Saturday, June 22, 2019

My Wild Columbia Tiger Lilies

Well.. they're not really mine as they are wild but I may very well love them more than anyone on Earth.  :-)  I was worried I'd missed them... so yesterday we drove up towards Vista House and lo and behold they were in bloom.. ::swoon::

As you can see.. they are prolific in this one spot.  When I rode home from Multnomah Falls last week with my sister Denise after volunteering for the afternoon I noticed the roadsides had been mowed and not ONE single Tiger Lily had survived.  :-(

I simply adore these wildflowers.. They are "Columbia Tiger Lily".  Do you have these where you live?  They are small, the bloom is about the size of a silver dollar.

I was pleased to see one plant of Columbine, too.

After our photo session with the flowers we drove on to snap a photo of Vista House just down the road a ways.  The farmland you see behind it is actually in Washington State, the mighty Columbia River separates the states.

Then back towards home with a stop at Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint.  See the Vista House over there?

Wild Sweet Pea delights the eye with its vivid pink hue in the greenery that edges the park.

The undergrowth is starting to obliterate the view.. but if it's cut, there goes the wildflowers.. how to judge how it should be taken care of.

Someone drew in a smiley face on this fencepost which I find charming.  He looks like Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, don't you think?

"The Rock" at PWF - it has many historic bronze plaques on it's side.  This marks the entrance to the park.

Then home, with a quick pullover at the Bates Lavender Garden, our neighbor across the road.  They are having a big open house next week, we plan to walk over for the event.

You couldn't ask for better neighbors than the Bates and this is our view from our farm.

And this is their view from the lavender field.  :-)  This photo was posted on Facebook by local photographer, Kathleen Payne.

We are heading out to run some errands to get a few things we need for our daughter and granddaughter's visit.  The beds in the attic are made with each covered with one of my crocheted blankets and pillow.  They arrive late evening tomorrow.  :-)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Beautiful flowers Teresa. Enjoy your daughter and grand-daughter’s visit. Xx

  2. Oohh, Teresa! What scenic beauty in your state! That river looks huuuuuuuge. Mighty it really must be! And that lavender right across the road – it must smell heavenly when it wafts your way. Mmmm! And soooo pretty! We have tiger lilies here, but I haven't seen an orange as stunning as yours there. It's gorgeous! But *gasp* so sad they were mown down! I know how delicate they can be and how hard to get restarted after things like that happen. Blessings to you! ♥

  3. What beautiful flowers. Have a lovely time with your visitors. Regards, Robyn

  4. Teresa I was SO glad to see your post tonight. I was a bit worried yesterday when you didn't post but I figured you were probably busy getting ready to see your girls. I can imagine your excitement. :-)
    The tiger lilies look just like the ones we had when I was a child in Iowa only I remember them being bigger, kind of like iris sized. We used to eat them! I'm surprised we survived. We would use the leaves and petals to decorate our mud pies and cakes and eat the decorations! We were poor and made our own fun.
    Your view of the lavendar farm is incredible. I would love to see that kind of view from my window. I might never move from the window or porch.
    Thank you for the beautiful views of my beloved Columbia Gorge. I think I love it "almost" as much as you do.
    Have fun tomorrow when you see your girls, I know you will. Dennis says hello to Dayle!

  5. Nature knows how to take care of itself and will thrive without the hand of man interfering. Not every bit of land needs maintenance. Wild is wonderful as far as I'm concerned. You are surrounded by so much beauty.

  6. Wow, you are blessed with so many beautiful wild flowers and beauty. An amazing view of the lavender from your farm, stunning. Enjoy your visitors...

  7. Lovely photos. Enjoy your time with your dear granddaughters. 🌺🍃🌺

  8. Oh , I love the lavender fields! WOW. Do they come back on their own each year? Maybe I should try them. hmmmmmmm. The skies are dark, my work in the yard is done. Resting my voice.....I think my family will be thrilled they can hear themselves think! haha

  9. What an amazing wild flower, so beautiful. Your countryside views are stunning. B x

  10. I've never seen the wild tiger lilies around here. We have many, many wild day lilies though. They grow all along the country roads and are so pretty. I've never seen columbine growing wild either. How nice! The lavender fields are absolutely beautiful. So nice to have that wonderful view. Have a wonderful visit with your granddaughters!

  11. You do live in a beautiful part of the world. The tiger lilies are beautiful and not something I've ever seen in these parts. xx Ssuan

  12. Those wild tiger lilies are just gorgeous. I have to admit that I envy you living next to that lavender farm. The smell must be heavenly.

  13. Thanks for the beautiful tour in the early days of summer! While I have never lived near Tiger Lillies, I have especially fond memories of Day Lillies around our home just south of Kansas City, Missouri.
    Make good memories with your girls :-) xxxxxxxx

  14. i love the landscape views and adore lavender and wild sweetpea!...those lillies look stunningly beautiful! in England i see the big white lillies in bouquets but not actually seen them growing in gardens ;)

  15. The lavender farm looks heavenly! Love that fence post. You always have such beautiful pictures posted Teresa. By now your girls should be in town!! Have fun!

  16. I would so love to live next door to a lavender field. It must smell heavenly. Cx

  17. Gorgeous lilies and lavender! Your photos are just beautiful Teresa! And I can just imagine the scent :) XXX

  18. Beautiful photos Teresa. I love the lavender. Anne x

  19. The girls are going to be thrilled to sleep in the attic and to meet Mocha!


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