Monday, April 16, 2018

Give Away Winners, Pink Hat and Mystery Object Solved

Hello!  I printed up the names of those who left a comment on my GiveAway blog post (and 2 for those who mentioned it in their blogs) and cut them up and put them in my nearly finished hat and Dayle drew 5 names.  :-)

Congrats to the winners!  Please email me your home address and I will get the beads wrapped in bubble wrap and a padded envelope and get them on their way to you.  Please take a photo of your bead and how you use it when you receive it and share with us.  Fun!  Also let me know if you want to choose one or if you'll be happy to let me pick one for you.  Email me at teresa.kasner @ (take the spaces out, but this will save my email from getting harvested by eBots).  

I'm almost done with my "Pretty Kitty RESIST" hat.  I'll model it for you with my shawl when it's finished.  I also think I'll make a crocheted flower for the side.  What do you think?  I hope people don't look at me when I'm wearing this and think.. "There goes a LIVE one!".  :-)

Dayle and I attended a memorial service for a longtime friend of ours, Melvin, on Saturday.  We've known he and his wife Diane for over 40 years.  Diane and I were Dairy Goat 4-H leaders together for 5 years.  I told a story at the service about how one time on the way home from the county fair where we showed our Nubian dairy goats, I came upon a man on the road who'd just hit a woman with a huge tree branch.  I stopped and was trying to save her, Melvin pulled up behind me and jumped out of his truck (both of our trucks were filled with children and goats) - I told him what was going on and Melvin told the man - "Listen buddy, this is America, and in America we don't beat our women!!!".  I was able to get her into my truck while Melvin kept them man away and I took her home with me where she was able to call family to come and get her.  Melvin and I saved that girl that day, I'll never forget it.  Melvin will be missed.  We took my friend Sally home afterwards and on our way home snapped this cloudy and grey image of the Columbia River Gorge.

We went to dinner at Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplins that evening and were cheered by the fire in the fireplace and the red gingham curtains.

This is the riverside dining room below.

One of our Christmas Cactus is in bloom.. such a delicate blossom.

Dayle collected the eggs while Kristi was gone and washed them up.  Eggs, anyone?  LOL!

We had another "Three Dog Night" for 2 nights while the kids were at the beach.  This is Meeka getting a chest rub.

The whole pack was keeping an eye on Dayle as he had his lunch.  :-)

Remember the iron ring (that I found in my grandfather's barn in Oklahoma) with 2 hooks on it that I asked you all if you knew what it was?  WELL.. 

My cousin Mark in Oklahoma asked around and emailed me this:  "This is some of Karen’s cousin's harness that lives in Idaho. He has draft horses. This is on the back of horse on the rump it goes to the hames and the crupper hooks to it also. He couldn’t remember the name of it though."  This is different but similar enough that I believe we've solved the mystery!  Thanks, Mark!!  (ETA: I just got an email from a draft horse harness company and they confirmed what Mark said and told me it's called a "Harness Hook".)

If you've made it through this post, you get a gold star.  LOL!  I think I'll go finish the ribbing on my pink hat.  Have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa I'm tickled that I won one of your handmade beads. Thank you!
    Your pink hat is darling.
    I'm sorry to hear about your friend's passing. What a lovely story about him and you helping out that poor woman.
    The beautiful eggs you get from your hens must be delicious. It's nothing like fresh eggs.
    The Columbia river gorge is gorgeous! Great shot. I would love to visit your area someday. It certainly is beautiful. ♥

  2. I think I would be very nervous with 3 dogs watching my dinner!

  3. #1 I'm very sorry about your losing your friend. So hard. I'm glad a good dinner brought comfort.
    #2 WHEEEEEE. I Love that I'm a winner.
    #3 Your hat rocks Lady
    #4 Happy national volunteer week. You are an inspiration.

  4. Those dogs are adorable (and very attentive!). So sorry to hear about your friend Melvin, he sounded like a goodun'.

  5. Awesome to the winners for the beads. Love that hat Teresa and those dogs make me laugh ☺☺ Sad when a friend is gone, much love to you all ♥♥ Oh boy that is a lot of eggs......we eat plenty here on the low carb thing xoxo

  6. So sweet to see your pack of dogs. Glad you solved the mystery of the iron ring thing! lol

  7. Thanks for the explnation on the iron ring - I was wondering. So sorry I missed out on winning your lovely pink hat! So pretty. Congrats to the winners ♥ Really wnjoying your blog and just became your 419th follower - thanks for popping over - hope you will be back for another visit soon!

  8. i'm excited to have won one of your beads. Can't wait to get it! Thanks, Teresa, for the give away! 3 dog! Glad the dogs didn't pounce on Dayle and eat his food! HA! Nice hat and I know it will be cozy with your scarf. I'm wearing the headband Lorraine sent me. Chilly evening even in our house. Can't wait til the warmer weather gets here this week! I knew the iron piece was a hook of some kind. That's for the answer! Have a great week and stay warm!

  9. Well I guess I was correct - it is part of a harness rigging.
    Good to know I still have it!
    The pups are so sweet!

  10. Thank you Dayle for picking my name :) I will enjoy finding just the right job for my bead to do! I remember you telling me the story about Melvin, and am glad he helped you save the woman...a good man who will be missed. The eggs are so pretty, and the Cactus bloom and the Gorge, and hat too! Please give your cute dogs some love pats from me. So now we know what a Harness Hook looks like! Thanks for another great post xxxxxxx

  11. I love your new hat; such a lovely design you created. The winners of your contest will be so happy to receive one of your handmade beads. Those three little dogs are so adorable. I feel that pets are such an integral part of the family. It's as though they can really talk to us in their own way. Sorry to hear about your dear friend. I hope your Week is of to a good start. Regards, Pat

  12. Sorry to hear about your friend passing, hold on to all those treasured memories and he lives on in your heart. The dogs waiting patiently for a tidbit made me smile, they bring such joy.

  13. That is some story saving that woman. I hope she never went near that man again. Love the new hat Teresa, you are going to look great with it on. Wear it with PRIDE!

  14. What a story Teresa! You and Melvin were brave. Sorry to hear of Melvin's passing.

    Your new pink hat looks great - I like the other colors in it as well. A little crocheted flower will be lovely on it.

    Thanks for solving the mystery!

  15. It was great that you and Mevin were able to help that lady. He sounds like a great name. My Dad’s name was Melvin too so I’m partial to guys with that name. :-). Your hat looks very nice and warm. I loved the photo of the dogs eyeing Dayle’s lunch. Chloe does the same to us but I do give her bits now and then. Do you do the same? Congratulations to all of the bead winners. How fun!


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