Monday, November 6, 2017

Turkey Time and Dayle's Hat Finish

The halloween decor is packed away and the turkeys have come sashaying out and have made themselves at home on the dining room table.  We have a pair of pilgrims in the mix, too.

Aren't they cute?

My favorites are the ceramic turkeys with the drippy majolica glaze, I have a pair of them.

I have a Jim Shore turkey too.  And my crocheted pumpkins including my new one and old one and my new little glass one.

And last year I got a new thanksgiving tablecloth but had to put it in the storage bin until this year, so this is it, newly laundered and on the table.  

This is the design along the side.. this image is off color, the real color is more like above.  

I just walked by the table and the sun was shining across it so I snapped this.  

Dayle's hat is finished!  He thinks it's very warm!

I think it turned out well.. but it's VERY hard to count stitches with this yarn.  :-)

Now I'll be back to trying to finish that baby blanket... the child is expected before Christmas.  

Will you join me in a moment of silence for the families and friends of the 26 people, aged from 18 mo. to 77 years old, that were shot and killed in a small church in a small Texas town.  Something needs to be done about keeping assault weapons out of the hands of people like this man.  He was discharged from the US Air Force for bad conduct after assaulting his wife and child and was sentenced to confinement for a year.  THIS PERSON SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO PURCHASE AN ASSAULT WEAPON.  Let's hope our legislators do something about our gun laws.

Have a safe week.  Teresa


  1. Love your wonderful table decorations particularly the pilgrims. Hope you have a great feast :) Dale's hat look very cosy. Thinking of all those poor people who were shot. So agree with you about the gun laws. B x

  2. You have such a lovely thanksgiving table. Your little pumpkins are adorable. And, Dayle' s hat turned out great. I know what you mean about counting stitches; I have a hard time too if I use dark colored yarn. It's very kind of you to remember those lost and have a moment of silence. It broke my heart to see what happened yesterday.. And, I totally agree with you that we need to ban these horrendous assault weapons. Have a great week dear Teresa. Pat xx

  3. It seems the gun laws have no control. Whoever wants one seems to be able to acquire one. Sad times....

  4. Your Thanksgiving décor is so bright and festive. You have such a zest for decorating and color. Always a delight to see your pictures. And the hat is really nice - love the colors!

  5. Good to see your thanksgiving table taking shape Teresa! Dayle's hat is fab and looks so warm. Yes it is so tragic to read about the slaughter of more innocents...I am afraid that if guns are so accessible then this will continue for ever. So very sad xxx

  6. I spent all day thinking of those poor people and their family and friends.......
    Love Dayles hat looks fantastic. And more of your wonderful decorations and that is one gorgeous tablecloth xoxo

  7. I have always liked all of your Thanksgiving decorations and I really love that tablecloth. It’s perfect. Dayle looks mighty spiffy in his new hat. I have trouble seeing the yarn if it’s a very dark color. I guess my eyes aren’t getting any younger.
    It’s a tragedy what happened yesterday in that church. My heart goes out to each and every one of the people affected in that small town. I must admit, the thought has crossed my mind of what could happen every time I’m in a public place anymore.
    Blessings always, Betsy

  8. Thanks for letting us see your sweet Thanksgiving table scape, Teresa, and Dayle and his new hat look great, too. We have much to be thankful for, don't we.
    I share your feelings about the horrific losses on Sunday. I just read Luke 19:41-44...Jesus wept when he saw Jerusalem and then said. "If you...had only known on this day what would bring you peace-but now it is hidden from your did not recognize the time of God's coming to you." I imagine He weeps with us now, yearning for us to learn how to choose to love each other as He showed us how to do so many years ago, and to know Him as our Prince of Peace. xx

  9. The hat is so warm and wonderful looking. I will join you in a moment of silence. So sad

  10. Nobody should be allowed to buy assault weapons! I am saddened to see yet another horrendous senseless killing spree. What makes me sadder still - and angry, too - is that we all know it will happen again. I am joining you in a moment of silence, thinking of those who have lost their lives.

    Your table looks absolutely beautiful. I just love how you change your decorations to go with the seasons and holidays. I am very energetic and love to make things but I am really terrible with seasonal decorations.... I hardly even manage Christmas decorations before the 20th of December!

    Hugs to you xx

  11. Love the new table cloth and all the table decor. I will definately join you in a moment of silence for all those lives cut short. If the legislators don't do something now to stop this we need to vote them out of office!

  12. Your Thanksgiving decor is lovely. And the colors in Dayle's new hat are gorgeous. So very sad that yet again innocent people should suffer and die because of a lunatic with a gun. I will never understand such insanity. And why no one will step up and do anything about it.

  13. You make me want to pull out my table cloths and see what I have for this time of year. I think I still have one in fall colors with leaves. I did get rid of some of them as I don't use them alot! Nice hat you made for your nice husband, Dayle! I was saddened at the loss on Sunday as well! It's not gun laws, it's people not sharing information of things gone wrong. He shouldn't have even been in the military as another branch didn't share info with the second branch! Our world needs alot of prayer and forgiveness, grace and kindness everywhere!


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