Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Shell Blanket Update and Snake Plant Flowers

Hello my dear readers!  How is your 2020 going so far?  I thought I'd give you an update on how my 2nd Dune blanket is coming along for my granddaughter Paige.  There will be 4 color repeats and I've just finished 2, so I'm half done!  Yay!  I just love how the pattern makes rows of sweet little shells.

This is one section of colors, the bottom is the sandy beach, then the ocean colors of aqua, then pinks and purples of a sunset then 4 shades of blue for the sky.  :-)

I changed out some of the colors in Lucy's original color collection for this one.  This is the whole thing so far, it will be twice this big with a border of two rows of shells.  Today I'm going to start on my new Dahlia blanket as I want to see how it will look.  But I'll still be working on this one too.  Think I will?  :-)

Our kitchen area rugs were getting old and ragged so we just got these new ones and I'm loving how they brighten up the space!

The flowers Dayle gifted me with are still doing beautifully!  Look at this amazing Stargazer Lily bloom.  

Part of eating healthier is making good choices when you go out lunch, we usually do that when running errands.  I got this crab salad at Elmer's restaurant.  It was DELISH!

I promised to show you the flowers on my Snake Plant aka Mother-in-law's Tongue plant and so here they are as of now.  All the buds aren't open but I'd say 1/3 are.  Neat, huh?

I'll make sure and take another photo when all the buds are open, that will be something.

I want to thank those of you who shared your environmental saving ideas in your comments on my last post.  I've ordered 2 wool dryer balls and we'll not buy fabric softeners any longer, thanks Tonya!  We also ordered an EcoBall for doing laundry and won't buy chemically loaded detergent any longer, thanks Michelle.  I'm glad we're all thinking of ways to Reuse, Recyle and Repurpose!!  And say no to more plastic.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Pretty blanket Teresa. Halfway done!!! Love the Roosters on your new rugs. I have some rooster stuff in my kitchen. I'm trying to eat healthy too. It's not easy when a box of soft pretzels is delivered to the office! Those snake plants can live a long, long time. The blooms are pretty.

  2. Hola Teresa precioso trabajo!!! hermosos colores, besitos.

  3. Hi Teresa! I've never seen a plant like that bloom. You sure have a green thumb. I love your new rugs. I'm going to redecorating my kitchen some time this year and am thinking of a "rooster/country" theme.

  4. Teresa your granddaughter is going to love that beautiful blanket. It's gorgeous. Your kitchen rugs are charming. I love the roosters and the checked borders. I've never seen a mother in laws tongue plant bloom! Wow. You have a green thumb, my friend.

  5. What a pretty blanket for your Granddaughter. It looks so feminine. I bet she will enjoy it. The photo of your home in the snow is also lovely. I'm sort of wishing for a little snow cover.

  6. Lovely blanket and yay to another. That plant has interesting flowers. Here the heat is coming back but smoke better today.

  7. Do the pretty Snake Plant blossoms have a scent? Bravo on the progress on Paige's beautiful blanket! I finished off my little wave preemie blanket last night and crocheted a tiny hat to go with it this morning. I have been using the wool dryer balls for almost a year and add some drops of scented oil on them sometimes instead of using dryer far I really like the result and will be interested to hear if you like them, too. ((hugs))

  8. You're making really fast progress on Paige's blanket. It's looking so pretty and I know she will cherish it because you made it with your love in every stitch. I predict that the new blanket is going to "suck you in"! Ha! Ha! The colors in the new one are fabulous.
    Your new rugs are really cute. Perfect for your farm kitchen. I'm so proud of you for sticking with your new eating plan. I've been trying very hard and have been going to Weight Watchers, or WW as they now call it. But I have gained several lbs. in the last month as the cardiologist has upped my meds once again. He told me straight up that it would cause me to gain weight. So frustrating when I'm trying to eat well and lost weight.
    I bought a few dryer balls a couple of years ago from Taci's friend. I can't remember the company, I want to say it starts with an "N" but my mind is blank. (What else is new?) I also made a couple with some partial skeins of wool yarn that I had laying around. I absolutely love the dryer balls. I haven't used dryer sheets in years! Sometimes I add a bit of essential oil to a ball if I want a little fragrance to the clothes, but I usually don't so Dennis doesn't smell like lavender! :-)
    Gosh, I've written you a letter. Sorry. Hello and our love to both you and Dayle my friend.

  9. That lily is beautiful and as others have commented, I've never seen a mother-in-law's tongue plant in flower. You must be doing something special with it, what's your secret? xx

  10. I love your colour choice for the blanket.It works really well.Two blankets on the go.Good on you.

  11. I love your rugs. Hmmmmm How we recycle: I use Christmas cards for tags the next year. I just cut out the prettiest part and punch a hole in it. Also recycling all the seeds my friend gives me from her garden


    1. Translated:


  13. The dune blanket colours are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the Dahlia blanket as it grows. It looks a lovely one too, as all of Lucy's blankets are! The lily is stunning too. xx Susan

  14. A belated happy new year to you Teresa. I have just caught up with your posts, lovely photos and lots of yummy healthy food going on over at yours. Life has been hectic still here as my poor parents had flu in early Dec and are still very weak so I am doing an 2 hour round trip to theirs twice a week. Bless them. Your blanket is looking stunning, Paige will love it. Hugs xx

  15. The blanket is beautiful!
    Isn't it funny how a new rug (or 3) can change a look?!
    I didn't know snake plants bloomed!

  16. I didn't know that plant had flowers! You live and learn!The rugs are lovely. Anne X


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