Friday, October 20, 2017

Glass Pumpkins, Nurse Log and Stormy Seas

We've been adventuring the last few days.  One stop was a glass blowing shop in Taft where this cute little fella followed me out the door.  :-)

I fell in love with this one because of the bright orange pumpkin that is beautifully ridged and the green top is the same color as my collection of Jadeite vintage glass dishes and tea cups.

We went for our late lunch to Kyllo's which is in Lincoln City on the D River, the worlds shortest river.  :-)  It's a great view of the river and the ocean there and the food is very VERY good.

Our favorite thing there is the grilled beef tenderloin with mashed potatoes and the vegetable this time was DEE-liscious, Italian flat green beans sauteed to perfection in butter with a sprinkling of Parmesan.

After lunch we went to the glass shop, let me show you more of the pumpkins.. which one would you pick?


I liked this white one.

Black ones.  So, of all these which one do you like the best?

I pulled in to this tiny park in Taft with a view of these 3 islands with amazing trees growing out of the rocks.

I just really love the aesthetic, graphic quality of these islands and these hardy trees that thrive and exist with barely any soil.

And of course we had to visit my favorite "nurse log" in the Siletz River.  Happily, it's still there and growing.

The cute little trees and Salal.. one time when I visited there was a Canada Goose on a nest on one end.. that was pretty amazing, I must say.

I'd love a nurse log in my yard.

Our lunch yesterday was a disappointment.  We went to a Chinese restaurant for the first time and the food was bland and  just not very good.  We will not return to that place.  Then we drove through Depoe Bay and the ocean was stormy and crashing into the rocks and flying up into the sky.  I rolled down my window and got some photos from the dry and warm car.  :-)  These water plumes are shooting up at least 20 feet from below this wall.

It was funny and annoying but people kept walking up and standing right in front of me when I was trying to capture photos of the plumes of sea shooting up.  :-)

Boom.. crash.. mist.. 

We had some downpours overnight, it scared the dog!  Right now there is some blue sky showing and huge waves crashing.  Soon we will put on our coats and hats and head off for our late lunch and sight-seeing.  :-)  I'm wearing my Corner-2-Corner triangle shawl in Autumn colors and yesterday a woman in the restaurant called out and asked me if I made it myself, so I went over and chatted with her and her party of 5, let them all feel it and told them what brand of yarn I used.  I told her the pattern name too.  I always make new friends when I'm wearing my shawls!  

A shot Dayle took for me to share right now.  OK.. off we go to find lunch and far vistas.. and hope for the rain to hold off.  :-)  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. It looks like you're both enjoying yourselves. I love the glass blown pumpkins and think the white one in the top photo is my favourite although I wouldn't say no to any of them.
    I have just finished testing your hat pattern and I enjoyed making it very much. I'll email you some photos tomorrow as it's dark here now. I hope you stay dry and find some interesting vistas.
    Fiona x

  2. The nurse log and the tiny islands are amazing, I remember loving them when you photographed them before. So striking. The pumpkins are stunning, so cleverly done. I like the big green one with spots at the front of the first picture, I like that you can see through it. But really, they're pretty much all good. I hope you had a good lunch. There's a storm headed this way tomorrow so I imagine we'll be lying low (although the middle boy is camping in a friend's garden tonight...), then Sunday is football day. I hope you both have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying the stormy coast. I may well go there next month on a vacation day from work. I like the bigger orange glass pumpkin and the blue one is interesting. Just a bit of rain today and sunshine here and there. Getting a pedicure on Sat! My feet and legs deserve it! What Chinese restaurant did you go to? We've eaten at one by D River and it's good. Have fun! x-x :-}

  4. Hello Teresa. I enjoyed your post. The little pumpkin is a winner. I think you picked a good one. I would be hard pressed to pick one if I had a choice, they are all cute. Your meal looks yummy. You can have a nurse log. With all the water you have around you it would probably be easy to find some drift wood or a log. Have one of the men in your life take a hachet and chop out enough to add dirt and maybe some succulents or a tiny pine. It will grow.
    Susanne XOXO

  5. The little glass pumpkin is adorable! So happy to hear you're having a great trip. I loved seeing the beautiful pictures you shared. Have a wonderful weekend. Pat xx

  6. Beautiful!!! Your pumpkin is lovely and I especially like the one in the last group that has the dark green stem. I LOVE your photos of the ocean and the nurse log, and am glad your are enjoying your wild weather holiday. I still can’t get the brim to look right on the hat but am not giving up :). Working on the hat , studying a lesson on “Believing God” and going to church are some of the things I plan to do this weekend. Thanks for postig. XX

  7. Such beautiful photos of my beloved Oregon coast. I can't wait to go back there someday, hopefully soon. Your dinner looked delicious. We've wanted to try that restaurant for a long time. Maybe on our next trip. I think my favorite is the white glass pumpkin. Enjoy your time at the beach!
    Blessings always,

  8. I bet you make friends everywhere. I love the photos of the water and the islands. I have never heard of a nurse log, it is gorgeous. I have to say I love your pumpkin the best, but a green one would be fun too. Have a wonderful trip.

  9. Stunning photos of a stormy coast, what a great adventure. I loved all the glass pumpkins and couldn't decide which was a favourite as they all had something that I loved. How disappointing the restaurant didn't come up to scratch. Enjoy the rest of your time away.

  10. Thanks for sharing your trip to the coast - I miss time there and will be headed to Otter Rock in December. Today here in central Oregon the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down. We are tracking the journey of the C Dorys from Lewiston to Astoria. The are headed to Arlington today - we might try to get over to the Gorge to see them this weekend.

  11. I love those pumpkins Teresa..I prefer the orange ones, more traditional to me. What fab waves they are..they must be deafening. Enjoy your Saturday xx

  12. Wow those waves are incredible!
    Love all those pumpkins, and your glass blown one was a real find!

  13. Those pumpkins are amazing and the trees growing on those little islands wow. Love the sea and always love your pics when you travel to there ☺☺

  14. Such beautiful photos. Love the tiny islands with the trees. Never heard of a nurse log before, I’d love one in my garden too. What fun glass pumpkins. Glad you’re having a good time :) B x

  15. Well you photos Teresa, of the waves are a delight for me this morning! As for glass pumpkins, I would stay traditional with orange. BUT I must say the black are intriguing. I always want what you are eating. Always. ALways. Filet and tenderloin are so wonderul.

  16. Hi.Just catching up with your blog.WOW what Awesome photo's,what is a " Nurse Log ".I am a Glass Addict am Fascinated by Beautiful things made from Glass and have a collection.I Love the Pumpkins,the Ocean Colours one is my favourite as I LOVE "The Ocean",we live just 10 minutes away from the beach.I love buddy.xx

  17. I love stormy seas. The glass pumpkins are divine. Anne x


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