Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

Hellooooo, I hope you have a fun Halloween if you celebrate it.  We're going to have a low-key evening.  We live in a 100 year old farmhouse, set back 50 feet or so, so we rarely if ever have a trick-or-treater come by.  But we always buy candy bars.. just in case.. the kind we like.. just in case.  :-)

I found two new Halloween decorations this year, above is this darling little witch sitting on a moon with her black cat holding a broom.  Below is a cute, sparkly haunted house that lights up.

Our Pin Oak tree is almost all red, so I snapped this while we had a bit of clear weather.  Do you see the skeleton hanging on the lamp-post and the ghost bride hanging on the gazebo??

Dayle walked in to Multnomah Falls yesterday to pick something up at the Visitors Center, so he snapped a few photos for me.  

The maples are turning yellow and orange there.

Since we've finally had rain.. there is a lot more water coming over the falls.

This is my favorite shot.

Since the rain was so late, there was not enough water in Multnomah creek for the salmon to come up and spawn, but Dayle spotted two of them there yesterday.  One is easy to see, the other is back further.

Here is a shot of the falls from the parking lot in the middle of the freeway.

I had put my Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel on Facebook Marketplace where it didn't get much response.. until a few days ago when a woman texted me that she'd like to come and see it.  I oiled it up and she and her husband arrived to check it out.  She did some adjusting and tested it out with some wool she'd brought.  It worked very well for her and a deal was struck.  Farewell pretty spinning wheel.  I now have one wheel, I'll have to oil it up and take a photo to show you.  It is a handmade cherry one made in New England.  

I included the Kromski Lazy Kate, so I rolled up a ball of yarn I'd spun.  I prefer hand rolled balls as I think they're pretty.

I wonder what I could use this medium sized ball for?  What would you do?

Kristi took Caleb to the doctor as he had an injury that was incurred while he and his brother were rough-housing in the attic.  In the dark.  He has a broken index finger.  Poor guy.

And so.. I'm off to swim.  Then home for a family dinner and a homey evening of spooky movies and some candy bars.  :-)  What are your plans for the evening?

 *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love your Halloween decorations! We don't get trick or treaters here, either living so far out in the country, and this year I did not buy the candy - yes, we would happily eat it! I fondly remember many fun Halloween adventures growing up in Gresham.

    Great pictures of Multnomah Falls with the seasonal changes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Teresa, I do like your new decorations for Halloween. we don't really celebrate - grandchildren away as well. it's 9.09pm here, it has been quiet and we have been watching TV. Have a good day and evening. Hugs Anne x

  3. We love to decorate for us too!!! THe pumpkin is carved and lit up. It is looking festive. We won't have trick or treaters. Tomorrow I take all the decor down. I've always been particular about that. We had the extra joy of a long 75 minutes lakeside walk today. IT is good for me to get some sun as the days grow shorter. It is always good for me to move a bit. Tonight: I study and start the SMITTen Mitten pattern. I cant wait to try it

  4. Tell Caleb I’m sorry he has an injured hand. I hope it fits in with his Halloween costume! Your spinning wheel is beautiful. I’m regretting selling mine a few years ago, but with my back I don’t think I would be able to spin anyway. Your photos are gorgeous as always. Your favorite photo is always my favorite shot of Multnomah Falls too.
    We very, very rarely ever get trick-or-treaters anymore. I have no idea why as we live in a suburb with houses right next to each other. We used to have hundreds. Literally hundreds.
    Besides, I had my colonoscopy this morning I’m not feeling really great. I’m not looking forward to running up and down the stairs to answer the door. And to top it off I have to repeat it in six months. Ugh! I hope you have a great night tonight Teresa.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. Yes happy Halloween all the way over there ♥♥ Love your ornaments Teresa and dear friend seeing your trees reminds me of the gorgeous trees I saw in Vancouver BC and how much they changed from when we arrived and when we were back there 2 weeks later.Would have been so good to have seen your falls. Maybe on another trip..... Poor Caleb know all about rough housing with my 2 old grandboys now 19 17.

  6. We have that same issue --- our house is at the end of a long, dark street and our driveway wraps around to the front of the house. We had the girls next door (4) and that was it.

    When we went to dinner at a local restaurant, we didn't see ANY kids out anywhere. :-( I'm guessing trick-or-treating in the neighborhood might be a thing of the past. Here the fire department had a trunk-or-treat. Maybe the kids went there.

    Hope Caleb's finger heals up quickly. That's quite a cast for a broken finger. LOL

  7. The picture I posted of Multnomah Falls in August shows so much less water falling. It is neat to see the difference the rain we are having is making in Multnomah Falls and to see the changing leaf colors around there as well as your gorgeous red Pin Oak. I saw a salmon from the little bridge at MF a few years ago and was excited to see your salmon in this post! This morning I raced around getting the house ready for another showing early this afternoon. We had a showing on Sunday and after getting almost all ready for it another showing was canceled yesterday. Then I missed the call from the realtor today for a last minute showing after the first one today so that did not happen. At our stitching group a friend sat by me while I tried to follow Lucy's instructions for the dip in her Neat Ripple blanket. I am trying to make a Neat Ripple preemie blanket and I started a knitting a Grandma's Dishcloth pattern preemie blanket last week. I am praying Caleb's finger heals rapidly! Just got another call from the realtor for another showing tomorrow morning at 9am...the last minute people from today who did not get to see it!!! WOW!!! xx

  8. Hope you had a cosy evening with your family and the movies weren't too scary. Loved the photos of the falls and the beautiful tree, stunning. My wheel needs a slight repair, it got damaged when we moved.

  9. We had about 50 trick or treaters last night as it was a beautiful evening. There were many, many unicorns ... that must be the popular costume this year.

  10. That IS a big cast for a broken finger! Hope it heals quickly for Caleb.

    I really enjoy seeing all your decorations - love the skeleton and bride outside. We had no one come to our house (I brought all our candy into work today).

    That yarn is so pretty - fingerless mitts? (which is what I believe I will cast on next).

  11. So sorry that Caleb has that broken finger and a big ole cast! I enjoy seeing the falls--your hubby took beautiful photos! Glad to hear you found a buyer for your wheel--I imagine she will enjoy it. We had zero trick or treaters ---just a big bag of candy! ♥

  12. The falls are looking pretty spectacular right now and Dayle did a great job with the photos. Poor Caleb, I hope his finger mends quickly. xx Susan

  13. Wow, that’s a huge cast for a finger! We had five! trick or treaters this year because we have kids on the street again. We give out the giant candy bars here.


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