Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Waiting for the Bus and Baby Blanket

My goodness, the first day of Autumn is on Friday the 22nd!  I put on a fall tablecloth and found 3 of my crocheted pumpkins for a small start on my seasonal decor.  

And some orange candles in my beloved vintage oak barley twist candlesticks and voila! :-)

Yesterday I was the only adult home when the boys got home from school so I dutifully went out to wait for the bus.  I only took my shawl and boy was I freezing!  The wind was blowing and it was downright cold.  I pulled it up over my head like a babushka.  

The bus pulled up and I barely captured the boys running by before ::whoosh:: they were past me!  They are being so good while their parents are away for 11 days!  They went out deep sea fishing in Hawaii yesterday and caught some snapper fish.

Since finishing Caleb's hat I've gone back to working on the baby blanket I'm making.  I'm using my Shells on the Half Shell pattern I devised.  I really like the little shells this pattern makes and it's so easy to do.  I'm using the Red Heart Unforgettable yarn, color "Candied".  I confess I'm obsessed with this yarn.  It's so fun to use and it's soft.

Fire updates are:
Eagle Creek Fire Size: approximately 48,668 acres 
Eagle Creek Fire Containment: 46% 
Things people don't think about is Multnomah Falls Lodge has had to lay off their entire staff and it's been mentioned the highway won't be open until May.  Cascade Locks businesses have had to lay off staff off.  This fire has also burned 4 homes and several outbuildings.  The effects of this burn has been massive and awful.  :-(

Another shot of the devastation.

I'm heading off to swim with Gracie soon - she's back from 2 long trips.  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I hope you enjoyed swimming with Gracie. I just got back from evening class (teaching) and now I am relaxing on the sofa. You look lovely with your shawl. I have to confess the crochet is not something I do often but I am tempted by your pattern, it looks really nice. Have a good rest of the day. xx

  2. The baby blanket is coming along beautifully! I am playing catch up after all my traveling and I particularly appreciate your report on the fire...that has sadly harmed so many and so much. I am grateful for the rain that has helped douse it some. I am wondering if we will be able to see the new snow on Mt. Hood! I did some Fall decorating,too. I 'm glad your family is doing well :) xx

  3. Today I am trying to keep up with commenting on blogs. I have been a bit lazy of late. I have been enjoying time with my Kindle :) You seem like you have a great relationship with your grandsons.

  4. Love that baby blanket! So sad about the fire in the gorge; this has been the craziest summer yet in the PNW. We've had a little rain here, but it's still quite dry, but every bit helps, right?

    1. Worked then shopped at Bauman farm before home. I'm tired but need to get a few things done before bed time. The photos the hills are sad and people losing jobs for awhile is not good. Oh my goodness. It's chilly here too and heat's been on too. Stay warm Teresa! Glad Gracie is back so u can swim together.

  5. Gir6geous baby blanket Teresa and look at those boys run 😀😀 Very sad with those affected by the fires 😢😢

  6. Yay! Gracie is home! Loved your "babushka" photo. You look great! The fire photos are so sad and so is the thought of people losing their jobs. Any idea when I-84 will reopen? It's all so awful. Have they talked about the punishment of the boy who started the whole thing

  7. Such a shame about the loss of jobs, praying that they will find some new employment. I smiled at the babushka photo, your shawl looked so beautiful. Love the pattern and yarn of the blanket. I am finishing off the work in the fireplace and cleaning today.

  8. Oh babushka is speaking my language!!
    So sorry about those fires.

  9. I love that crochet shell pattern, so pretty. Hope the fires are over soon. I'm sure it will take ages to get back to normal. Love the autumn decorations. Have a good weekend. B x

  10. Glad at least some of the fire is contained. Cooler weather will help, rain will help the most. You are a wonderful grandparent to watch the boys for so long. I know they are happy to be home with both you and Dayle. Enjoy the cooler weather, it is still in the 90's here.

  11. Hope you enjoyed your swim:) I spent the morning with a crochet group I've set up (more on that on my blog soon!) and then took the children for haircuts.
    Love your shawl, and your blanket, the colours in both are fab!

  12. This made me smile, they certainly are whooshing past!

  13. Beautiful photo of you Teresa. Love the blanket too. xox


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