Friday, March 23, 2018

Growing Things and New Bunny

I've added some different colored daffodils to our garden.  I love this one with the orange center and ivory outer petals.  I got several more bulbs last year and Kristi planted them for me in a big huge pot of ours and they came up and guess what?  Not ONE of them has a bud!  Just leaves!  What??  So we have to wait a whole year to see what the flowers will be?  Talk about anticlimactic!  :-)

This is the second one of the new ones we planted at the base of the dark purple Lilac near our walkway to the deck.

The Star Magnolia is blooming.  It's out by the country road we live on.  I love this small tree.

See all the buds?

Kind of pretty against the blue sky, this tree sits next to a 70 foot tall Douglas Fir tree.

And for some indoor garden news.. the boys little garden has tomato flowers and tiny little tomatoes growing!  Can you believe it?  Kristi has this little bee shaped brush for pollinating the flowers.  :-)

I just find growing tomatoes on the kitchen counter amazing.

Here is the Green Pepper blossoms and little peppers.

I have a new glass bunny.  I was looking on Etsy and saw this one on the right, it had the original candy inside and the original stopper/label on the bottom that hold the candy in.  

Here is the original label/stopper, they were made in the 50s, and I was born in 1949, so they are the same age as I am.  LOL!

This one has the original pastel colored candy in it, not to be eaten, obviously.  

I saw this adorable bird photo on Facebook and grabbed it to share with you.. this is a Cardinal and I adore them.  But for some crazy reason they aren't found in Oregon.  I wish they'd move here!  LOL!

I've gotten a few more stripes added to my Woodland blanket.  Dayle and I are ill with a virus/cold/flu thing.  I'm missed swimming all week and also could not meet up with Gracie because I don't want her to catch this.

I wanted to share this Time magazine cover with you.  These kids were just regular high school students a few weeks ago.  But due to their school, Parkland, being attacked by a mentally unstable gunman and the loss of 17 innocent young students, these kids have turned into activists.  I'm so proud of them!  And they have inspired students all over America to take to the streets in peaceful protests.  They are not asking to abolish the 2nd amendment, they are asking for gun sellers to stop selling military style assault weapons.  I'm with them on this.  

I forgot to share with you the results of my sleep test.  In one hour I stopped breathing 167 times!  Imagine!  My baseline oxygen level was 84% and went down to 68%.  Normal is 88%.  SO, I qualified for a new bi-pap machine.  Sheesh.  

More rest is in the cards for today.  I'm hoping to be on the upswing after this weekend.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The only cardinals I saw was in MO when I visited the Precious Moments Chapel in June, nearly 13 years ago! So pretty! Your woodland afghan is so cozy looking. I could under that right now. It's so cold these past few days. Feeling a bit warmer in our newly resided house, though. I'm getting a massage tomorrow afternoon. Get to feeling better soon! Being sick is NO Fun!!! Love your daffodils!

  2. Wow! Look at all of your flowers! We’re supposed to have snow tomorrow. No blooms here yet.
    I do like your sweet little bunnies. How sweet that you found another one with the candy still in it, Amazing but probably a wise choice not to eat them!
    I’m sorry you and Dayle are still not well. It will be a good time to snuggle under your blanket and put a few more rows on it. I’m glad you got some answers at your sleep study and a new machine can take care of it. Feel better.

  3. Your daffodils are looking beautiful. I can’t imagine what the candy will taste like after all those years, but what a find! Hope you are both feeling better soon. CN x

  4. Lovely flowers Teresa but how annoying re your tub full! Daffs are my favourite of all flowers. The weather is so ridiculous for spring, we might get snow at Easter..eek. What fun to see your grandson's veg growing..they must be fascinated by this. There are peaceful marches here in the UK too to support the children in Florida. As I have said before I find it hard to comment as I would be appalled to see any family having any gun but I respect the USA has a very different mind set.Removing assault weapons is a step in the right direction and I applaud the actions by these children. Enjoy the weekend, we have family visiting which is always good. Hope you can now get some restful sleep now that your sleep study has diagnosed you are suffering from sleep apnoea. You must feel so tired. Hugs xxx

  5. Suas fotos são lindas, sua manta ripple vai ficar maravilhosa.
    Minha mãe usa esta máquina para dormir e melhorou muito.
    É uma ilusão achar que as armas nos protegem de alguma coisa.
    Um abraço.

  6. I am positive that your new bi-pap machine will make a world of difference to your quality of life...I've used a c-pap for well over 10 years, and it's made such a positive difference for me. I'm with you in support of those Parkland students...ALL of the students, nation-wide, who took matters into their own hands and walked out in support of their Parkland counterparts. This MUST stop, and it's amazing to see that the biggest push is coming from our younger generation...I have grandchildren in high school, and the thought of this happening to them keeps me worried and sometimes sleepless at night. As Barack and Michelle Obama said: "We've been waiting for you"!

  7. I love seeing your flowers. They really put one in a cheery, Spring mood! So sorry to hear you're dealing with illness this week. Hope things turn around soon. Take it easy and let your family wait on you. :-) Sleep apnea is a scary thing; glad you are getting a new machine that will help you breathe easier during sleep.
    I've been hunkered down with a hand quilting project for the weekend. I started yesterday while watching several episodes of "Wild, Wild Country" on Netflix about the Rajneesh settlement in Oregon in the '80's. It's an interesting look at what happened during that period of time and the ways people get caught up in cults and cult-like groups.

  8. Lovely to see all your growing things and your pretty new bunny. I'm glad you had your diagnosis of sleep apnoea and can use the new machine... you will sleep much better now and feel properly refreshed. Hope you and Dayle are both feeling better and enjoying your weekend. xox

  9. Teresa, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Your lovely daffodils are way ahead of our's. The fancy ones bloom later for us here. I love the glass bunnies. You and I were born the same year! I agree with you about the children marching for a change! God bless them! Have a restful weekend. ♥

  10. Teresa, I am getting caught up. I love your new bedspread. I would have that on my bed in a heart beat. I was so impressed with all the young people marching. They are years and years beyond what I was at that age, well of course they have had to be with all they have been witness to. Glad you are getting a new machine and hopefully you will be sleeping better than ever with your new mattress. Hope you and Dayle feel better.

  11. What a beautiful red bird, magnificent. Your flower photos are great, very spring like. I hope you and Dayle feel better real soon, the teens have been full of a virus all weekend. Full of hot, cold, achy, shaky symptoms not nice. I hope your sleep problems settle soon. Cathy x

  12. Good grief re your sleep test 😯😯 Do love all your blooms and that Cardinal bird is Awesome 🌷🌷

  13. Yikes! That's a lot of moments of not breathing. Hope the new machine gives you some much better sleep. Sweet little cardinal! :) How cool to find the old bunny container with sticker and candy intact. Love the picture of the flowering bell pepper. I tried to grow them once but was not successful. Was very inspired by all the speeches from those young people on Saturday. Change will come! Hope you and Dayle are feeling much better.

  14. Mentally unstable because of constant bullying, no adult intervention from either the school or the parents of those that bullied the boy. It's a shame parents, school administration, and others don't step in to prevent these school shootings at the core. Treating each other with respect & kindness will do far more than banning weapons of any type.

  15. Pretty bunnies and blooms, and blanket and cardinal! We used to have cardinals come eat birdseed on our deck when we lived on the West bank of the Hudson River in NY, and I miss them very much out here. I went swimming early Friday and then had brunch at Shari's with a friend...ate at Shari's three times last week catching up with friends...accept for you. :( Wishing you and Dayle well. :)

  16. Lots of new life Teresa. We need to get a new bed as well as mattress. I have two Star Magnolias but no sign of them flowering yet. Love, love, love daffodils. The bird is gorgeous. The young people were admirable. Anne x

  17. Hi Teresa and O M G !! 167 times!! My brother-in-law got a c-pap when he fell asleep at the wheel (luckily he didn't hurt anyone but his car) He is a confirmed believer and will agree that you should use one and get a good nights sleep. I too am a big fan of these courageous kids on Time magazine, have been watching them closing, following on tweeter and encourage them to continue the fight, THIS generation WILL stop the NRA and politicians who line their pockets with their blood money! hugs back, Ginette


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