Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ferry to Victoria and the Empress Hotel

Our adventure began on Sunday as we finished packing the car for our trip and headed north.  We drove up I-5 and took a left at Olympia, WA and wended our way up through the wooded roads to Port Angeles where we'd booked a hotel for the night.  We found the Olympic Lodge and checked into our room and were amazed at the view.  

The lobby was also amazing looking out over a golf course.

There was a blip - we stopped at a little roadside diner on the way and something in my bacon cheeseburger did something to my throat.  It actually felt like a broken piece of toothpick was stuck sideways in there!  I could breathe, drink and eat, but it was very painful.  For our late dinner I had a crab salad, thinking that if anything would push the obstruction down, that would be it, but it did not.  So, Dayle took me to the ER there and they x-rayed my throat and found nothing.  The nice woman doctor surmised that something had scraped my esophagus which was causing the pain and feeling of choking.  Great.  They said to take some ibuprofen and sent me "home".  

Thankfully I slept well enough and woke up with less pain and less of a choking feeling.  I still have a sore throat but it's manageable.  We got in line for the ferry nice and early and passed the 2 hour wait for it to arrive enjoying the view and the sunshine.

Our ride arrived right on time!  The Black Ball Ferry to Victoria BC.

I got to go on board and managed to snap a photo of Dayle in line in our red Ford Flex.  Check out the car to the left, a sea gull just splattered his whole car.  I'm so glad they missed our car!  LOL!

I heard the flag snapping above me and nabbed this image.  

The Olympic Mountains make an impressive background to the city and it sits on the beautiful waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

I was able to get a great seat right in front with a great view and as soon as Dayle parked the car on the ferry and found me we settled in for a nice passage over to Victoria.  You can't beat the weather we're having!

After only one and a half hours we neared the entrance to Victoria Harbor.

In the center of it all.. the Empress Hotel.. our home for the next 4 days and 3 nights.  

We're on the 2rd floor right above that long terrace you see in the middle.

After we drove off the ferry we decided to go driving around the seaside getting an idea of the lay of the land.  I spied this lighthouse so we drove along and spied a park where we pulled over.  We sat on a bench and enjoyed the warm sunshine and the view of the strait and Washington State across the water.

After our nice drive we returned to the harbor (or should I say "harbour"?) and pulled up front of the hotel.  A nice man took our keys, parked the car and brought all our luggage to our room.  :-)

We enjoyed a bit of rest and the fabulous view of the harbour, and opened our windows to let the fresh sea air blow in.

Right now as I type the strains of a bagpiper are wafting in through our window.

Our room is lovely although we've already started making ourselves at home and messing it up.. LOL!

Later we found the restaurant, called the "Q", and ordered some steaks and enjoyed the ambience of the deco decor and fabulous carved and coved ceilings.

And my friends.. the beef tenderloin was one of the best I've ever had with "pommes Anna" and the vegetable and mushroom medley was amazing, topped with pea shoots which were delicious.  The veggies were Brussels sprouts, parsnip, onion and several varieties of mushrooms.  OMGoodness.  Each bite was tasty to the max.

After dinner I wanted to step out on the veranda to breath in some fresh evening air and enjoy the harbor view... and.. we got locked out.  LOL!  Dayle had to go knock on the bar door for some kind soul to let him in so he could come and rescue me.  :-)

But I did get a neat photo of the Parliament Building while out there.

Back inside I snapped a photo of this amazinng stained glass skylight in the "Palm Room".

A nice sunset and we settled in for a nice relaxing evening and a good night's sleep.

This morning we had our breakfast in the "Gold Lounge" which was complimentary.  A nice man made some coffee for me as the machine was quite complicated to use!  Soon we head to High Tea.  Then we'll fetch our car and head off for more sight-seeing and adventure.  Thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your views, on this trip, are just incredible. Sounds like you are having a great time. Glad to hear that the ER visit didn't find anything bad!

  2. Cant believe I'm the first to comment on this photospectacular post! What a great time you are having , sans the throat issue. I think that sounds scary. I'm glad you had it checked out and your photo is priceless. Whoever organized this trip gets an 'A" . Looks fantastic. Happy Celebrating!

  3. Victoria is a great city. If you want a nice yarn shop check out The Beehive. We also love Chinatown.

  4. I’m sorry about your throat, but glad it was nothing serious. I so want to visit Victoria. It looks like an amazing city. Have you seen the Parliment building lit up at night? I can’t remember how many lights are on it, but it’s a LOT! Everything sounds wonderful. I hope you continue to have tons of fun.

  5. My goodness, what a lovely trip, Teresa! I'm sorry it started with a trip to the ER! Your hotel is so lovely and the weather is beautiful for your celebration. Victoria is such a wonderful city I'm sure you are having a ball. ♥

  6. Oh all looks so lovely Teresa and I had a chuckle about you being locked out lol
    Good your throat has improved and keep enjoying that little holiday xoxo

  7. Tesesa, sorry to read about your throat ordeal but glad you're gonna be ok. Scary especially on a vacation. It all looks fun to me and pretty. I'd like to see the burchart gardens one if these. Hopefully I can persuade Phil to do it! BC is a nice place to visit. Take care and enjoy yourselves! 😀

  8. That was quite the ordeal with your throat, hopefully the pain has eased now and you are feeling more comfortable. Such an amazing adventure you are on and so wonderful that we have the privilege to share it with you. That is why I do so love blogging, getting to see more of the world I wouldn't otherwise see. Enjoy the rest of your break away.

  9. Your photos are wonderful and what great weather you're having too. Sorry to hear about the throat incident, scary.

  10. Oh, your photos bring back memories of our stay there in the very same hotel with the same views. It was August and the cruise ships were in and believe me you could hardly get into their restaurants with all the people from the cruise ships eating there. It's such a beautiful city - hope you are feeling 100% now.

  11. This looks like a fun trip! I hope your throat feels better now and that you can fully enjoy the rest of your mini holiday. x

  12. Hello Teresa. I have not been on my computer in months. It was fun to see your lovely photos. Hope all is well. The boys have sure grown!!!

  13. Mercy! I am glad your throat is ok and that you were not locked out forever! Your trip looks wonderful thus far. The weather is fabulous here, too. If you can get a lunch at Murchie's do so...ours was packed in little cloth baskets...cute souvenir and the food was tasty :-) xxxx

  14. That made me laugh getting locked out! Well it would not have been funny if it was all night. Your hotel looks so beautiful.

  15. I forgot to say I am so glad your throat was okay and it was not serious!


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