo of my very favorite of our Rhododendrons.. here it is.  I mean.. look at that color!  It's my fave color of all.  

This one has the most interesting budding look.. 

Which opens up to look like this!

Kristi spent an hour hand clipping on this bush and that's when I told her I didn't like it and wanted to open up the garden there, so she texted Travis.. bring the chainsaw.. and it took him 2 minutes to cut it all down to 1 foot tall.

The pink Rosebud Azalea is almost at it's prime bloom.  :-)

Behind it to the right is a red-orange Mandarin Honeysuckle that I planted several years back.. it's getting riotous!

The first to open up.

My variegated dwarf Bamboo had gotten quite bold and was growing beyond the footprint I'd envisioned so Kristi has chopped it to the ground all around it.. now to see what it does next.  :-)

The Bloomerang Lilac is in full flower.. I love it!

The flowers are beginning to bloom in our big hanging baskets.

The orange azalea is continuing to stun every day.

The Siberian Irises are starting to bloom, there will be a lot of them!

I love how simple and wild they look.

And the beautiful throat of them.

Dayle started the burn pile yesterday.. his trusty assistants in attendance.

It got up to 85 deg. F yesterday and more irises popped out in bloom before our very eyes.

On Saturday I attended the Oregon State Society Daughters of the American Revolution State Conference in Wilsonville, OR.  A snap of our President General, Ann Dillon, giving her speech to us.  She travelled from Washington DC to attend our conference.  I was charmed to hear how funny she was at the beginning of her message to us.  

This isn't the best image as I was sitting near the back of the large room.  

Then the Oregon State DAR Chorus sang and were joined by the Intel Singers - the chorus leader works at Intel and she organized a group that sings together during their lunch hour.  They sang a version of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.

Portland Chapter and Associates pose for a photo with our Regent, Diane, the State Regent Alice and President General Ms. Dillon.  I'm 3rd from the left and my sister Roberta is 3rd from the right.  To learn more about DAR, click HERE.

Our son Travis went fishing after work with his friend Ernie and caught this Spring Chinook Salmon!  We had it for dinner last night and it was delicious!  Kristi served it with wild rice and mixed vegetables.

Dayle and I went to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, Dragon Palace, and when we exited I was charmed to see it was lit up beautifully and the colors changed as I stood there snapping away, from red, to blue to green to purple and yellow and orange, it was pretty neat!  And their prawns with honey walnuts is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

I'm so happy that the warm weather has returned.. I've got some tidying to do around here for a visit in two weeks by my cousins Nancy and Melanie from Oklahoma and their two husbands.  They have never been here and I'm excited to show them around. OK.. off to go swimming soon.  I wish for you a lovely week.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It is so exciting to see so many beautiful flowers and to enjoy sunshine and warmer temps, isn't it! I'm glad the DAR conference went well, and that you got to enjoy yummy fish and the pretty Dragon Palace, too. Our friends are nearly here...still last minute straightening to do! Have a good swim for me, too, please :-) xx

  2. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous, there's always so much to see. I especially like the area around the water. I like the look of the Chinese restaurant, you have reminded me I haven't eaten Chinese food in ages. Glad you had a good DAR meeting, everyone always looks so glamorous. Hope you have a good week Teresa. CJ xx

  3. Lovely flowers!! Teresa, just have to share that I was sworn in at DAR meeting last week. It has been a wonderful year-long quest. 😀 Brooxie in S.E. GA

  4. So many gorgeous flowers Teresa. Our temperature climbed to 25c this afternoon,the warmth is wonderful isn't it.Your meeting looked fun too.Enjoy your swim xx

  5. Warm weather! Hooray! It was wonderful to see all your flowers. Saturday night was Spokane's annual Lilac Parade. It's always so nice to see floats with the lilacs on them. It's one of my favorite flowers and Spokane is nick-named The Lilac City. Your DAR meeting looks like it was very informative. You ladies all looked very nice all dressed up. I hope you had a great swim today.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. Oh all your wonderful flowers Teresa and you can name them I have just the herbs as you know lol Cold here today but well it is heading to winter brrr xo

  7. Your garden is truly amazing. I love reading about your DAR activities. I had thought about joining since I believe I'm eligible from my Mom's side of the family. Thank you sharing a glimpse into your fun schedule! Pat

  8. Teresa, you have so many beautiful, established flowers! I love all the color at your place!

  9. Everywhere looks beautiful around your farm Teresa. Kristi does keep busy. Glad you had a good meeting as well. A lovely photo of you ladies. The Chinese restaurant looks lovely lit up like that. Hugs Anne x

  10. Such a lovely post Teresa...your garden is looking beautiful and how good to be able to catch your own salmon for dinner!...your meeting looked so much fun too ;-)
    Susan x

  11. Your cousins are definitely going to enjoy their visit. Everything is so beautiful around you.

  12. What a beautiful riot of color in your gardens - love it all!

  13. Oh the tour of the farm botanicals is always a treat for me to see Teresa. That's a huge fish your son caught. I love the group photo with Ms Dillon. You look awesome and happy as always!

  14. The flowers are so beautiful and your conference sounds wonderful my friend. I wish I was visiting you, I'd love to be shown around!

  15. Lovely flowers indeed. I need to trim up rhodie bush once it's done blooming. Where is the Chinese restaurant you ate at? We like Gracie's China Gorge restaurant in Hood River. It was 95 here Mon and 83 today. Looks like more warm weather on the way! Enjoy your company that's coming soon! Hugs!!

  16. Your garden is looking amazing Teresa. I always admire those vibrant colours. Seems like everyone on the farm has been very busy lately. Kristi is a real gem! I think I've said before, I wish I could have her for a year or two or maybe more. The boys are growing up so quickly - soon they'll be driving the tractor and Dayle will be able to put his feet up for a change. You look lovely in the group photo at the dinner. By the way, did you and Kristi finish your hitch-hiker scarves? Mine is still only about halfway done.

  17. Gorgeous flowers. Love the honeysuckle. Ours has not bloomed yet. The iris are so pretty, too. We're having a mostly cool spring, which suits me fine.

  18. Such gorgeous colourful and plentiful! You have been having some lovely and interesting times, Teresa.
    Helen xox


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