Monday, December 4, 2017

Hand Written Sentiments

I hope you had a pleasant weekend!  I enjoyed it, reading my Victoria Christmas magazine and addressing envelopes and filling out my cards.  I designed the card and sent the PDF to my printer late Thursday night and they were printed on glossy paper, cut and folded and ready to pick up on Friday afternoon.  :-D  Consider this my card to you!!


In this age of email and PDFs.. I like to slow down, get out my fountain pens, fill with red and green ink and hone up on my handwriting skills on the envelopes and cards.  I don't have pre-printed messages in the card, either, preferring to write them by hand.  When I receive cards I proudly adhere them to the archway into the living room.  

When I took a break from card-writing, I savored my Victoria magazine.  I must say seeing these mansions decorated make me look about and realize what a humble home we have.  

And look at THIS tree!  Glorious!  We decorated our tree last evening.. it only took 6 of us to get it done.. LOL!

This was done in peach tones.. while it was interesting to look at give me the good old fashioned red and green Christmas colors any day.

And look at this gorgeous wreath, with variegated holly and berries and fir!

They even had an article about small lighted villages by Dept. 56.  We put my little North Pole village on the baby grand piano yesterday, I added one element, a lighted gazebo with Santa and Mrs. Claus inside.  I'll take a photo soon and share it with you.

Kristi got Advent calendars for each one of us and even the dogs.  She had ordered a fancy chocolates one for me but when I gave up carbs, she had to find something new for me.  This is mine...

The first door held a wonderful smelling body lotion, 2nd window was a bath fizzy ball and the 3rd was bath oil!  

I wish you could smell this!  It's divine!

This will be nice in our old clawfoot tub!

Dayle was having a snack in his easy chair and I looked over and cracked up at this - all three dogs were watching his every move.  I must say, you have to watch where you step around here with three dogs in your way.  :-)

We'd heard on TV to expect a "Super Moon" last night.  It was cloudy most of the day, then as soon as it got dark I would go outside every hour to see if I could see the moon, but it kept being hidden by our 70-80 feet tall Douglas Firs and Cedar trees in our woodlot.  FINALLY at nearly midnight it came out of hiding and I got this image.  **LOVE**  With my pocket sized LUMIX DMC ZS60.  My sister Denise got a good shot of the moon right after it rose, it appeared golden as it was low in the sky and was being seen through a lot of particulate matter in the atmosphere.

I am under the weather right now with a virus the boys brought home from school, so, no swimming for me this week.  Kristi was not doing well after her surgery and saw the doctor today and she has an infection and will be treated for that.  But we should both begin to feel better now.  I hope you and yours are doing well and enjoying the season.  I will be doing some house tidying today and enjoying the decorated tree.  

Remember, tis the season to be jolly.. don't overdo and take time for the joy... ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Sorry you and Kristi aren't well, I do hope you're both feeling better very soon. I love the picture of the dogs. How well behaved they are! Mine wouldn't be sitting quite so nicely. Beautiful writing in the Christmas card. I've done no calligraphy at all since we got the puppy. I'm scared of the combination of bottles of permanent ink and a bouncy dog. I do miss it though. Wishing you a good week Teresa. CJ xx

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry that you and Kristi are both unwell. Praying for a speedy recovery for you both. This is not a fun time of year to be sick. Your cards are lovely as usual and I love the photo of the dogs watching Dayle. How beautiful they all are. Well behaved too! How sweet of Kristi to get advent calendars for everyone and even be so thoughtful as to get you a new one. You are blessed my friend. Feel better soon. I miss you.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Wishing you and Kristi quick recoveries !! I love your bloggy card to all of us. Your writing is so lovely Teresa. I'm getting a bit shakey Iguess, my writing is less steady. The dogs made me laugh!

  4. The moon was lovely last night. Phil heard that it was the power moon. I looked it up on Google after we got to Arbys. No that's part a super Mario game. Haha! I didn't know about til we were walking to dinner or I would have taken a photo too! Lazy Sunday for me til later. I like your advent calendar. I didn't know those existed! :-} Feel better soon. Phil has a cold ....Bleah! Merry Christmas season to you! 🌲

  5. Sending healing wishes for Kristi & yourself. Feel better soonest you two!

  6. So sorry you have a virus! I hope you are able to shake it soon and I hope Kristi will heal rapidly, too. I bought cards to make this year, but did not bring them with me and may not get them sent this year. After two days of driving, I arrived in Sonoma in the late afternoon Sunday and helped to get dinner. Today a home care nurse visited and I have been trying to help organize and set up a healing environment for Carolyn. She is on pain meds, but is healing. Love seeing your beautiful home and am sending you hugs. xx

  7. Thank you for the card Teresa, so lovely. I've not done any yet. So behind with everything. Hugs Anne x
    PS - meant to say hope you and Kristi are soon feeling better. X

  8. What a lovely post Teresa. I love your card and the beautiful handwriting.
    So many lovely festive images, I'm feeling all inspired now. I think I would love that William Morris calendar too.
    Hope you and Kristi are both feeling better soon.
    Jacquie xxxx

  9. I hope you and Kristi are feeling better soon, thinking of you both. Your house may be humble compared to the magazine mansions but it sure is a house full of love. I gave Richard a fountain pen for Christmas a few years ago and he uses it for his Christmas cards and letters to family, even for little notes for teachers etc. Handwriting and fountain pens make for beautiful cards. Thank you for your Christmas wishes xx

  10. Hi.Do hope you and Kristi are feeling a lot better.I love your pics.Those beautiful dogs oh I just love them.Take care.xx

  11. Lovely post Teresa and hugs to you and Krisit ((( ))) healing ones. Love the pic of the staring dogs lol

  12. Thanks for your lovely beautiful! Hope you both feel better really soon. Sending joy to you too my friend xxx

  13. Thank you for your Christmas wishes and lovely card! You have beautiful handwriting! Hope you and Kristi soon feel better. Enjoy the festive countdown dear Teresa xox

  14. Teresa, I have been following you for awhile now. I find your posts so uplifting and love the photos. We visited Oregon some years ago and I hope to return and visit your Falls. A speedy get well to you and Kristi. Enjoy your family Christmas together.

  15. Love the picture of the three dogs. Made me smile! Lovely card, thank you. Hope you are both feeling better soon. B x

  16. I'm working sick with a flu/cold bug. My worst symptoms is laryngitis- talking to customers all day is not helping.
    My first acupuncture appt last saturday helped with energy but that usually peters out by Tuesday evening. Next one is Saturday.
    No kids this year so I've a mind to give myself a pass on the tree and decorating this year.
    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  17. All your photos are beautiful but the one with the Moon it's just wonderful.
    I have just discovered your blog and I am enjoying it very much.
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Luisa xoxo

  18. Poor you and poor Kristi, I hope you are both much better by now. I love your cards Teresa. I started addressing mine today.


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