Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse and Fun on the Farm

We just had an eclipse party here at the farm!  I got viewing glasses a while back which were fun.  I tried to take photos without a filter but my camera was not cooperating.. then I fiddled and fiddled trying to get a shot through the eclipse glasses and finally got this image.  :-)

The boys in their eclipse glasses.  They were pretty excited about it all.  Did you get to see it?  

Dayle and Travis installed 4 new porch lights on the newly painted house.. these are LED lights and are nice and bright.  They go off in the morning and turn on by themselves at dark.  I love them!

One on the garden shed, too.  It's much better lit outside in the night now.

The front porch.

The light over the stairs to the basement.  

I asked Caleb to take a photo of the new lights so I could show you.  :-)  They got them at Costco.

Kristi is painting the old porch swing.. it's going to look so pretty now!  I'd like to ask your input... the porch floor is currently light aqua like the old house color.  After we repair a few boards at the edge we'll repaint.  Dayle says grey.. I considered brick red.. maybe a sand color?  Any suggestions?

I was sitting on the deck and look what came around the corner?

They were using the tractor to put the crab pots back up in the loft of the barn.  I guess my 41 year old son is still a kid at heart.  LOL!

Story time.  While we were at the beach for my birthday in April, we went to lunch at the Wildflower Cafe.  We dined in the sun room where there were several plants.  One was an unusual Christmas Cactus that the leaves were rimmed in red.  I asked the manager if I could take a snip of it to root and he said yes.  We took it back to the trailer and Dayle got some soil from the landscape by the trailer and I stuck the cutting down in the dirt and watered it.  Lo and behold, it put out roots and we've been babying it in that little container and finally planted it in a pot I made many years ago.  I threw the pot on a potters wheel and glazed it, then decorated it with cobalt mixed with water.  I painted it in the Sumi ink style, it's an iris in bloom. 

With our young chickens beginning to lay eggs, Kristi decided to make a broccoli quiche.  Yum!

She also made scalloped potatoes!

I got a small wire basket for collecting the eggs, here is our haul from yesterday.  The big aqua egg is from our older Ameracauna and the two smaller ones are from our new chickies!

When Kristi broke the eggs into the bowl for a dinner of sauteed sausage and scrambled eggs last night she exclaimed that there were two double-yolk eggs!  Those are fairly rare so it was a fun thing to find two at once.

The boys were playing with some of our leftovers from the new deck installation and have decided that they want to make their own bench.  Cute, huh?

The guys put on more deck boards last night and the little boys were helping.  It was neat to see them all working together and it's looking so good!  I'm off to swim in a while.. I hope your day is a great one!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Bet you all had fun with the eclipse today. We had one a few years back but it was grey skies for the whole time. I think the deck would look good lighter rather than darker. Maybe light grey. How great to have your own supply of eggs. Don't think my cats would cope with chickens sadly. B x

  2. The eclipse looked awesome,how lucky to have seen it! I think that the deck needs to be quite a lot lighter..perhaps a sandy's all looking awesome your end. Enjoy your swim xx

  3. Wasn't the eclipse exciting! I loved it when it was so dark that our outdoor lights came on. The shading as the sun was being covered gave everything such a pretty golden glow effect. It was all so beautiful and not something I'll soon forget.
    Everything around the farm looks so spruced up & tidy. It must give you all a sense of pride at the accomplishment of such a big task. Bravo!
    We get our fresh eggs at Grocery Outlet here in town. It seems that we've been finding at least two eggs out of every dozen has a double yolk. It's so much fun guessing if the next egg will have the extra yolk.

  4. The farm is looking so pretty Teresa. My vote would be a light gray or sand. I think it needs a lighter color with all of the dark red. It looks like everyone is having a grand time with the work being done. I was at the lake for the eclipse, I was able to see it with the neighbors glasses. Very fun... we didn't have darkness but it got very cold and almost like sunset. I hope you had a good time swimming.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  5. I had my lunch from 9 -12 today so I got to see the entire event! A couple of my neighbors went up flying. One of them flew to 17,500' (oxygen masks) and were able to see the shadow move across the horizon.
    Such energy in the air. The only one oblivious to it was my hummingbird who wasn't gonna let anything get in the way of his nectar.

  6. Im so happy you enjoyed the eclipse and tooksome photos from your own yard. OUr cloudy skies made it a non event here in southern wisconsin. That's ok. Glad some got to enjoy it. I just dont know about a deck color. You have done such an amazing job with the reds and whites. Oh my. And the plant your nursed into life is wonderful Grace. I am so happy your family is around you. It is great to have my son here for a bit this summer. I m going to be crying next week I think. Your blog will cheer me no doubt

  7. Hi Teresa. Glad you had fun re the Eclipse - we saw one - can't remember if last year, or before now lol- an experience indeed. The farmhouse is looking so good, love those lights. I actually like the decking in the natural colour it is - could it be treated to preserve it's life as it were but retain the natural look. Well that's my idea:-) Would love to have fresh eggs and they look so pretty. Take care. Anne x

  8. I actually agree with Dayle and think grey would look really good on your porch. It goes well with red and white and would look lovely. Gosh your boys are growing up aren't they? I remember when they were little ankle biters :) What fun they are having with the tractor. You must have lots and lots of storage space - do you have a special spot for your yarn stash? Yummy looking egg dishes there Kristi. xox

  9. Once again I am struck by the beautiful simplicity of your home, it looks just perfect. We have been living under heavy grey cloud in my corner of the UK so no chance of seeing any sun at all, though it does look just now as if it's a mind to put in an appearance. This has been a fairly dull and cool August, 'they' (the experts) say we might be in for a mini heatwave this week!
    I have now added myself as a follower as I have got a new computer and lost the addresses of blogs I follow so have had to spend time looking for the blogs themselves. Nice to be able to see what you're up to!

  10. No solar eclipse over here but I did see the partial lunar eclipse earlier this month. The house is looking great and I love the new lights. I think a nice light gray will go well with the red of the house. So nice of the manager of that restaurant to let you take a cactus cutting, and lovely to see it doing so well.

  11. I am glad you got a good glimpse of the eclipse. It is quite eerie, how all goes dark and how wildlife goes quiet. I experienced two eclipses, lucky me! For your decking, I would choose a light colour, sand or grey both sound good. I think a contrast to the dark red would be amazing, really drawing attention to the house. I wish I had just a smidgen of Kristi's energy! Have a lovely midweek. x

  12. Great picture of the eclipse! And I love so much that you are getting your own eggs. Your grandsons are being raised in an awesome place!! My husband just put up LED lights in our kitchen (over the counters) and in our basement by the washer/dryer. What a difference! Love them. next up he is replacing our patio light.

  13. beautiful...your farm looks really lovely with the new windows and red paint.

  14. Very exciting to view the eclipse. I think I am going with Dayle and saying gray. It won't look as dirty and it is a nice contrast with the deep red. Can you lend Kristi out?

  15. Wonderful eclipse photo! The lights look really good don't they, and I am sure that whatever shade of paint you choose for the deck will be good too, I would go with a lighter rather than darker shade though to show off the red of the walls better.

  16. My vote is for gray, too ::) it is so good to see your happy family adventures from eggs to benches and great new lights! Our family had fun texting one another with eclipse reports across the amazing experience! XX

  17. Your home is really looking lovely with the new paint color and the white trim, Teresa, and I also favor grey for the porch redo. We also saw part of the eclipse while traveling in MA.


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