Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Farmyard Walkabout and Chick Update

Greetings!  We've had a lot going on for the last week.  I'm plum tuckered out.  The visit to the nunnery, the fort, then Monday I had my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting where I read my Indian Grandmother poem accompanied by beating my drum to the tune of a heartbeat. Yesterday we went to a 10 am meeting of the Friends of Vista House where we are planning to write a book about the founding of the Friends of Vista House of which I played a central role as one of the founders of the group. I also served as the founding Executive Director and served for 15 years.  I was asked to tell the story of how it all began, there were about 20 people there, all from those years between 1980 and 1998.  Everyone had a part in those years and shared their memories too.  It was pretty neat.  

I just took a refreshing walk about the farmyard and snapped some photos to show you how our garden is blooming after several totally gorgeous warm and sunny days.  This yellow Exbury Azalea is looking perky!  I believe the color is "Lemon Lights".

I'm standing near the chicken coop when I took this shot of the house, see the white Azalea and the dark purple Lilac?  We also have a row of Irises curving around with buds in evidence but none are open yet.

I shot this from the deck showing the white Lilac and the purple one.

The white blooms are rather stunted this year and I am going to blame the horrible frozen winter we had.

The White Lace Azalea.

For the last two years the boy's pool would be filled with tadpoles and would take a massive effort to clean and fill.. and to keep clean.  So, the kids decided to remove it and replace it with a trampoline.  Our son Travis spent time on the weekend putting it all together and the boys are loving it.  It's fun to sit on the deck and watch them bounce around.

Our Hostas are at peak beauty right now.. I just love them.

So far we have 5 varieties and I'd like to get a few more.

The lime colored one is a favorite of mine.

At the back of the garden is this cotton candy colored Rhododendron.  Big blooms, too.

The purple lilacs are at their peak.. I need a fresh bouquet today!

These lilac bushes are about 15 feet tall!

This is my massive pink Rosebud Azalea.  

I also need to pick a bouquet of my Lily-of-the-Valley today, too!

Our red Rhododendron is blooming out in the front yard, too.

My favorite Rhodie is blooming out, too.. I'll get a closer photo next time.

The chickie babies are growing and getting used to their new yard.. and the big hens.  There has been quite the melee out there several times when the big ones are trying to show the little ones who is boss.  Have you heard the term "pecking order"?  Well, it's a real thing and chickens do it.

"Public Enemy #1" -- Gracie the Ameraucana.  The one who lays aqua eggs.  The one who has been bedeviling the little girls.  Kristi has been very upset with how she's been pecking at one of the striped chickens.  But things are settling down now a bit.  

This is the pinker variety of lilac that I have.  I bought it as a white edged lilac and it reverted to root stock, I think.  But it's still pretty.. but no white edged lilacs!

Here is a photo of me with my drum.. I almost didn't include this as I'm not pleased with the double chin, but I guess I am what I am.  I'm old and someone put too much stuffing in me.. but "I is what I is."  

So.. what I'd love is to stay home today but I am going to force myself to go swimming.  What are you going to force yourself to do today?  :-)  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Don't feel bad. I'm 4'10" tall & xxxlbs. I always say "I'm not fat but fluffy in a fun size package".
    Love when Spring pops out in all it's beautiful technicolor splendor.

  2. You are a beautiful, artistically gifted friend whom I am grateful to know, and I think that is a lovely photo of you! Thanks for sharing the pretty bouquet of photos with is. I am forcing myself to go swimming, too! XX πŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’ž

  3. Hello Teresa - such beauty in your post and that includes you my friend. I am much the same, my family will have no photos of me to show in the future as I avoid them like the plague. at times I think I should be happy with my looks really - there are so many who have such terrible things to contend with. it's hard though I'm afraid I really gave up on the swimming. Trying a bit more walking but not easy. Take care. Hugs Anne x

  4. You are beautiful inside and out Theresa. Thanks for sharing your beautiful farmyard photos today, I could loose myself in this paradise easily. Have a lovely day. x

  5. I wish when you looked in the mirror, you saw the same adorable little lady that WE all see!

  6. You are a beautiful lady Teresa and give such happiness to so many here with your wonderful posts. Some times some of us just lurk but it lifts our spirits up when we come to your blog ♥♥ been busy here too.

  7. Theresa, so glad to see a picture of you! Appreciate all that you are.

  8. Wow! You have really been busy. I love all your lilacs blooming around here yet. Too many cold days. I wish I had been there to hear your poem and you playing the drum. The photo is a very good one of you. We are what we are, and the older I get the more I'm coming to accept what I am. Have a lovely day and enjoy the beautiful weather we're having.
    Blessings, Betsy

  9. Your beauty shines through both inside and out, it was a joy to read about your week you are one special lady. I do wish I could have heard the poem whilst playing your drum. Maybe a video??? Loved the tour of the garden, I must admit to having a little garden envy.

  10. Oh, your lilacs are so beautiful, in fact your entire garden is beautiful and I've enjoyed seeing the lovely blooms. All that cool weather and rainy days really makes a difference for these plants and I wish we had some growing here on the central coast of California. Have a lovely day and enjoy every minute of their beauty.

  11. I love that photo of you Teresa. You are beautiful (and so is your shawl!!). I too wish I could have heard you reading your poem and striking your drum. Your flower and chick pictures are beautiful!

  12. "We are who we are", you are true.
    You are really adorable inside and outside, thank you for that photo.
    And thank you for all the posts.

  13. So many beautiful flowers in your pictures I don't know what to comment on! The hostas look stunning as do you Teresa. CN xxx

  14. Your farmyard is definately in full bloom and very pretty. My grandkids are really into the tramploline too. My daughter even gets on it and jumbs around with the girls. I think I prefer soaking in the pool though. ;-)


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