Monday, November 5, 2018

VOTE and Goat Naming

Election Day is tomorrow!  If you haven't voted early or by mail, please go out and vote at the polls tomorrow!  And please vote to bring balance back into our national government.  Right now our country, like a ship, is listing to the right.  We need to get some people to move, like ballast, to the left so our ship will not tip over and sink.  And my friends, it is listing dangerously to one side now, into a country that I do not recognize nor trust.  If we do not right it now, we might be seeing the fall of our nation as we knew it.  So.. please please please do your patriotic duty and save our country. 

My friend Diane stopped by to visit the other day and to gift me with some scones her son had baked.  We chatted away and then I asked her if she'd play some songs on our piano.  She is a fabulous player and I so enjoyed listening to several songs she performed.  Diane and I were 4-H Dairy Goat leaders for 5 years with her 3 boys and my 3 kids.  Some great memories.  Yes, I need to tidy up my piano top.

We had to clear the living room out as I'd hired a carpet cleaner (I found on the Corbett Area group on Facebook!) to give the room a freshening up.  All done, today we are putting things back in there.  

While we were gone on our trip to the beach, Caleb did some drawing and proudly showed them all to me.  I was especially amazed at this one.  It's Harry Potter's glasses with castles and Hogwarts School reflected in the lens.  Isn't that clever?

And then he pulled out his violin and played for us and again, I was amazed at how well he was playing!  

While I was in the living room I snapped a current photo of the front yard, it is healing somewhat from the porch restoration project.  But we still have too many moles making hills out there!

I can't remember which blogger was reading this and suggested it - and I LOVE IT! 

And while I'm suggesting leisure time pursuits, we found this on cable the other evening and watched it and it was GREAT!  You will learn more about why we were in the Vietnam war and why we stayed there so long.. and how 3 of our presidents made terrible decisions on it.. and this wonderful woman has a central role. The central issue of the movie is freedom of the press and how important it is to our country.   I highly recommend this movie.

Oh, and did I tell you that I HOPE YOU VOTE?

And the name I have selected for the little white metal goat?

Gertie Rose!!  Thank you all for your great suggestions!

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Gertie Rose! I love it. Caleb‘s drawing is fabulous. It’s a very good depiction of Hogwarts. Harry Potter world is the only reason I have any desire to go to Disney World someday. I would love to walk down Diagon alley and visit Hogwarts. It looks like you’re home is very musical right now. I love it! Ours is too quiet. Dennis and I voted about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I wish we could shut off the phone calls, texts and television ads after we voted.
    Blessings, Betsy

    1. i know that Harry Potter world is at Universal studios in Orlando, not Disney World (in case you ever plan that trip)! My granddaughters are going there in 2 weeks and they are so excited!

  2. Your grandson is a talented young man! I read The Lake House by Kate Morton and enjoyed it very much and I have The Secret Keeper in my basket of "to read" books. I will add this one to my list! My husband and I saw The Post in the theater and loved it... so much history and a really great story that is especially timely today. We will be voting tomorrow to help right our nation's ship before it is too late.

  3. I loved watching The Post too, an excellent film. Glad you’re enjoying the new Kate Morton book, it’s one of those you can’t put down. Good luck with the election. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that something changes very soon. B x

  4. I voted early, too, Teresa, and sure hope we have some changes!!! Thank you for speaking up!

  5. VOted! I love the Hogwarts picture. I have The Clockmaker's Daughter on the Kindle and will dive into that next maybe!

  6. Like so many others, I too will be so glad to have the elections over. Too many hateful & hate filled ads from both parties. It's gotten way out of hand.
    Just get out there and vote for the lesser evil.
    Have you given any thought as to what to plant in front of your porch?

  7. I went and early voted on Friday. I did not want to leave anything to chance, not a lost ballot, a hurricane, earthquake, nothing. I love the name Gertie, that would have been my suggestion. I knew that was Hogwarts right away, excellent picture.

  8. Welcome,Gertie Rose! I turned in my ballot last week, and like you I hope we elect folks who will be team players to work to balance our government policies to benefit all. It is encouraging to see Caleb's clever sketching and imagine hearing Caleb's and Diane's artistic efforts. Did you tell us once that your farm was once called Rose Farm? I tried the search box for your posts but did not spot the reference if you mentioned it. xx

  9. Hi Teresa, we've been away looking after the grandkids so I'm just catching up.I hope you get the vote you want. Well done to Caleb and I loved your Halloween decs and that sweet metal goat. Happy Novemeber,the year is racing by now xxx

  10. Your Grandson has a real talent for detail, what an artist. Love the name, what a great suggestion.

  11. I loved seeing Caleb's drawing. He's very talented. I watched The Post recently on a plane trip and throughly enjoyed it. It made me realize how our government can work, which made me sad and angry. I think Gertie Rose is a perfect name for your little goat. Enjoy your day, Pat

  12. Gertie Rose, that's a perfect name for your cute little goat. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the US midterm elections to turn the tide... the ship is well and truly sinking and the reputation and credibility of a magnificent country with it (viewed from the outside). Of course, my own country (the one I live in, not my country of birth) is sinking fast, too. Brexit and a conservative government. Music and other creative arts are helping to relax. Glad your grandson is a musician and artist in the making. Thinking of you. xxxx

  13. Gertie Rose!!! Welcome. Clean carpets are the best. !! WE will vote soon after we help for an quick extra class at the barn. It is a big day.

  14. We all went this morning and voted! It's a privilege and we all hope for a good outcome after all the votes are in. Things must turn around and turn around soon!
    Love the picture Caleb drew--he's quite talented.
    Gertie Rose is perfect for your sweet little goat. ♥

  15. Gertie Rose is the perfect name...I would have picked it too! Hope the voting went your way. Love seeing all your wonderful autumn colours and those beautiful leaves. Lovely to see Caleb being creative like his grandma. Have a happy week dear Teresa XXX

  16. Love that you have chosen Gertie Rose Teresa!!!!
    Great drawing by your grandson. I was drawing and crafting with my granddaughters yesterday. Such fun.
    I am commenting after the voting. Good that it did not go all his way, from what I've heard today. Yet he still thinks it has!!! :-( Hugs Anne x

  17. The goat's name is wonderful!! I voted early on Tuesday. Record turn outs here and my candidates all won!!! There is hope (even when progress seems slow). The Post was a great movie! Glad you enjoyed. Caleb is so very talented.


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