Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter Flowers, Boys Birthday and Railroad Lantern

Hello!  Dayle took the boys out for a haircut and shopping the other day and he said the boys saw a bouquet of flowers and suggested they get some for me.  *SWEET*  So, I cut the stems and filled the cut glass pitcher, arranged them and they're on the dining table.  A big bright pink Gerbera Daisy is the star of the show.

Alstroemeria, pink Stock and lavender Chrysanthemum.

I was surprised to see Queen Anne's Lace in the bouquet!  There are some Carnations, too.

Dayle was giving each of the dogs some cheese.  Moochers! LOL!

We have a circular driveway and when we pulled in the other day I snapped this photo of the house and the blooming Star Magnolia and our woods beyond.

I am really enjoying the farmhouse in red with white trim.  Unfortunately the house is hidden behind several large Rhododendron bushes.  I have asked for them to be trimmed down but Dayle says he likes the privacy they offer.  After they bloom this Spring, I am going to plead my case once again to open up the view of the house.  Would you leave them big or trim them down to 3 feet high?  :-)

Good news!  The daffodils that I claimed were not going to bloom have surprised me with some unopened buds.  I can't wait to see what they look like.  If I remember correctly I ordered some fancy pink ones.

The boys found some leftover lumber from the deck project and stacked them up to make this cute little bench.  I would not recommend sitting on this as it's not nailed together.  :-)

Our grandsons are celebrating their birthdays this week.  This is Hayden last night when we went to dinner at "Who Song and Larry's" Mexican restaurant - he's wearing their "birthday" hat - a top hat with bunny ears, I believe it's the Mad Hatter's chapeau.  He will be turning 10 on April 3rd.  Caleb turns 9 on March 31st, tomorrow!  For 4 days the boys are the same age, which we have fun with.

Here's Caleb after the waiters sang Happy Birthday and presented him with a free dessert of "deep fried ice cream".  They also gave one to Hayden which I thought was nice.

This Facebook Marketplace might get me into trouble.. lol.  I was scrolling through it and saw this antique railroad lantern.  WELL.. being that Dayle is a retired RR engineer I have a fondness for railroad things.  I emailed the seller and negotiated a very fair price and we stopped by while running errands and brought it home.  I was very surprised at how heavy it is.  It's very well made.  I cleaned it up as it was very dusty, and tried to shine up the colored lenses.  We even pulled out the kerosene holder and it's got the original wick in it.  The screw top for filling it is kind of stuck so we squirted some oil around it and on the hinges to make it work easier.  I want to fill it with fuel and light it! :-)

The maker of this lamp.  I am not sure how they made it "non-sweating".  LOL!

This is what it looks lit up, Hayden is holding a flashlight in it for me.  The blue/green lens.

The red one.

This is the lens with natural daylight.

And the red.  

Kristi picked up some jelly beans for me to fill the old glass bunny I have - I love how they glow inside!

It would be fun to try some pastel ones in there, too.

So, are you all set for Easter?  Kristi will be cooking a ham, scalloped potatoes and green bean.  What is on your menu?  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  

❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ 

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You are one lucky granny :-)

    I like the rhododendrons tall, with your house peaking out behind. It will be one glorious display when the bushes are flowering. Happy Birthday to both youngsters!

    I might roast a chicken this Easter. My husband is away until Monday and we'd have an extra chicken leg :-) making the best of his absence. Have a lovely Easter weekend. xx

  2. (Posting for a reader)


    I've just caught up on your last batch of posts. I love seeing your Easter treasures! They're lovely. The rabbit with the sweets from what a find.

    You're so creative, honestly what can't you do? Just in a few blog posts: crochet, pottery and drawings. You're very talented with the arts.

    Happy Easter to you both,


  3. Beautiful flowers from DaGlenna and the boys. I think I would agree with Dayle. I would love the privacy that your bushes afford you. What a neat find on the marketplace. The lantern lit up is really bright. I can imagine it being used by someone walking along the railroad tracks and signaling the engineer. Jeremy, Alicia and the boys will be here for Easter. We’re having ham, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. Or at least they are. I’m still not allowed to eat anything. I hope you all have a great day.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to Hayden and Caleb! What fun to have their days around Easter...very festive time for your family. The railroad lantern is very cool. What a find! Your hubby won't like my idea but I think you should remove the giant rhodies and replace them with a smaller variety. Just my humble opinion, of course. I don't like to see homes hidden behind a lot of growth and your place is so handsome. Have a wonderful Easter! I'm making ham and cheese blintzes with berry sauce for a late brunch with my family, with contributions from their kitchens.

  5. You find the most interesting and lovely items. How sweet of your dear grandsons to bring you flowers. Have a wonderful Easter 🐰🐣

  6. How sweet to receive such a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Teresa! Your grandsons are darling! Please send them my birthday wishes. The old lantern is a beauty. I'm sure it's quite meaningful to your husband.
    I must admit I would rather the rhododendron a tad shorter, though it is a lovely. We saw so many huge ones like your's when we were in England.
    We're having ham, green beans and macaroni and cheese for Easter dinner. We are taking our grands to Williamsburg for a week for their Spring break beginning tomorrow! Blessings to you and your family this Easter! ♥

  7. I would keep the rodys tall. I like privacy too!

  8. I like them tall too, they are not the kind of plant to have pruned too much. Lovely to have birthdays so close together and what beautiful flowers they bought for you. That lantern looks great, especially as you have a railroad association. Roast lamb for us tomorrow, very traditional. Have a lovely Easter. B x

  9. Happy Easter Teresa and a very happy birthday to the boys. So much for you to celebrate this week. Sending you an Easter hug.

  10. Really beautiful flowers Teresa. The glass bunnies look great with some colour glowing inside them. Have a lovely Easter, Cathy x

  11. To answer your question - Non-sweating in this case means; "condensation will not building up inside the lamp and cause the flame to extinguish". Hope that explains it for you.
    Nice flowers!

  12. The flowers are lovely and happy birthday to Caleb and Hayden ☺☺ I love that lantern 💖💖 Here still in nz till friday resting lol

  13. I love the picture of the doggies worshipping the cheese. Our two do exactly the same! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. Happy Easter! Abi x

  14. Since I like things on the wild side, I prefer overgrown to neatly trimmed. Happy birthday to those grandboys of yours and Easter blessings to all.

  15. Happy Birthday Caleb and Hayden!! I enjoyed seeing the lantern. I had brunch with a friend on Easter...not low carb 😮Happy Easter! xx

  16. Hi again I am backtracking to catch up with you Teresa :-) the bouquet is beautiful, love the bunnies with the jellybeans. I am not sure re the bushes getting trimmed, DH would be on Dayle's side, I am undecided :-) The lamp is fabulous!!!Hugs Anne x

  17. Hi Teresa! The lamp is so nice!! Okay "cool" is what first came to mind. I'd love to see at night when you get it working! I have to say, I think Dayle should cut the bushes back, I agree with you, I want to see the house and besides, they need cutting to come back thicker and healthier. My husband agrees with yours, he likes the privacy idea, I think we both know who's right...hugs back, Ginette


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